Thursday, 26.11.2020


Mass Raid and Arrests Over Dresden Jewel Heist

The spectacular heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in 2019 has made waves around the world: on 17 November 2020, three suspects were arrested, all members of an Arab clan. One of them should have been behind bars for his participation in the break-in at the Bode Museum.

Hobbyists Sue Minnesota for Discriminating Coin Collectors

The Minnesota Coin Bullion Dealer Law was passed in 2013 introducing highly problematic regulations regarding coin trading. Now a lawsuit was filed to have the law declared unconstitutional by a group of small business investors and coin enthusiasts.

Irish Gunmoney

The latest work by Paul and Bente R. Withers presents a detailed study of Irish gunmoney and the emergency issues of 1689-1691. This highly unusual token coinage was issued by the deposed Catholic king James II of England who went to Ireland to reconquer his kingdom.

CSNS Hires Larry Shepherd as Convention Manager

Coin dealer Larry Shepherd is the new convention manager of the Central States Numismatic Society. The CSNS eliminated the former positions hold by Kevin Foley and his daughter Patricia who had overseen the convention operations.

Online Conference: “Coins from Roman Military Sites”

On 18th December 2020 an online conference will be dedicated to coins from Roman military sites. The event is organized by Alexander Heising, Matthias Kalisch, Klaus Kortüm, and Stefan Krmnicek.

Perth Mint Achieves Record Return

The Perth Mint has achieved a record pre-tax profit of $ 47.55 million for 2019-2020 boosting Australia’s economic recovery from Covid-19.

The East India Company Launches The Queen’s Virtues Collection

The East India Company Bullion Ltd. issued “Victory”, the first collector coin in The Queen’s Virtues Collection. The series is inspired by the principles founded by Queen Victoria. And mark, there is a special promotion for CoinsWeekly readers!

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 2: Austrian Ducats

Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? Particularly popular collector coins are frequently counterfeited. The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in several articles how counterfeits can be identified. Today we take a closer look at Austrian ducats.

FUNNY MONEY. Money in Caricature. The Exhibition

A new special exhibition at the Money Museum of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank deals with the depiction of money in caricature. Have a laugh – and get thinking about money, currency and the economy from a completely new perspective.

Funny Money – Money in Caricature. The Catalogue

Money in caricature is a great topic – there’s a reason we publish a new cartoon by our wonderful Claire every week! The Austrian National Bank has opened an exhibition devoted to the subject in its Money Museum, and now there’s a catalogue to go with it.

CCG Announces Two High-Level Promotions

Certified Collectibles Group announced the promotions of Michael Browne to Chief Operating Officer and Max Spiegel to President. Read on to find out more about them.

The Broad Field of Reformation Coins and Medals: Interview With K.-P. Brozatus

The late Klaus-Peter Brozatus was one of the great experts in the field of Reformation coins and medals. In 2011 he gave an interview to Daniel Harmelink and talked about his work and what issues he regarded among the most outstanding in this numismatic area.

2020 Archer M. Huntington Award Goes to Sydney F. Martin

The American Numismatic Society presents its 2020 Archer M. Huntington Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship to Sydney F. Martin, an expert in Colonial numismatics. The award ceremony will be available to attend virtually.

American Eagle 2021 Features New Reverse Designs

The United States Mint has unveiled new reverse designs for the 2021 American Eagle gold and silver coins. 2021 marks the 35th Anniversary of the American Eagle Coin Program, and the new designs featuring the national bird will begin appearing in midyear 2021.

Royal Mint Museum Announces Short-Story Competition For Children

To mark the 50th anniversary of decimalisation, The Royal Mint Museum announced a short-story competition for school children in Wales. The winning story will be selected by celebrated children’s author, Eloise Williams.

Evolution of Life – Diplocaulus

Over the past six years, CIT’s Evolution of Life series has gained cult status among paleontologists. The depictions’ precision amazes the experts. The sixth release features the salamander-like Diplocaulus.

