Thursday, 16.09.2021
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New at CoinsWeekly: The Collectors’ Who’s Who

Do you know that feeling when you buy a coin from a certain collection and would like to know more about its former owner? That’s why we launch the CoinsWeekly Collectors' Who’s Who.

In the Footsteps of Napoleon I at the Monnaie de Paris

The Napoleonic legend would not have been possible without numismatics. The museum of the Monnaie de Paris has created an exhibition to remember Napoleon’s visit at the mint’s workshop and his connection to numismatics. Visitors follow the footsteps of Napoleon.

Visit Argentina’s Numismatic Museum Online

This one’s for lovers of South American numismatics! The museum of the Central Bank of Argentine is just one click away: videos, an online exhibition on Google Arts and more enables to you travel to Buenos Aires – even during your lunchbreak.

45th Anniversary Edition of The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics

45 years after the first issue of 1976, Mel Wacks has published an anniversary edition of his “Handbook of Biblical Numismatics”. The volume gives an overview of the coins connected to the Old and New Testament and discusses many controversies about them.

Registration for COAC 2021 is Open

The next Coinage of the Americas Conference will be held by the American Numismatic Society from 17th to 18th September 2021. The conference honors the designer of the Lincoln Cent, Victor David Brenner. Who wishes to attend can now register.

Australia Commemorates Final Battle of Vietnam War

50 years after the Battle of Nui Le To, Australia commemorates its last major action in the Vietnam War. The Royal Australian Mint released a commemorative coin developed with members of the ANZAC Battalion.

Which Coin Shows Can Collectors Visit in the Autumn of 2021?

Many collectors eagerly await the moment in which they will finally be able to meet friends and colleagues at a coin fair again. And coin show organisers feel the same. But how safe is this in the Covid autumn 2021? We asked around.

ANA Opens Up Auction Format to New Auction Houses

The American Numismatic Association is exploring options to change its auction format to encourage additional auctioneers to participate. In future, smaller auction houses may host ANA events besides the “Official ANA Auctions”. But to submit bids, you have to be quick!

Research on Lithuania’s Raišiai Hoard

The recently found Raišiai hoard is one of Lithuania’s largest hoards of medieval coins. It is considered so important that the National Museum of Lithuania arranged a short exhibition to give a glimpse at this treasure.

The Coins of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1701-1740

Manfred Olding has written his newest catalogue on the coins of the Kingdom of Prussia. If you are familiar with the author’s other catalogues, you know what to expect from the coin dealer and Prussia expert from Osnabrück.

The Roman Republican Die Project Database Is Online

The first significant data upload for the ANS’s Roman Republican Die Project is completed. The database is searchable and focuses on Roman Republican coinage (509 BCE–27 BCE). You can try it for yourself – it’s completely free!

PCGS Names Stephanie Sabin as Interim President

Professional Coin Grading Service has named Stephanie Sabin interim president until a successor of Brett Charville is found. Sabin brings 15 years of experience to the top of the firm.

“Hydropower” on Swiss Commemorative Coin

The commemorative coin “Hydropower” starts the Swissmint’s three-part coin series “Energy of the Future”. It is the mint’s first colored coin with fluorescent elements. As usually, at the end of the year a circulation coin set will be issued with a Christmas medal.

Will Israel Put an End to the Antiquities Trade?

Rumour has it that Israel no longer wants to issue export licenses for antiquities. That would put a sudden end to the flourishing trade in ancient objects in Israel. However, committed collectors and dealers mounted the barricades.

MicroSummit 2021: Coins From Countries Which Do Not Exist

Perhaps you know the hypothetical kingdom of Bermania. But it is not the only one of its kind. Every year Kings, Presidents, and Dukes from many imagined nations meet at the MicroSummit. Read more about these phantastic realms, fantasy coins and paper money.

American Numismatic Society 2022 Gala Honors David Hendin

David Hendin will be the next awardee of the ANS Trustees’ Award. The renowned expert on Levant numismatics will receive the award during the ANS Gala dinner in January 2022.

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

Heritage Auctions Surpasses 1.5 Million Online Bidder-Members

Heritage Auctions has reached the milestone of 1.5 million online bidder-members. This reflects the record membership growth during the pandemic.

