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Why There Is Still No Verdict in the Trial of the Stolen 100-Kilogram Maple Leaf

In 2017, a 100-kilogram Maple Leaf was stolen from the Bode Museum – the trial against the accused appears to be just as gigantic as the gold coin itself. Two and a half years later, the investigation is still ongoing. But why is it so difficult to reach a verdict?

Citéco: A Museum Dedicated to Economy

Modern, fancy, with a smack of luxury from times long past – this is Paris’ new museum of economy in a 1920s Banque de France branch office, a former Neo-Renaissance palace. Citéco familiarises with economy through games, computer stations, and many historical objects.

The Biggest Coin Collection, its Collector, and the Hall of Fame of the Chicago Coin Club

Many coin collectors know the “Brand collection”. Now, the Chicago Coin Club presents his famous member. Virgil M. Brand inducted to the Hall of Fame of this coin club owned the biggest private coin collection of all times.

Second Edition of “The Early Dated Coins of Europe” Published

The appearance of a date on a coin is not a given. The first dated coins stem from the end of the Renaissance period. Robert A. Levinson dedicated a book to these early dated coins, and now, its second edition has been published.

Doug Davis Named Director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation

Former police chief and head of the Numismatic Crime Information Center Doug Davis has been selected by the nonprofit Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) to be its next Director of Anti-Counterfeiting.

Taisei Coins Corporation becomes Official Submission Center for NGC, NCS and PMG in Japan

The respected Tokyo based company Taisei Coins Corporation will accept collectibles to be submitted to NGC, NCS and PMG as an Official Submission Center in Japan.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Nyon’s Museum with Caesar

40 years ago, the Roman Museum in Nyon (Switzerland) opened its gates for the first time. On 21 and 22 September 2019, the museum celebrates this anniversary with numerous activities.

More Sustainability in the Production of Banknotes

Louisenthal has analyzed the production of banknotes with regard to sustainability and launched an information campaign to raise awareness. This campaign also aims to assist central banks and banknote printing plants in improving the sustainability of banknotes.

The Royal Australian Mint Releases Coin in Honor of the National Rubgy Team

While the Wallabies, Australia’s national rugby team is embarking on the Rugby World Cup in Japan, Royal Australian Mint issues a $2 limited edition coin with the Wallabies’ logo. The coin will be available in Woolworths supermarket registers.

Sberatel: Crowds of People like There Were in the 70s

Anyone who believes that coin fairs are in crisis should visit Prague’s Sberatel. Over two days, more than 10,000 visitors flooded the exhibition halls. They lunged enthusiastically at the wide-ranged offer. CoinsWeekly was there.

Good News after Vehicle Burglary in California

A collector lost approximately $60,000 in rare coins stolen from his car in August. Now most of them have been recovered. A suspect had offered them to coin dealers who informed the police. This is a striking proof for a basic fact: Early warning systems among coin dealers are really efficient.

Der neue MünzenMarkt steht online!

Gehen Sie mit uns auf Schatzsuche! Begleiten Sie uns auf die Schatzinsel Gotland und nach England. Der MünzenMarkt 28 steht ganz im Zeichen verborgener Schätze und spektakulärer Funde. Das Heft können Sie gratis bei uns als PDF herunterladen.

A Look into the Asian Market: The 7th Hong Kong Coin Show

Asia’s most important coin show, the Hong Kong Coin Show, took place from 23 to 25 August 2019. The fair did not only amaze with an incredibly rich numismatic offer but also with insightful seminars and workshops.

Concordia Disciplinarum – Festschrift in Honor of William E. Metcalf

The American Numismatic Society honoured William E. Metcalf with a festschrift presented by former students and colleagues in recognition of the researcher’s impact on numismatics. The former Chief curator and Yale professor is a reknown expert of cistophori.

The Numismata in Berlin and Frankfurt

Like every autumn, the Numismata will take place in Berlin and in Frankfurt: the Numismata Berlin from 12 to 13 October, the Numismata Frankfurt from 22 to 23 November. Be aware that this year’s Numismata Frankfurt already starts on Friday. In return, it will not take place on Sunday.