A New Record! The Most Expensive Roman Coin of All Time

There’s a new holder of the title ‘most expensive Roman coin of all time’. With a hammer price equivalent to almost 3 million euros, the new number one leaves the previous record holder, which was sold for 1.3 million euros, far behind.

$5,000 Reward For Stolen Coin

The Numismatic Crime Information Center informs that it has been authorized to offer a $5,000 reward for the return of a 1853 $20 gold coin. More details here.

Ute Wartenberg Becomes First Female ANS President

Ute Wartenberg will be the first female President of the American Numismatic Society taking over from Sydney F. Martin. This and more news from the Society’s Board of Trustees was announced at the 163rd Annual Meeting of the ANS on October 24, 2020.

World Money Fair 2021 to Be Held Online – For Now

The World Money Fair 2021 will not take place in January in Berlin as previously planned. However, the event hasn’t been completely cancelled either...

TEFAF 2020: How Fairs Go Online During Covid-19

TEFAF, Europe’s important fair for fine art, has taken a big step facing the current difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The New York fair was shifted to an online platform that will last in the future. Key to success is the „masterpiece“ format.

Webinar on Numismatic Research in Greece

Due to the pandemic, the “Numismatic meetings” organised by different Athens-based research institutions and traditionally held in Athens, in 2020/21 will become an online event enabling a much larger audience to attend.

First Bulgarian Numismatic Readings Online Conference

Bulgaria will have its first numismatic online conference. “History & Society in Numismatic Perspectives” has been shifted to a web conference. The live sessions with discussions and key speeches will take place from 10 to 12 November 2020 and you can still register.

China’s 2021 Panda Design Has Been Revealed

The design of China’s 2021 panda coin has been revealed in a festive ceremony at the Shenzhen Guobao Mint. Peter Anthony was there and asked the designer about the message behind the Panda coin that will appear in the series’ 40th year.

New Director at the Portuguese Mint

Paulo Alexandrino has been appointed new Director of the Casa da Moeda. He has been working with Portugal’s mint since 1999 and was Deputy Director until his appointment in March 2020.

Singapore Mint Launches New Macau Lunar Coin Series

The Singapore Mint launched a new Lunar Coin Series on behalf of Macau that will cover a period of 12 years. The Mint has revealed the first two issues: 2020’s Year of the Rat and 2021’s Year of the Ox commemorative coins.

Tatjana Berga (1944-2020)

The Latvian and Baltic numismatist society mourns the recent loss of Tatjana Berga on October 2, 2020. The dedicated archaeologist and numismatist was one of the most productive and versatile researchers of her generation. Viktors Dāboliņš remembers her.

The Caratacus Stater: the Most Wanted Coin of the Most Wanted Man in the Roman Empire

A unique gold stater of Caratacus, Britain’s famous freedom fighter resisting the Roman invasion, has just been discovered and is about to be sold at auction. Chris Rudd presents what we know about Caratacus’ life and his coins.

Mines, Metals, and Money in Ancient Greece

“Mines, Metals, and Money” is the latest volume in the Metallurgy in Numismatics series. The studies deal with geology and mining in ancient Greece, the manufacture and metallurgy of ancient Greek coins and the analysis and conservation of these coins.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Opens New Gallery in New York City

Stack’s Bowers Galleries will open a new flagship gallery in Midtown Manhattan. The new location will offer the firm’s entire range of services, show an extensive selection of coins and paper money available for direct purchase, public lot viewing, and much more.

ANA Approves $5.17 Million Budget for FY 2020-21

Covid-19 has hit the American Numismatic Association hard financially. The Board of Governors passed a $5.17 million budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 – a nearly 10 percent decrease from the previous year’s budget. In 2020 the ANA also cut nearly a third of its staff.

Movie Stars Instead of Generals – How the “Seventh Art” Established Itself on Commemorative Issues

Films have been around for about 120 years establishing the much-admired film stars, who are among the most famous personalities of all times. Nevertheless it took a long time until actors appeared on coins and medals. Why? What changed? Let’s go on a little journey through time.