Happy Birthday, Yen! Japan’s Currency Celebrates 150 Years

In 1871, 150 years ago, Japan introduced a new currency, the yen. And to produce these coins, the Japan Mint was founded concurrently. In 2021 Japan celebrates this anniversary with a special Mint Set and a commemorative 10,000 yen gold coin.

Was the ANA World’s Fair of Money a “Superspreading Event”?

The World’s Fair of Money was the first big coin show to take place since the pandemic started. Now, the organisers warn: Several participants have tested positive for COVID-19. Visitors displaying symptoms are recommended to get tested.

US Coin and Currency Dealer Inventory Stolen

Dealer Susanne Watts was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The offense occurred on 8 August 2021 after leaving a Las Vegas coin show, suspects were filmed by a surveillance camera. The loss included a large amount of coins and currency. Find a list here.

Numismatic Literary Guild Awards 2021 Presented

The Numismatic Literary Guild has presented their annual awards for 2021. Roger W. Burdette is this year’s recipient of The Clemy, the highest honor given by the NLG. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation alone received five awards.

ANA Honors Distinguished Numismatists with Awards

The American Numismatic Association has given their annual awards to members honoring their service and dedication to numismatics. Here is a complete list of the awardees who were acknowledged at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money in 2021.

International Numismatic Congress Prolongs Deadline for Submissions

What should be discussed at the International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw in 2022? The deadline for submissions has been extended, so you can still submit your proposal!

Ghana Tests Digital Currency

The Bank of Ghana pilots with Giesecke+Devrient a digital currency in Ghana. The e-Cedi makes payments without a bank account possible and offers the advantage of highly secure transactions.

LANG Implements Solution for Coin Die Production in Colombia

The State Central Bank of Colombia can now produce their own coin dies in-house by means of a complete package supplied by the German company LANG.

Pobjoy’s Clown Triggerfish Concludes Sea Creatures Series

Pobjoy has released the sixth and last coin in the stunning series of 50p coins featuring Sea Creatures. It presents the Clown Triggerfish swimming along coral reefs and portrayed in full color.

CoinsWeekly Takes a Summer Break

Every now and then, even editorial staff needs some time off. From 2 to 22 August 2021, we will take our annual summer break. So don’t be surprised that you don’t receive newsletters during that time!

Money Creators. Who Decides What’s Money?

Who has the right to create and issue money? And what about the future forms of digital money? The Deutsche Bundesbank answers questions like these in its new special exhibition “Money creators. Who decides what’s money?”.

British Museum and TEFAF Restore Ancient Glass Vessels

The British Museum and TEFAF are working together on a special project: In 2020 eight ancient glass vessels were damaged in the port explosion in Beirut. Experts in London will restore the artefacts with the support of TEFAF – a puzzle-work with historic glass.

London’s Coin Shows Are Back

London Coin Fair and London’s traditional coin show Coinex are up again. After a Covid break in 2020, the events are now scheduled for September 2021. At both events, British and international dealers and collectors will be able to meet again in London.

Coins and Commodities – A Monetary History of the Tang Dynasty

In his dissertation Yang Xinmin deals with the monetary history of the flourishing and economic prosperous Tang Dynasty. As the book is written in Chinese, the review by Yawei Zhang may help you grasp the subject.

Heritage Awards $10,000 to One Lucky Coin Collector

Heritage Auctions awarded $10,000 to Ed Hays from Atlanta. Hays can spend his credit either on inventory or on successful bids. But maybe he has to split up this prize as he shares the hobby with his wife and children.

“Antioch and Jerusalem, the Seleucids and Maccabees in Coins”

The American Israel Numismatic Association present 2021 Shekel Prize Winner Dr. David Jacobson giving a talk about “Antioch and Jerusalem, the Seleucids and Maccabees in Coins” via Zoom.

What’s the Value of Greek 2 Euro Coins?

16.000 euros for a Greek 2 euro advertised as “error coin”? Our expert numiscontrol will explain to you, why you shouldn’t buy such a coin. This article provides details about the Greek 2 euro commemorative and circulation coins featuring latest prices.

Schuler’s latest Blanking Line is Based on Laser Technique

Schuler develops a new approach to blank production. The new Laser Blanking Line 2.18 does not require blanking dies.