ANA Selects Phoenix as Host City for 2021 National Money Show

The American Numismatic Association has chosen the host city and venue for the 2021 National Money Show. The event will take place on March 11-13, 2021 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mint Experts Meet at TEMAN Conference in Singapore

Delegates of mints and issuing authorities will be meeting from 4 to 7 November 2019 in Singapore. The 2019 TEMAN conference is hosted by the Singapore Mint. The deadline for submitting conference paper proposals is fixed on 18 September 2019.

New “Furka Pass” Swiss Commemorative Coin and 2019 Christmas Coin Set

On 12 September 2019, Swissmint will conclude this year’s coin programme of Switzerland with the new “Furka Pass” silver coin, the second in the three-part Swiss Alpine passes coin series, and with the 2019 Christmas coin set.

Bank of Latvia Dedicates Collector Coin to Painter Niklāvs Strunke

Latvijas Banka has issued a specially shaped coin in silver dedicated to the creative heritage of Niklāvs Strunke (1894–1966), Latvian painter, graphic artist and stage designer. The coin features fragments of two of his most distinguished works.

Treasure from the Era of William the Conqueror

1066: William the Conqueror subdues England. This moment in history is illustrated by a coin hoard found by metal detectorists in Somerset in January 2019. This is the largest Norman hoard found since 1833. And what is more: This coin hoard is of prime historical significance.

Numismatic Summer School in China

The first Numismatic Summer School at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations in Changchun, China was a success. The students discovered the medium coin, the European numismatists learned from unexpected questions.

The Italian Mint Becomes a Multifunctional Cultural Centre

Die Produktion in der „Zecca“ wurde eingestellt, doch noch immer ist sie Sitz der Schule für Medaillenkunst (SAM). Nun wird sie zum Kulturzentrum, das dem gesamten Viertel Esquilino in Rom zugutekommt.

Numismatic Exhibition in Argentina

Are you living in or visiting Buenos Aires? Make sure to attend ‘Mythology on Coins from Greece and Rome’. The Banco Provincia Museum offers a free exhibition on Greek and Roman coinage with a focus on classical mythology in cooperation with ADVENTVS.

The Colmar Treasure – A Testimony from the Year of the Great Plague

The Met Cloisters is currently exhibiting one of the best-known testimonies to the persecution of Jews in the context of the Great Plague: the Colmar treasure. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the publication.

Collectors Converge on Chicago World’s Fair of Money

The Chicago suburb of Rosemont again proved to be a popular site for the World’s Fair of Money, with many hobbyists lauding the show as the best in recent...

George F. Kolbe Numismatic Library To Be Sold

It’s just one month that George Kolbe was honored by the ANA with the Lifetimes Achievement Award. Now the personal library of the most eminent numismatic bookseller George F. Kolbe will be sold at auction featuring not only his books but also various related collectables.

“Plamet”: a New Material for Coin Mass Production

We are happy to reprint an article which was originally published at the Gold Chervonets Magazine in Russian on a new material used for coins by the Russian joint-stock company Goznak. Mass production of coins made of the new material is due to start by the end of 2019.

South African Mint marks 25 Years of Democracy

The South African Mint unveiled the last edition in the ‘Life of a Legend – Nelson Mandela’ Protea collectable coin series. The 2019 range pays tribute to the Republic’s first democratically elected president and global icon’s legacy.

Lullaby – Little Princess

CIT Coin Invest has issued the second issue of the “Lullaby” series. “Little Princess” combines the ancient tradition of presenting a newborn child with a lucky coin, with a musical box that can be purchased with the coin.

Pobjoy Mint Reveals First Coin in New 50p Maritime Series

Pobjoy Mint has relesed the first coin in the 50p series on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The coin features the green sea turtle portrayed in colour.

New CoinsWeekly Special Issue for London Coinex

The new CoinsWeekly Special Issue for London Coinex is now available for free download. The issue contains a detailed article about George I of Great Britain and a catalogue with prices of the German talers of this ruler.

