Monday, 02.08.2021
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CoinsWeekly Takes a Summer Break

Every now and then, even editorial staff needs some time off. From 2 to 22 August 2021, we will take our annual summer break. So don’t be surprised that you don’t receive newsletters during that time!

Money Creators. Who Decides What’s Money?

Who has the right to create and issue money? And what about the future forms of digital money? The Deutsche Bundesbank answers questions like these in its new special exhibition “Money creators. Who decides what’s money?”.

British Museum and TEFAF Restore Ancient Glass Vessels

The British Museum and TEFAF are working together on a special project: In 2020 eight ancient glass vessels were damaged in the port explosion in Beirut. Experts in London will restore the artefacts with the support of TEFAF – a puzzle-work with historic glass.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 3: The Battle for Rome

The new state of Italy is growing together, however, the “heart” of the country – Rome – is controlled by the Pope. When France withdraws its protective hand from the Holy See, the patriots are already in the starting blocks to storm the Eternal City.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in the living room of abundance …


MünzenMarkt 34

  • Rekorde aus der Welt der Numismatik
  • Groß, Größer, US-Mint
  • EID MAR: Die teuerste Münze der Antike
  • Der 1933er Double Eagle oder: Die fragile Sache mit den Rekordpreisen
  • Unter der Lupe: Auktionsberichte

Werte bewahren 7/2021

  • Weitergeben und erhalten
  • Die Sammlung bewahren
  • Klären, was man klären kann
  • Auktionatoren erzählen. Erlebnisse aus dem Alltag



Lösers: The Supreme Discipline of Coin Collecting

In Künker’s Summer Sale 350 the second part of the Friedrich Popken Collection will be on offer. The gorgeous Brunswick loesers have a lot to tell about the time of their creation. This film makes the silver coins speak.


Cayón, Juan Jr.

Juan Cayón Jr is Managing Director of the coin dealership Cayón Subastas in Madrid. In 2005 he took over the company from his father. Before dedicating himself completely to the coin trade, he worked as a corporate lawyer and expert in that field.