Friday, 03.12.2021
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Why Is There A Shortage of Small Change in the Philippines?

The police found 50 million 1 peso coins in a warehouse in the Philippines, which have suffered from a shortage of small change for years. The central bank is calling for coin hoarding to be criminalised – but parliament passed such a bill in 2014. How come?

Can the NEXUD AI App Really Detect Illicit Cultural Objects?

The German government has awarded a €600,000 grant to NEXUD, a follow up of the ILLICID project relating to illicit antiquities. One day, an AI app may assist police and customs in detecting illegal objects. But this project just wastes money as Kate Fitz Gibbon explains.

Peru’s Gold Lights the British Museum

Masterpieces from Peru’s ancient cultures can be seen in the British Museum. For this major exhibition over 40 remarkable objects have come from Peru, among them a stunning 2,500-year-old gold headdress.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 6: The Invention of Fascism

After the First World War, Italy suffered from frustrated nationalism and inflation. The left-wing journalist Benito Mussolini made use of this environment. He switched sides and, within a few years, seized power by force and ended up at the top of a fascist dictatorship.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, when Pandora opened her box…


MünzenMarkt 36

  • Ägina – Korinth – Athen: Die frühe griechische Münzprägung
  • Auferstanden aus Ruinen: Griechenland im Zeichen des Phönix
  • Griechenlands Selbstverständnis auf den Euromünzen
  • Aktuelles aus Auktion & Handel

MünzenMarkt 35

  • Münzhändler: „Wenn es sie nicht gäbe, müsste man sie erfinden.“
  • Porträts von Münzhändlern und -handlungen



Künker Auction 353: How Frederick II Financed the Seven Years’ War

Künker offers the second part of the Axel Tesmer Collection in auction 353. It contains issues of the Prussian kings. This film tells you by means of the offered coins and medals how Frederick II financed his Seven Years’ War.


Haomin, Chen

Chen Haomin was an enthusiastic collector of Chinese gold and silver coins before founding his coin dealership Coin-in-Coin.