Latvia Remembers 1960s Modernism on Coin

A new Latvian rectangular silver collector coin remembers the 1960s. In Latvia this period of the Thaw brought hope for a higher degree of freedom and well-being, culture and art saw an opportunity of a relative revolution, a time of modernism.

Shocking Attack on Berlin’s Museum Island

People are talking about the most extensive attack on artworks in post-war Germany: unknown persons splashed an unidentified liquid on objects displayed in several Berlin museums. Only now, three weeks after the attack, it became known.

The Holy Grail of Ancient Numismatics: “Eid Mar” in Gold

Few ancient coins are as legendary as Brutus’ “Eid Mar”. The conspirator against Caesar issued the silver coin featuring the iconic cap of liberty and two daggers. Only two specimens in gold were known. Now a third aureus will be offered in auction by Roma Numismatics.

WCO Reports: Heritage Trafficking Tiny Percentage of Illegal Trade

The World Customs Organization report proves again that the illicit trade in antiquities is not a multi-billion-dollar industry at all – cultural heritage crime barely registers with 0.2 percent of all investigations and seizures of customs!

NGC-Certified English Gold Coin Realizes Over $300,000 in Spink Sale

A rare English gold coin struck during the reign of Queen Anne and certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation realized over $300,000 in a Spink sale on September 15, 2020. That is more than double its pre-auction estimate.

SINCONA Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Zurich auction house SINCONA AG offers a new payment option to its clients: cryptocurrencies. In addition to the usual means of payment, it is now possible to pay an invoice with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The New Mint News Quarterly Issue Is Available

The latest issue of Mint News Quarterly, the specialist journal for the circulation and commemorative coin industry, has been published. The issue discusses the secondary market giving best practice tips. You can download the PDF for free from the CoinsWeekly website.

Florence Nightingale Commemorated by Pobjoy Mint

In light of the global pandemic, Pobjoy Mint announced the release of a bi-metal £2 coin commemorating 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale, who established the principles of the modern nursing and hospital sanitation.

Everything Must Go? How Museums Are Fighting to Survive During the Pandemic

Museums are hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and around the world they are currently selling objects from their collections to survive. This goes against their own rules and triggers a heated debate.

Argentina’s Central Bank Museum Recovered Stolen Paper Money Sketches

In 2018, handmade paper money sketches disappeared from the Central Bank Museum of Argentina. The sketches of prototypes were about to be auctioned off in the USA. However, they were identified and repatriated.

The three Types of Currency – The Monetary Question

Georges Depeyrot discusses in his new book a crucial point in monetary history: he claims that never in history existed only one currency but different spheres of exchange leading to three different and complementary zones of circulation.

Third International Numismatic Conference in New Zealand

The third three-yearly International Numismatic Conference of the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand takes place in Wellington from October 16 to 19, 2020. Over 100 people are registered and international speakers will give lectures via video conference.

PCGS Uses NFC Technology to Prevent Counterfeiting

Professional Coin Grading Service will begin embedding Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in all its holders in October 2020. This enables collectors to tap these new holders with a phone, launching certification information right on the device’s screen.

British Pobjoy Mint With New Website

Pobjoy Mint has re-launched their website. The mint has listened to their customers improving the site with new features.

The D-Mark Era: Now Available on Cosmos of Collectibles

A new numismatic field was uploaded to our database Cosmos of Collectibles: all coins of the era of the Deutsche Mark, which was the German currency before the euro and since 1948. We invite you to browse through!

Magnificent Life 2020 – Chameleon

The final issue of CIT’s successful series Magnificent Life is dedicated to the African chameleon. The colourful coin displays the unique features of these animals by means of impressive smartminting© technology.

Should We Abolish 1- and 2-Cent Coins? Give Your Vote!

The European Commission plans to round cash payments and to abolish 1- and 2-euro cent coins in the entire euro area. But first it’s your turn: citizens are invited to give their opinion. Take advantage of this opportunity!