Pobjoy’s Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

Pobjoy Mint dedicates the fifth issue of the Sea Creatures Series to the “Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish”. The coin is struck on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory in cupro-nickel and silver and comes in full colour.

San Marino’s New Museum for Coins and More

San Marino – a small republic on a mountain in Italy. The rich cultural heritage of the microstate is now beautifully illustrated by coins and stamps in a newly opened museum curated by the renowned numismatist Roberto Ganganelli.

What You Can Expect From the International Numismatic Congress 2022 in Warsaw

The XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw in 2022. Due to the pandemic the event was postponed. Anna Zapolska of the organizing team gives you the most recent news of the congress and what numismatic highlights will expect you in Poland!

Vehicle Burglary after Elgin Coin Show

Returning from the Elgin Coin Show in Illinois (USA) a coin collector noticed that over 1,000 of his coins and other collectibles had been stolen. The man was the victim of a vehicle burglary on 2nd July 2021. We give you here a list of stolen items and further details.

Money in Lithuania

The National Museum of Lithuania dedicated a monograph in English to the history of money and coin collecting in Lithuania. So, international readers can learn about the numismatic history of the Baltic state in the last 2,000 years illustrated with over 1,200 images.

Joe Orlando Steps Down as CEO of Collectors Universe

Joe Orlando steps down as CEO of Collectors Universe. He has spent over 20 years with the mother company of third-party coin grading firm PCGS. Nat Turner has been appointed to the role. Turner was one of the investors who acquired PCGS in 2020.

Long Beach Expo Coin Show Returns in September 2021

The Long Beach Expo show is back! Usually the collectibles show is organized three times a year, but after several cancellations related to COVID-19 the September event will be the first one in more than one year.

Why Did the US Mint Increase the Production of Circulation Coins in the Covid Year?

In the Covid year 2020, the US Mint produced over 24 percent more circulation coins than in the previous year: 15.5 billion coins, nearly a record. This is due to a constant shortage of cash in the USA. However, the Mint alone cannot solve this issue.

Coin Invest Trust’s “Magical Lamp – 1001 Nights”

CIT has dedicated “Magical Lamp – 1001 Nights” to the stories from the Arabian Nights. The motif from Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp combines elegantly an ultra high relief with delicate color application and Black Proof.

A Visit at Heinrich Schliemann’s

There is probably no other world-class coin collection that is housed in such a romantic setting as the Numismatic Museum of Athens. Join Ursula Kampmann on her visit (that did not come without obstacles).

No More Money For the Money and Medals Network

The Money and Medals Network is a vital part in the British numismatic world. It connects institutions, contributes to revitalize collections, and trains people in museums. Arts Council England has decided not to continue funding.

NGC Certified 50 Million Coins, Tokens and Medals

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has certified 50 million coins, tokens and medals since its founding in 1987. In celebration of this number, NGC showcases 50 numismatic top collectibles: CoinsWeekly presents five of them.

I Too Was In Arcadia

Burkhard Traeger has published a volume on Arcadia as part of the Bremer Beiträge zur Münz- und Geldgeschichte. As usual, the work is a successful mix of history, numismatics and a citable catalogue. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Royal Numismatic Society Awards Gilljam Prize to George Watson

Royal Numismatic Society has awarded the Gilljam Prize to George Watson for his book “Connections, Communities, and Coinage: The System of Coin Production in Southern Asia Minor, AD 218–276.”

Do You Pay Cash? Yes! The World’s Most Cash-Reliant Countries

In many countries people prefer cash over cashless. But what do you think, which one is currently the world’s most cash-reliant country? A hint: more than 3 out of 4 transactions are done there using banknotes and coins. Read here the results of a new research.

Customize Your £0 Souvenir Note

Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd has launched £0 souvenir notes in Great Britain. After 0 Euro notes have become a popular tourist souvenir and collector item, now the United Kingdom tourist sites can customize their own note for their visitors. Will this become a new area of interest?

Singapore Mint Launches the 2022 Macau Lunar Tiger Coins

The Singapore Mint continues its Macau Lunar Coin Series. The third issue is dedicated to the lunar year 2022, the year of the tiger. The lavish design features colour elements, and Swarovski crystals.