Back to Sark: A Stolen Medal Returns to the Channel Island

Baldwin’s of St. James’s have been able to re-unite the Guernsey Museums and Galleries with an engraved silver medal which was stolen from them almost 50 years ago. The piece tells us the story of the short history of the silver mines in the Channel Island of Sark.

A Witness to Cruel Times

One in two European Jews was killed in 1348/49. They died of the Black Death or were slayed, as people thought them to be responsible for this horrible pestilence. “The Colmar Treasure” is one of the hoards which were buried during these years. It is exhibited now at the Met Cloisters.

The Museum Revolution in Baden

The new permanent exhibition “Archaeology in Baden” turns the museum visitor into an active user. With interactive ground maps, 3D scanners and virtual reality glasses, the pilot project tries to enable visitors to experience archaeological eras up close.

The Armorial Ring from Loch Lomond

Dix Noonan Webb offer a special 17th-century gold ring, discovered metal-detecting on the shores of Loch Lomond. The metal-detectorist had previously found an extremely rare gold hammered coin.

Spectacular Collection of Chinese Patterns Featuring Mao Zedong

The NGC Shanghai office had the chance to grade a collection of Chinese patterns featuring the portrait of Mao Zedong. Mao was famously resistant to having his portrait on coinage, so the patterns were never adopted for circulation. NGC shares pictures of these rarities with the numismatic community.

50th Anniversary of the World’s Largest Mint

In 1792, US Congress decided to establish a national mint in the then capital Philadelphia. Over the centuries buildings have changed, and the fourth Philadelphia facility was built exactly 50 years ago. It has become the world’s largest mint in both size and production.

San Marino Continues “Zodiac” Coin Series

The Ufficio Filatelico Numismatico San Marino continues the 5 Euro numismatic series dedicated to the 12 astrological signs. The new coins feature the zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

East India Company Issues Japanese Trade Dollar

The East India Company Bullion Ltd has released the fourth coin in their current collector coin series “The Trade Dollar Collection”. The series features five of the most popular and sought-after trade pieces issued during the mid-19th and into the 20th century.

The Monetary History of the USA.

In this series we tell you the monetary history of the United States of America – of course using coins. Starting with the foundation of the nation until the 1980s. Follow us into the land of opportunity! Here you can find all parts of the series.

Robbery in Wild West-Style

About $2.5 million worth of gold coins and watches were stolen from the Mexican Mint. The armed robbers entered the shop of the Mint Museum in Mexico City at gunpoint and carried their haul away in a trolley case.

A CoinsWeekly Special Issue for the Sberatel in Prague

From 6 to 7 September 2019, the Sberatel will take place in Prague. It is the largest collector’s fair in Central and Eastern Europe. On this occasion, CoinsWeekly issues a free publication in Czech.

Eightieth Birthday of Walter Grasser

The Bavarian numismatist Walter Grasser considered himself a mediator between coin museums, dealers and collectors. In the 70ies his books were numismatic bestsellers. Matthias Barth offers his congratulations on the occasion of Walter Grasser’s 80th birthday.

The Bank of England: 325 Years, 325 Objects

The Bank of England will celebrate its 325th anniversary this July with a story-filled exhibition. Objects include banknote designs, the earliest notes and 19th century forgeries. Also featured: The newly-commissioned floral banknote sculpture by artist Justine Smith.

Homo Ludens – or why Toy Money belongs in the British Museum

Playing with Money – that is the title of a small display that can be visited until 29 September 2019 in the British Museum. A small but fundamental book on the topic of games involving money written by Robert Bracey coincides with the exhibition. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

ANA honors Numismatists at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money

The ANA honored numismatists of outstanding merit at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money. Among them are Thomas Hallenbeck and George Kolbe.

The Official Press Release about the Future of Krause’s Numismatic Journals

Having been sold, Krause forms now part of Active Interest Media. Lately, the official press release about the future of Krause has been published.

Small Denominations Gain Reprieve from Chancellor

One penny and two pence cause problems in the UK. According to estimates, six out of ten are used only once before being discarded in jars. Nevertheless, the British Finance Minister has now announced that there are no plans to discontinue their production.