“A Time to Be Bold and Innovative”

Mark Salzberg, Chairman of the Certified Collectibles Group, recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing pandemic and its effects on the collectibles markets. He says: the markets have not merely survived the COVID-19 crisis – they thrived. A paradoxon? Read on!

Andrew Burnett’s History of Numismatics in Britain

Andrew Burnett’s new book “The Hidden Treasures of this Happy Island” provides, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the collecting and study of coins in Britain from 1500 to 1750. The work is full of new discoveries made in the course of the research.

ICOM Survey on Covid-19 Impact on Museums

How does the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak affect the cultural sector in the short and long term? To understand the situation better, the International Council of Museums has launched a global survey.

Further Coin Dealers Inducted into PCGS Hall of Fame

Every year, Professional Coin Grading Service inducts a small handful of distinguished dealers into their Hall of Fame. This year, PCGS has chosen Bruce Amspacher, Greg Roberts, and Catherine Bullowa-Moore.

The Mystery of Missing Banknotes and a Mountain of Unused British Coins

Shortage of circulation coins in Great Britain? Far from that! It may take more than a decade for the current stocks of £2 and 2 pence coins to diminish. How is that possible? And – has that any impact on collectors?

Britannia Bullion Coin With New Security Features

The Royal Mint has unveiled the design of their latest Britannia bullion coin issues with four new anti-counterfeit features, which enable customers to verify that the product is authentic by simply rotating it in the light.

Royal Mint Celebrates Agatha Christie

On the occasion of the centenary of Dame Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Royal Mint issues a commemorative £2 coin in recognition of this author’s vast body of work.

New York International Numismatic Convention 2021 Canceled

The NYINC 2021 has been canceled. The board stated this seemed the only responsible decision in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and related requirements and restrictions for participants. However, the 2022 convention has already been scheduled.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 1: Swiss Vreneli Coins

Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? Particularly popular collector coins are frequently counterfeited. The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in several articles how counterfeits can be identified. Today we take a closer look at Swiss Vreneli coins.

Ancient Coins in Early American Auctions

Provenance research has become vital for auction houses. David F. Fanning’s new book provides a well-illustrated bibliography and analysis of ancient coins listed in American auction catalogues before the Second World War.

The Partrick Collection: Two Brasher Doubloons and much More

Over the course of a year, Heritage will offer the superb collection of early US coins by Donald G. Partrick. Among the rarities now graded by NGC are not just one, but two of the famous Brasher Doubloons, fabled rarities that rank among the most prized coins in all of numismatics.

The Royal Mint Partners with NGC to Offer Certified Coins

The Royal Mint has partnered with Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. NGC is to grade and encapsulate portions of the British coins directly. This service aims especially at online buyers and those who will sell their coins again on the secondary market.

Loop the Loop

120 years ago the world’s first rollercoaster whose loop did not endanger the lives of its passengers opened at Coney Island. CIT commemorates this with a coin featuring a rollercoaster depicted on BOTH sides(!) in ultra-high relief on the coin edge thanks to smartminting© technology.

Is The Dresden Green Vault Heist About To Be Solved?

The heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in November 2019 made headlines around the world. The thieves took precious stones and valuable items of immeasurable worth from the collections of the Saxon Electors like Augustus II the Strong. The police have now uncovered new evidence that could lead them straight to the thieves.

Sberatel Prague 2020: A Big Collectors’ Meeting in Times of Corona

After all, Sberatel 2020 took place in Prague. With bright sun outside and with hygiene measures dealers and collectors enjoyed the chance of meeting personally. And in the end, numbers were better than expected.

Exhibition with Mask: 49th BERNA Despite Corona

For the first time since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, a numismatic fair took place in Switzerland: On September 19, 2020, the 49th BERNA International Numismatics Exhibition was held in Bern. Needless to say, this was only possible with a clear protection concept and masks.

The New Coin Yearbook 2021

The updated Coin Yearbook 2021 is an independent price guide and collector’s handbook for coins from the British isles. The new edition features expanded sections on Britannia coins, Isle of Man coinage and the latest issues from the Royal Mint.

Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair To Go On

Since March the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair has been postponed or cancelled. Now the organisers plan to hold the 10th HKINF as scheduled from 11-13 December 2020. The show will be preceded by an auction of Heritage Auctions.

Dinosaur Medal Series From Korea

Korea Minting will release a new Dinosaur Series in which distinctive dinosaurs of the cretaceous period discovered in the Korean Peninsula are revived. These issues combine state of the art minting and printing technology for the certificates.

Hoard of Abbasid Gold Coins Uncovered in Israel

Students discovered an important hoard of 425 gold coins during an excavation near Tel Aviv, mostly from the Abbasid period. Gold coin caches from this time are extremely rare in Israel. But archaeologists did not find only solid coins, but also something else quite particular.

Sotheby’s Case Against Greece: A Legal Analysis

When Greece demanded an ancient Greek object to be withdrawn from a public auction at Sotheby’s, the auction house answered with a law suit against the country. William Pearlstein analyzes this important case and what implication it has for collectors and the art market.

Financial History Network to Launch Webinar Series

The Financial History Network will launch a new webinar series. The network aims to promote scholarship in the fields of financial history and the history of finance. The webinars will provide a space for the presentation and discussion of works in progress.

NGC Certified Beeston Collection of British Error Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation certified the Beeston Collection of over 200 British error coins with many different types of unusual and appealing errors. The whole collection can be now viewed online in the NGC Registry.

Royal Canadian Mint Reports Profits and Performance for Q2 2020

The latest report of the Royal Canadian Mint documents the financial results for the second quarter of 2020 providing insight into the mint’s activities, the markets influencing the businesses and expectations for the next 12 months.

The 7 Summits – Carstensz Pyramid

The fifth issue of the CIT series “7 Summits” is dedicated to Carstensz Pyramid. The limited coin shows through their smartminting© technology an exact miniature version of the 4884 meters high mountain.

50 Years Later. The Moon Landing As a Numismatic Event

On 21 July 1969, men landed on the Moon for the first time. And 50 years later, this event just had to be celebrated in coinage around the world – from America to Europe, from Australia to the tropics. A new collecting field emerged.

International Council of Museums Faces Severe Crisis

What is a museum? That’s what the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is debating so fiercely that some of their leaders have resigned. Do museums have a political mission? ICOM’s existence might depend on the answer to this very question.

Art Dealer Helps Restituting Ancient Cyprus Vase

A dealer in ancient art helped to restitute an ancient Cypriot vase to Cyprus. The object was looted and illegally exported and now came up on the London market. It will be repatriated to Cyprus.

100 Greatest Modern World Coins

Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker offer in their new book “100 Greatest Modern World Coins” a guided tour of coins that have influenced the world and captured the imaginations of collectors since the early 1900s. Dennis Tucker presents two examples.

Two Grand US Collections to Come to the Market

Two extremely significant collections of US coins will be coming to the market step-by-step starting September. Heritage Auctions is to offer the collections of Bob R. Simpson and James Dines, both full of top-rated pieces and expected to set record prices.

Online Symposium of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles

This year the traditional Symposium of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles will be held as an online event. On 11 September experts discuss the topic “Small is Beautiful: Coins in their Contexts in Ireland, Britain and Europe”. The event is free, registration is compulsory.

Royal Australian Mint CEO MacDiarmid Steps Down

Ross MacDiarmid, CEO of the Royal Australian Mint will be leaving the mint on 4 December 2020. As the first CEO of the mint with a private sector background he has transformed the institution into a high performing business.

Australia Introduces the World’s First Donation Coin

Having faced a bushfire crisis, an ongoing global pandemic and an economic recession, many Australians are in need of a helping hand. In this context, the Royal Australian Mint is releasing the world’s first Donation Dollar, a one dollar coin designed to be donated.

The Return of Europe’s Coin Fairs

After being on hold for nearly six months due to the coronavirus crisis, coin fairs are set to start running again in Europe. Organisers are committed to enforcing effective hygiene guidelines to ensure a safe and stress-free experience for their guests.

