Wednesday, 2022.10.05
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SINCONA’s Fall Auctions 2022 feature in four catalogues among other hightlight part 3 of the SINCONA British Collection and Swiss coins and medals of the collector Max Walty-Hüssy.

Heritage Auctions, USA-Dallas

In October 2022, the Heritage Long Beach Expo auctions feature an outstanding number of chosen items both from US coins and currency. The sales comprise rarities that have not reached the auction market for many years.

Katalin Bíró-Sey (1934-2022)

Katalin Bíró-Sey was a curator of the Ancient Coin Collection in the Coin Cabinet of the Hungarian National Museum. For ten years she also worked in the Royal Coin Cabinet in Oslo. Now Bíró-Sey passed away aged 89. Melinda Torbágyi remembers her.

Amelia Newsham: A Transatlantic Journey

In the 1750s, Amelia Newsham was a real attraction in London: the young enslaved albino woman was studied as a “curosity” even by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Isabell Charmantier tells her story and why Newsham was depicted on a token.

Bern Displays Ancient Silver Coin Hoard

The Bernisches Historisches Museum shows current archaeological finds from the Bern area in Switzerland. Among them is a hoard of Celtic and Roman silver coins.

Registrations Now Open for World Money Fair 2023

From 3 to 5 February 2023, World Money Fair 2023 will be held in Berlin once again – as a hybrid event. Exhibitors should register as soon as possible. Read on for more details.

What Was in President Lincoln’s & General Sherman’s Pockets?

The US Civil War caused turmoil with the finances of both the Union and the Confederacy. In this video interview with “President Lincoln” and “General Sherman” you will learn what constituted money at that time and what would have been in people’s pockets.

50 Years of LANG GmbH: The Leading Supplier of Milling and Engraving Machines

If you want to know why contemporary coins look the way they do, you have to examine the machines involved in their production. An important player is the Hüttenberg-based company LANG, which produces the machines that are used to create the majority of today’s coin dies. In 2022, LANG celebrated its 50th birthday at the AMB Stuttgart by presenting a new machine: the Impala 900S.

“Timemachine” Commemorates Switzerland’s Watchmaking Industry

For the first time, Swissmint has issued a 25 franc gold coin. The coin is dedicated to the Swiss watchmaking industry, which is highly respected around the world.

CIT’s Mount Vinson Closes “The 7 Summits” Series

With Mount Vinson, CIT has completed their successful “The 7 Summits” series, featuring authentic mountain models thanks to smartminting® technology.