Manannán – 1st King of Man

On behalf of the Isle of Man, CIT Coin Invest has issued a commemorative coin for the Celtic warrior king Manannán. The namesake of the island adorns the reverse side of the silver coin, kneeling in full armor in front of the Celtic cross.

Armstrong’s Footprint on Italian Coin

2019 we celebrate the jubilee of the moon landing. The Italian Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) has released a commemorative coin, too.

Simon Bendall (1937-2019)

Everyone who collected Byzantine coins had to do with Simon Bendall. He was a collector, dealer, scientist and profound expert of the subject. On 6 August 2019 we will bury the grandmaster of Byzantine numismatics.

News about the XVI International Numismatic Congress

The XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw from 19 to 24 September 2021. The website is online. You will find many interesting details on the website – and more of them are added constantly!

ANA Honors Distinguished Numismatists with Awards

The American Numismatic Association has chosen this years’ award recipients. The awards will be presented to the Numismatists at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money® on August 15

The Year of the Dealer

‘SOLD! The Year of the Dealer: Antique Dealers, Art Markets and Museum’ is a collaborative research project by major British museums organized by the University of Leeds. It investigates the history of the antique, coin and art trade and its relationship with public museums.

A Life’s Work: The Rainer Opitz Collection “Reformatio in Nummis”

The catalogue of the Opitz collection has been published. The six-volume work comprises exactly 3,577 pages with more than 6,000 objects, which were collected by Rainer Opitz in about 40 years on the subject of “Reformatio in Nummis”.

Ohio Budget Kills Sales-Tax Exemption

The Ohio 2020–2021 budget eliminates the sales-tax exemption on the purchases of investment metal bullion and investment coins. The budget plan also directs the state to begin collecting sales taxes on interstate purchases.

Bank of England unveils personality to be featured on next generation £50 polymer banknote

Alan Turing will be featured on the new British £50 polymer note. He unveiled the secret of the German Enigma encryption, was one of the most important pioneers of theoretical computer science and was chemically castrated by the British Government in order to cure his homosexual orientation.

Augustus featured on modern coin

The Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) released the third coin of a series dedicated to the Roman Emperors. It shows the first emperor Augustus.

Marking 100 Years of Calgary’s Victory Stampede With New Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new silver coin commemorating the historic Victory Stampede of 1919 and the Canadian soldiers of WWI. The coin features a gold-plated cowboy riding atop his galloping steed.

Reincarnation or immortality? Coins are not struck by the hour!

When it comes to high-end watches, Bulgari bets on ancient coins. Since 1966, unique pieces have been created in irregular intervals, involving the fabrication of ancient coins. Björn Schöpe presents the current examples.

30 Months in Prison For Selling Counterfeit Coins

U.S. coin dealer Barry R. Skog was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for carrying out a counterfeit fraud scheme in multiple states. He fraudulently obtained more than fifty thousand dollars. Some victims still may be unidentified.

British Museum shows objects from Solomon Islands

A new display at the British Museum focuses on how colonial objects from Solomon Islands came to be in the Museum’s collection in London. Among these objects visitors will find some pre-monetary forms of money like local shell-money beads.

Numismática Forense Combines Numismatic and Forensic Studies

The Argentinian numismatist Diego Alvarez has launched a new website in Spanish language focussed on counterfeits and their detection. Find here some information about it.

Oluf Gerhard Tychsen (1734-1815)

He took off to convert the Jews – and became a rabbi. The pietistic Protestant originated oriental studies and Islamic numismatics. An edited collection takes up aspects of his scientific work. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

NGC, PMG and eBay Partner on Expert Review Service

Uncertified coins and banknotes on one of the world’s largest marketplaces will have a link to purchase a preliminary review by NGC and PMG experts. The Expert Review Services promise quick results and competitive prices.

20 years of H2O

H2O GmbH helps the coin industry too, to treat their industrial wastewater sustainably. After 20 years the company still has big plans as Matthias Fickenscher explains in an interview. This confirms the new extension building at the headquarter and the most recent product.

