Wednesday, 26.02.2020

Unresolved Questions in the Case of the Stolen Big Maple Leaf

The verdict against the thieves of the Big Maple Leaf has been passed, but that does not mean the case is closed: Now the owner of the coin is suing the insurance company. The coin is still missing, and the insurance company has only replaced a fraction of its value. Is the Bode Museum liable?

Ulla Westermark (1927-2020)

The queen mum of Greek numismatics is dead. Ulla Westermark died on 22 February 2020. Ursula Kampmann honours the memory of a great numismatist who was known for her preference to stay in the background and who, perhaps for this very reason, had friends all over the world.

Brazen Burglary in the Berlin Memorial Church – Orders and Medals Stolen

Another bold break-in at a Berlin cultural institution: During a burglary at the Memorial Church the perpetrators stole medals and orders. Here you can find descriptions and pictures. Are there any links to the raids in Berlin and Dresden?

Holy Citizens

On 18 March 2020, Künker’s auction No. 335 offers a special collection of medieval coins containing about 150 splendid bracteates. These Romanesque works of art take us back to a time when saints were regarded as fellow citizens willing to engage actively for the well-being of the community.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in Ephesos (probably) …


MünzenWoche Spezial 2/20 München 2020

  • Die silbernen Eulen von Athen mit vollständigem Typenkatalog
  • Workshop: Internet für Münzhändler
  • Ausstellerverzeichnis Numismata
  • Inserenten-Profile
  • Auktions-Highlights

MünzenMarkt 29 Januar 2020

  • Comics – Vom „Schmuddelheftchen“ zum Wertevermittler
  • Olympia, Weltmeisterschaften und alles, bei dem Deutschland Flagge zeigt
  • Filmstars statt Generäle. Wie die „Siebente Kunst“ sich auf Gedenkprägungen etablierte
  • Wie viel Minderheit darf sein?
  • Unter der Lupe: Auktionsberichte



The Treasure of Betzenstein

In the middle of the Thirty Years' War a hoard of talers was hidden which is now auctioned off by Künker. This podcast tells its story and presents some of the most interesting coins.


McFadden, Eric J.

Eric J. McFadden is a founding member of CNG and globally renowned for his numismatic knowledge.