Covid-19 Is Precipitating the Death of Cash, You Say?

All over the media we read about the death of cash and the advent of a new, cashless, dawn. But Covid-19 has reminded us of how essential cash is to us all and instead of a decline this recent period has shown a near-unprecedented growth in demand.

Extensive Catalogue of Coins From the Landgraviates of Hesse

Last autumn, after decades of work, Horst-Dieter Müller published his extensive catalogue of coin and medal types from the Landgraviates of Hesse from 1483 to 1806. Daniel Baumbach takes a look.

More News From NYINC 2021

Now we know what will be the educational program of the 49th New York International Numismatic Convention. But be aware of fraudulent contacts seeking to obtain financial information. Read all the details here!

New Team Members at PCGS

Professional Coin Grading Service welcomed to its team three senior collectibles experts and promoted two tenured team members. Joining the company are David Steinberger, Sanjay C. Gandhi and Cory Williams.

Swissmint’s New Roger Federer Gold Coin

On 3 September 2020 Swissmint issues four commemorative coins. The new Roger Federer coin is expected to become a best-seller. After the enormous rush for the silver coins, a new gold coin features his portrait.

US Mint Releases the First Colorized US Coins

The new Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins are the first colored Coins in the History of the United States. The two colorized versions are part of a coin program minted in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

CIT – Great White Shark

Due to Steven Spielberg’s film “Jaws”, the Great White Shark became a best-seller. Now, CIT Coin Invest dedicated a smartminting© coin to this phenomenon featuring a three-dimensional depiction highlighting the relationship between humans and sharks.

A Hoard of Small Change Feeds Hungry Fish at the Aquarium

As a child, did you ever gaze into a fountain in amazement and wonder what you could buy with all the coins glittering at the bottom? Well, one aquarium in the USA is currently using them to care for its animals.

New Special Exhibition “Sports & Money” at Swiss Finance Museum

Sport is not just fun and sweating: in Switzerland it contributes more to the country’s gross domestic product than agriculture! Currently, Swiss Finance Museum examines the financial dimension of sports using historical securities and real, unusual sporting articles.

Mel Wacks Steps Down as President of AINA

After 18 years as President of the American Israel Numismatic Association, Mel Wacks is stepping down. Mel is also resigning as Editor of the organization’s prize-winning magazine, “The Shekel,” after serving as Editor-in-Chief or Editor since 2013.

Numismatist Nathan Elkins New Director of Allbritton Art Institute

Numismatist and art historian Nathan T. Elkins has been appointed the new director of the Allbritton Art Institute. The institute promotes the appreciation and comprehensive study of the artist and art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

ANA Honors Distinguished Numismatists and Writers with Awards

Every year, the American Numismatic Association gives awards to members honoring their service and dedication to numismatics. Here is a complete list of the awardees. This year all awards will be presented virtually.

Giesecke+Devrient to Develop Currency Processing Equipment For USA

The US central bank will introduce a next generation of high-speed currency processing equipment and associated software solutions. Both will be developed by Giesecke+Devrient.

Spain Concludes the Europa Star Gothic Series

Spain issues its last contribution to the Europa Star “Ages of Europe” series. The gold and silver coins are dedicated to Spain’s Gothic Art.

How to Tell Cheap Tungsten from Precious Gold

Peter Zgorzynski demonstrates chances and challenges using latest technology to distinguish Tungsten from Gold. Which equipment does really help to find out whether an ingot or a bullion coin is made of pure gold?

Discover the British Empire’s History Online

The American Numismatic Association offers a free 360-degree virtual reality tour of their Money Museum’s exhibit “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth” enabling coin enthusiasts to explore the history of the British Empire.

“Two Bits” – the ANA’s New Podcast

The American Numismatic Association launched a new podcast called “Two Bits”. Its hosts, ANA Museum Curator Douglas Mudd and The Numismatist author Mitch Sanders, discuss wide-ranging topics about numismatics and the world of coins and paper currency.

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