Friday, 25.06.2021
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Ancient Artefacts Protected By Superstition

Occasionally, people return cultural items that they have stolen. From a mosaic tile to a veritable coin collection. They do not necessarily do so out of a fear of earthly punishment. Sometimes, it’s also an attempt to soothe the wrath of supernatural forces.

Roman Coin Treasure From Chianti Shines in Exhibition

It was a spectacular find: During an archaeological excavation in summer 2015, a vase came up containing almost 200 Roman silver coins. This major discovery tells much about the time after the Battle of Actium and is now on exhibition in Siena.

The 16th Summer FUN Convention in 2021 – Bigger Than Ever

The 16th Summer FUN Convention is approaching! After the enforced break due to Covid-19 the coin show is back in July 2021 and bigger than ever. Detailed criteria and guidelines will ensure the best visiting experience for attendees possible.

When Cologne Almost Became Calvinist

In 1582, the Archbishop of Cologne converted to the Reformed faith. Not for religious reasons but because he wanted to marry his beloved. This triggered a war. In its anniversary auction 350, Künker offers a 2 1/2 taler piece of this bishop.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, when visiting friends in Ancient Egypt …


MünzenMarkt 34

  • Rekorde aus der Welt der Numismatik
  • Groß, Größer, US-Mint
  • EID MAR: Die teuerste Münze der Antike
  • Der 1933er Double Eagle oder: Die fragile Sache mit den Rekordpreisen
  • Unter der Lupe: Auktionsberichte

Werte bewahren 7/2021

  • Weitergeben und erhalten
  • Die Sammlung bewahren
  • Klären, was man klären kann
  • Auktionatoren erzählen. Erlebnisse aus dem Alltag



Lösers: The Supreme Discipline of Coin Collecting

In Künker’s Summer Sale 350 the second part of the Friedrich Popken Collection will be on offer. The gorgeous Brunswick loesers have a lot to tell about the time of their creation. This film makes the silver coins speak.


Harvey G. Stack

Harvey Stack was born into the rare coin business and grew up in a family of coin dealers. He has been working in the coin trade and as an auctioneer for over 60 years, building numerous important collections and advocating for the coin trade and collectors.