New South African Coin Celebrates ‘Environmental Rights’

The South African Mint has released a new commemorative circulation coin themed ‘Environmental Rights’ as part of its coin programme commemorating 25 years of South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

Dragonfish – Golden Arowana

CIT Coin Invest links to an Asian tradition and publishes a new silver coin on behalf of the Republic of Palau with an image of the popular, and expensive, Asian Arowana “Dragonfish”.

Dirtier than a grab handle in the subway

We have all heard the prejudice that coins and banknotes, passing through countless hands, are full of bacteria. Now, a study has shown that even credit cards are an oasis for pathogens of all kinds.

Ellsworth to Become ANA’s 61st President

Voting members of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) have chosen five new candidates and four incumbents to the ANA Board of Governors for the 2019-21 election term. Ellsworth will become ANA’s 61st president, succeeding current President Gary Adkins.

Money and Calgary: The City’s History of Numismatics

The exhibition “Money and Calgary” shines a light on the fascinating numismatic history of Calgary, showcasing it’s renowned Numismatic Collection until July 20, 2019.

Upcoming Hong Kong Coin Show in August

The biannual Hong Kong Coin Show is taking place for the 7th time in August and will feature not only buying and selling, but also seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and a guided tour. Visitors and exhibitors are invited to register for an early bird fee of HKD300.

David W. Lange on the Enduring Appeal of the Lincoln Cent

Whitman has published the third edition of Q. David Bower’s “Guide Book of Lincoln Cents”. David W. Lange explains his fascination with the Lincoln cent, and why this book is “a must-have for any numismatic library”.

Verify CAG-certified Collectibles at the CAG Website

Collectors can now visit the website of Collectibles Authentication Guaranty™ to look up CAG-certified artifacts by their certification numbers. If a potential problem with a CAG-certified artifact becomes known, the search result will include an alert.

China invites submissions for collector coin designs

Everybody knows the importance of The People’s Bank of China Chinese Lunar Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins. Now, institutions and artists worldwide are invited to submit designs for the coins for the years 2021 to 2032. Submission date is August 13, 2019.

“Equality” in circulation

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a one-dollar circulation coin commemorating 50 years of progress in recognizing the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited Canadians

The ILLICID final report has been published

Since April 2019, the final report of the ILLICID project has been hidden on a website. No surprise that it’s hidden. The result of the four-year study which cost €1.2 million in tax money can be summarized in a nine-page report. The IADAA has taken a closer look.

Loire-Atlantique, terre de trésors (land of treasures) exhibition

The Musée Dobrée – Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique is exhibiting for the first time, the ensemble of its monetary treasures discovered in the department over the past century and a half.

Everything there is to say about the coins of Neuchâtel

In a monumental work, Charles Froidevaux wrote down everything he discovered during 25 years of research on the numismatics of Neuchâtel between 1589 and 1818. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the three-volume work.

FDIC Backs Down on “High-Risk” Merchant List

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has fully reversed its position on a list of merchant categories thought to present a high risk for payment fraud. The misinterpretation of the list had resulted in banks’ severing ties with coin dealerships.

Call for Papers: The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century

The organizers of the symposium “Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century” at Tübingen University in April 2020 call for papers exploring the numismatic world in the epoch – including both, the sphere of academia, and that of collecting and dealing.

A Gold Medal which flew to the moon

NGC certified more memorabilia from the possession of the Armstrong family, which will be auctioned off by Heritage in July 2019. Among them are gold and silver medals which flew to the moon as well as Armstrong’s teddy bear.

Delegate registration for MDC 2020 now open

Delegate registration for the 31st Mint Directors Conference is now open. The conference will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 26-29 April 2020, and is hosted by the South African Mint. Over 300 guests are expected.

Spain commemorates 50 years man on the moon

The Royal Spanish Mint has issued a 10 euro silver coin to commemorate man’s arrival on the moon and the contribution of the Spanish facilities. The coin features the Spanish Lunar Module with the moon in the background.

