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A Rookie’s Review of Coinex 2018

CoinsWeekly sent their newest colleague, Leonie Schulze, to the annual Coinex convention in London. If you have forgotten what the world of numismatics might look like from an outsider’s perspective, her review will surely give you an idea. more ]

Leipzig University Library receives collection of medals made by local artist Bruno Eyermann

The Leipzig University Library first presented its 218 newly-acquired collection of medals made by Bruno Eyermann to the public. Eyermann was the central figure among Leipzig’s artistic medalists in the first half of the 20th century. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, while settling a transaction ... more ]


The History of Austria as Reflected in its Paper Money

The history of Austria’s paper money is characterized by ups and downs. The banknotes tell of times of crises, revolutions, and the end of the monarchy. And, of course, of counterfeiters who took advantage of the multinational state’s weaknesses. more ]

Auction sales

Éditions Victor Gadoury, MC-Monaco [ more ]

Künker, D-Osnabrück [ more ]

Nomos AG, CH-Zurich [ more ]

Künker, D-Osnabrück [ more ]