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Herzfelder, Ernst Moritz (1865-1923)

Ernst Herzfelder was the director of a Viennese brewery. His large coin collection was sold anonymously by Jacob Hirsch and Brüder Egger, while his many coins of Hadrian went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Adda, Victor A. (1885-1965)

Victor Adda was born from a banking family installed in Cairo. His large coin collection even arose the interest of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III. Adda documented his entire collection in a meticulous catalog that has only one fault typical of its time.

Armstrong, Martin Arthur (b. 1949)

Martin Armstrong got interested in rare coins at the age 13 when he began to work in a coin shop. Later he opened his own business and became famous for predicting commodity prices and developing his Economic Confidence Model.

Arnaud, Pierre (1922-1996)

Pierre Arnaud was a French entrepreneur who built a refined collection of coins. From the moment on when he was assisted by Hans Voegtli, Arnaud continued only to collect Greek and Roman high grade coins.

Bachofen von Echt, Karl Adolf Ludwig (1830-1922)

Baron Bachofen von Echt (1830-1922) was an Austrian brewer and a coin collector. But he also collected paintings and formed an Ornithology Society. A portion of his numismatic collection was acquired by the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Bally, Arthur (1849-1912)

Arthur Bally was born into a famous Swiss industrial family. His main passion was for Swiss coins but he clearly showed an interest for coins in general – not limiting himself to the best preserved examples or the most precious rarities. That became a problem after his death.

Bauer, George Joseph (1870-1961)

George Bauer was a passionate coin collector. He was elected 17th President of the American Numismatic Association and then became a professional numismatist. An authority on Greek and Roman coins and in the possession of a fabulous collection, he is little known in Europe.

Bement, Clarence Sweet (1843-1923)

Clarence Bement collected not only coins – partly published in catalogues – but also books, prints, and minerals. His mineral collection consisted of over 12,500 specimens and was later given to the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Biaggi de Blasys, Leo (1906-1979)

Leo Biaggi was a Swiss industrialist who formed an exceptional collection of ancient coins. His over 2,000 Roman gold coins are documented in a manuscript inventory. They were sold in the 70s. His “superb” Greek collection is less known.
Virgil Michael Brand

Brand, Virgil Michael (1861/62-1926)

Virgil Brand gathered the largest private coin collection of all times. When he died in 1926 he left 368,000 items, a collection estimated at a staggering five million US$. The son of a German father made his fortune with the family’s brewery business in Chicago.

Campana, Alberto (b. 1947)

Alberto Campana is an Italian biologist with a passion for numismatics. As a coin collector he is mainly focused on countermarks apposed on Sicilian Greek coins and to the Roman Republic coinage. He also published multiple books and articles on these subjects.

Evans, Arthur John (1851-1941)

Sir Arthur John Evans was a renowned archaeologist who unearthed the palace of Knossos on Crete. He inherited the coin collections of his father – also a renowned archaeologist and numismatist – and was constantly selling and buying ancient coins in his lifetime.

Evans, John (1823-1908)

Sir John Evans was a well-known archaeologist and president of the Royal Numismatic Society an many other renowned societies. As a collector, he was focused on Roman, ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and English coins.

Gollnow, Christian (1946-2019)

Christian Gollnow collected Roman coins of exceptional quality and rareness with a focus on anonymous issues from the Civil War in 68 and 69 AD. He was able to gather more specimens on the subject than the most prominent coin cabinets.

Herzfelder, Ernst Moritz (1865-1923)

Ernst Herzfelder was the director of a Viennese brewery. His large coin collection was sold anonymously by Jacob Hirsch and Brüder Egger, while his many coins of Hadrian went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Hunt, Nelson Bunker (1926-2014)

The Hunt brothers became legendary for their attempt to corner the world market in silver – and for losing a billion dollar in this vain effort. They were fervous coin collectors, too, and William allegedly was eager to buy every Byzantine gold coin in the world.

Huntington, Archer Milton (1870-1955)

Archer Huntington set out to assemble a collection – not only of coins – from every period and every land where Spanish influence was felt. Huntington established New York’s Hispanic Society of America whom he bequeathed his over 37,000 coins.

Jameson, Frédéric-Robert (1861-1942)

Robert Jameson was a banker and numismatic expert. He published scholarly articles on Greek coin finds and acquired a large collection of ancient coins which were published in various volumes.

Kozinowski, Otto (1939-1994)

Otto Kozinowski changed his career as a mathematician to pursue a job in the coin trade because numismatics was his true passion. And this passion went beyond his specialty of Coburg coinage – his extensive library bore witness to that.

Krähenbühl, Hans (1924-2010)

Swiss collector Hans Krähenbühl aimed at assembling the broadest possible numismatic panorama of Greek and Roman antiquity with his collection. The result: a wonderful collection created from a single mold, with magnificent coins and impressive series.

Mazzini, Giuseppe (1883-1961)

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian politician. Over his lifetime, he put together an impressive collection of 8.051 Roman Imperial coins with many great rarities and over 1,200 aurei. His collection was published as Monete imperiali romane in five volumes.

Montagu, Hyman (1844-1895)

Hymann Montagu was one of the great British coin collectors of the 19th century. He bought entire collections and inventories for his large collection of English hammered and milled coins, but also Greek and Roman coins, which was sold after his death by Sotheby.

Steinberg, Gilbert (1920-2008)

Gil Steinberg, like many US collectors, had collected American currency, medallions and tokens, before building the collection of Roman coins which was sold in November 1994 by Numismatica Ars Classica and Spink Taisei.

Trau, Franz (1842-1905)

Three generations of the Austrian Trau family ran a very successful tea-import business in Vienna. The three of them also shared the love for coins and put together a fine collection of Austrian and Roman Imperial coins, which was auctioned off between 1904 and 1936.