Pobjoy Mint Reveals Final Coin in the Big Five Series

Pobjoy Mint has announced the final coin in the collection of the Big Five African Animals. The concluding coin features the unpredictable Buffalo and is issued on behalf of Sierra Leone.

Bertelsmann acquires ownership of Krause Publications

The world’s largest publishing group, Penguin Random House, acquired Krause Publications along with the book division of the bankrupt company F+W Media. The German media group Bertelsmann owns 75% of Penguin Random House.

On the occasion of Bernd Kluge’s 70th birthday

On 18 June 2019 Bernd Kluge celebrated his 70th birthday. The former director of the Berlin Coin Cabinet is the best example of the fact that for a true numismatist the proper work only begins when he has reached retirement age.

Limes Museum Aalen Redesigned

The largest Roman museum in southern Germany was reopened in a new content-driven design on May 24, 2019. Visitors can submerse themselves in the military and civilian living environment of the Romans and Germanic peoples along the Limes in brilliantly designed exhibition halls.

A Tale of Two Empires: Rome and Persia

The exhibition ‘A Tale of Two Empires’ explores the ancient superpowers of Rome and Persia through the Barber’s extensive Late Roman coin collection and its Sasanian cache. Dr Maria Vrij, coin curator at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, introduces the exhibition.

I.A.P.N Congress 2019 Report

The International Association of Professional Numismatists (I.A.P.N.) held its annual General Assembly this May in Carefree, Arizona. Find here information about the congress and its results.

Second Edition of ‘A Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins’

This February Whitman Publishing released an updated second edition of ‘A Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins’, by Q. David Bowers. The second edition includes a foreword by Barber Coin Collectors Society president John Frost, who shares his thoughts on the book in a short essay.

Errors on zero euro notes. Part 2

Errors, failures and bad luck – that is what Numiscontrol discovers taking a look at the popular zero euro notes. Actually, this is a good thing for collectors, but in this overview, he takes the liberty to make a few critical remarks.

50 years “Give Peace a Chance” on Canadian coin

The Royal Canadian Mint pays tribute to John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s legendary Bed-in for Peace with a silver coin. It features the iconic black and white photograph of the couple in a hotel bed taken in 1969.

Ruth Niedermann received Otto Paul Wenger Prize

Ruth Niedermann is a highly esteemed colleague in the numismatic world. On 17 June 2019, the owner and editor of the Numis-Post was honoured by the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists with the Otto Paul Wenger Prize. Read here the laudation given by Ruedi Kunzmann.

Handsome men for ‘Frau Hauptmannin’

The history of Swiss foreign military service is a story of men – but they’re only half the story. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts and cousins all worked in the family-run mercenary soldiers business, invested their own money, were co-owners and had inheritance claims.

Burglars’ New Tactics

In the last few weeks, a nationwide crime pattern has emerged in the United States and Canada. Burglars have been cutting power lines to jewelry stores in order to disable alarm systems and gain entry. Coin shop owners are urged to take preventive measures.

Heritage Offers Higher-Quality Photographs of World and Ancient Coins

Heritage Auctions has launched a new feature on its website that displays high-quality photographs of world and ancient coins taken by independent third-party grading companies whenever they are available for internet auction lots.

Numismatic books at Arbor Sapientiae

Arbor Sapientiae is an Italian publishing house whose catalogue of over 20,000 titles includes numerous numismatic publications, especially on Italian and classical topics. It is also well worth taking a look at the antiquarian section!

The most important sponsor of Berlin’s Numismatic Collection collected stamps!

The Global Philatelic Network has been commissioned to auction the collection of the “greatest philatelist of our time”. This title refers to Erivan Haub, the most important sponsor of Berlin’s Numismatic Collection. And of course, the auctions will be accessible on the internet via Philasearch.

Errors on zero euro notes. Part 1

It could be a collection area of its own, all the embarrassing shortcomings and errors that occurred within the frame of the feverish production of the popular zero euro notes in an eagerness to satisfy demand. Numiscontrol gives an overview divided in two parts.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.