Friday, 2022.01.21
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Muriel Eymery (1966-2022)

New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo: Muriel Eymery was one of the true cosmopolitans of our profession. Now, the joyful Frenchwoman who spoke such wonderful English has succumbed to cancer.

$212 Million Turnover at Stack’s Bowers Galleries in Record Year 2021

For coin dealers, 2021 was a booming year. Stack’s Bower Galleries give an overview of this year that saw as a highlight the famous 1822 Half Eagle being sold for breath-taking $8,400,000. What can we expect from the auction house in 2022? Read it here.

Archaeological Museum Displays Lisbon’s History Lavishly

Atelier Brückner completely redesigned Lisbon’s Archaeological Museum. In the new presentation visitors can immerge into 2,500 years of history of this city from the first Punic settlement until the devastating earthquake of 1755. A truly immersive experience!

Why the Munich Marienplatz Is Called Marienplatz

Our cities have evolved through history, and every architectural detail is connected to this history. We explain why the Munich Schrannenplatz (Grain Market Square) was renamed Marienplatz (Mary’s Square), using coins that will be on offer at Künker’s 2022 January Auction Sales as illustrations.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at an imperial audience on the granting of funds to the historians’ guild…


MünzenMarkt 37

  • Wie entsteht eine Gedenkmünze?
  • Mehr als nur ein Schlag auf der Prägepresse: Sondertechniken 2021
  • Aktuelles aus Auktion & Handel

MünzenMarkt 36

  • Ägina – Korinth – Athen: Die frühe griechische Münzprägung
  • Auferstanden aus Ruinen: Griechenland im Zeichen des Phönix
  • Griechenlands Selbstverständnis auf den Euromünzen
  • Aktuelles aus Auktion & Handel



Künker Auction 353: How Frederick II Financed the Seven Years’ War

Künker offers the second part of the Axel Tesmer Collection in auction 353. It contains issues of the Prussian kings. This film tells you by means of the offered coins and medals how Frederick II financed his Seven Years’ War.


Haomin, Chen

Chen Haomin was an enthusiastic collector of Chinese gold and silver coins before founding his coin dealership Coin-in-Coin.