New Year Address 2023 of the King of Bermania

Bermania’s coat of arms.
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The small age-old Kingdom of Bermania is ruled by Alanus I who, with a gentle hand, promotes both humor and numismatics. His Majesty Alanus I now published a New Year Address to all his subjects:

“In the Name of the Kingdom of Bermania,

We choose to remind our subjects that it is not necessarily the new year 2023 yet, as March 25 has not arrived. We think it is nice to have a flexible calendar when We are running behind in Our Royal duties. [Note of the editor: As we at CoinsWeekly have sometimes also difficulty to keep up with all our non-royal duties, like publishing this article in time, we are now seriously considering to shift the new year’s start a couple of more days into April…] Thus it is not too late to deliver Our annual address to the Kingdom. (Is it ever too late to talk about Bermania?) As, for the sake of social distancing, Her Majesty has decreed that We continue to delay returning Royal Festivities to the Consulate of Ulster-in-America, We have once again combined Our annual address with the semiannual meeting of the Bermanian Guild of Numismatists in Manhattan, in the Grand County of New Amsterdam. Our thanks to Grand Count Eric. Due to brilliant technological innovations the entire proceedings were recorded by the Newman Numismatic Portal of Washington University in St. Louis. Thus, due to the kindness of strangers We now are able to meet Our obligations and send to you, the subjects and nobles of Bermania, Our 2022 annual address. Just click here now or when ever you open that bag of potato chips you’ve been hiding.

Royal Good Wishes for the New Year!”


For more information about the Kingdom of Bermania visit the Bermanian website.

In our Numismatists Who’s who we presented King Alanus I, aka Allen G. Berman.

In 2015 Ursula Kampmann was proclaimed Burgravine of Munich.

Naturally, the souvenirs of Bermania also include a medal.

Here you can watch a proclamation of King Alanus I of Bermania:


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In his non-royal everyday life His Majesty Alanus I is a coin dealer with a passion for selling coins that tell a story.

As a coin dealer he has written several book, including “Papal Coins”“ and “Papal Numismatic History”, which can be bought directly from him – with a royal dedication, if requested.