Tuesday, 24.11.2020



Mass Raid and Arrests Over Dresden Jewel Heist

The spectacular heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in 2019 has made waves around the world: on 17 November 2020, three suspects were arrested, all members of an Arab clan. One of them should have been behind bars for his participation in the break-in at the Bode Museum.

Münzhandlung Erwin Dietrich AG

Münzhandlung Erwin Dietrich AG starts with their first e-auction. The “Samichlaus” auction features 200 lots of modern, international coins with attractive estimates.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG’s Electronic Auction 481 features 845 lots. Collectors will find Roman republican denarii from the Raintree collection, as well as some archaic Kyzikos staters, Islamic figural bronzes and a run of British Conder tokens.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently in the wild eagle sanctuary…

Tauler & Fau

Tauler & Fau’s upcoming auction 70 features a selection of 329 lots chosen for their condition, style and rarity. Among the highlights are an extremely rare Caligula and Agrippina Aureus, and an 8 escudos of Ferdinand VI from Mexico (NGC AU 53).

Hobbyists Sue Minnesota for Discriminating Coin Collectors

The Minnesota Coin Bullion Dealer Law was passed in 2013 introducing highly problematic regulations regarding coin trading. Now a lawsuit was filed to have the law declared unconstitutional by a group of small business investors and coin enthusiasts.

Irish Gunmoney

The latest work by Paul and Bente R. Withers presents a detailed study of Irish gunmoney and the emergency issues of 1689-1691. This highly unusual token coinage was issued by the deposed Catholic king James II of England who went to Ireland to reconquer his kingdom.

CSNS Hires Larry Shepherd as Convention Manager

Coin dealer Larry Shepherd is the new convention manager of the Central States Numismatic Society. The CSNS eliminated the former positions hold by Kevin Foley and his daughter Patricia who had overseen the convention operations.

Online Conference: “Coins from Roman Military Sites”

On 18th December 2020 an online conference will be dedicated to coins from Roman military sites. The event is organized by Alexander Heising, Matthias Kalisch, Klaus Kortüm, and Stefan Krmnicek.

Perth Mint Achieves Record Return

The Perth Mint has achieved a record pre-tax profit of $ 47.55 million for 2019-2020 boosting Australia’s economic recovery from Covid-19.