Investment Company Blackstone Acquired Certified Collectibles Group

The investment company Blackstone has bought a majority stake in Certified Collectibles Group. Blackstone is expecting to make huge returns in the booming collectibles market. However, collectibles as a lucrative investment field is a double-edged sword.

The Four Coins Jesus Knew

It is very human to look for physical testimonies as proof for events and persons we care about. Therefore, numismatists have been connecting the life of Jesus with coins for centuries. The University of Calgary continues this tradition with a new exhibition.

ANA Members Vote For New President Ralph W. Ross

Dr. Ralph W. Ross will be the 62th president of the American Numismatic Association, Joseph E. Boling the new vice president. The complete Board of Governors for the period 2021-2023 was elected and sees some new members.

Aleksanderia – A Festschrift for Aleksander Bursche

On 21 February 2021, Aleksander Bursche celebrated his 65th birthday. He had a lasting impact on Polish numismatics and archaeology. His students dedicated an extensive publication to him. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

TEFAF 2021 Will Be An Online Fair Again

In 2020 European Fine Art Foundation TEFAF organised its first online event. It was such a success that 2021 will see again an online fair. Over 250 exhibitors will take part in the September event.

Royal Belgian Numismatic Society Accepts Submissions For Quadrennial Prize

The Royal Belgian Numismatic Society accepts submissions for its quadrennial prize. The prize rewards a dissertation on a numismatic topic. The next prize will be given in March 2022 – if the jury finds a work worthy of the award. So check out the regulations!

Treasures in Your Wallet: Finland’s 2 Euro Commemorative Coins

Finland’s euro coins are hardly ever found in circulation abroad. And that’s what makes collecting them so exciting. But be aware: many dealers sell “error coins” at high prices. Our expert numiscontrol explains how to save money.

Trap Attack: Vampire à la CIT

CIT Coin Invest has dedicated a coin to the mysterious vampire. For the third time the Liechenstein company ventures into the realm of primal fears and intense emotions with its successful series “Trapped”. As always with state-of-the-art smartminting© technology.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins

Bella Italia is calling! We tell the story of the nation state of Italy by means of coins. This series takes you through Italy’s eventful transformation from a geographical concept with dozens of currencies to a Euro country.

How a UK Court Punishes a Dishonest Detectorist

Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court in Essex has severely punished a detectorist. The man had found a hoard of gold coins. However, during his treasure hunt, he violated pretty much all existing rules and legal requirements. The unusual sentence seems to be somewhat archaic.

Exhibition at The Met: Politics, Patronage, and Power in Medicean Florence

The Tuscan Medici family are not only good for soap operas, they transformed the republic of Florence into a duchy ruled by them. One tool of power was art. How diligently they used some of the most celebrated artists of Italian Renaissance illustrates an exhibition at The Met.

Sberatel: Numismatic Autumn 2021 in Prague

The collectors fair Sberatel will be held in September 2021 in Prague. After realizing the event in the difficult autumn 2020 and with a currently improving general situation the organizers are confident that the fair will take place again this year.

PCGS President Brett Charville Stepping Down

Brett Charville, President of Professional Coin Grading Service, will be leaving the company after two years at the helm. He will remain part of the PCGS team while a successor is selected.

Help To Preserve Sales-Tax Exemptions On Coins in the USA

The National Coin & Bullion Association fights for sales-tax exemptions on coins, paper money, and precious-metals bullion in the USA. To make a case for these exemptions the association needs anonymous data from coin and precious-metals dealers.

First Virtual Convention of Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

Since 1954, members of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association have met annually – until the pandemic in 2020. As a reaction, the association has decided to host the annual convention in July 2021 for the first time as a virtual event.

30 Years of Croatian Independence – Coin sets in Gold and Silver

The Croatian Monetary Institute is celebrating 30 years of Croatia’s independence with two sets of gold and silver coins. The sets consist of nine denominations of the Croatian kuna packed in a representative small display case.

US Coin Honours Ralph Baer Inventor of Video Game Console

In the 70s and 80s video games where as popular as computer games today. The console and game idea were invented by German-American Ralph Baer. The U.S. Mint now dedicates a coin in the American Innovation $1 Coin Program to Baer.

Ancient Artefacts Protected By Superstition

Occasionally, people return cultural items that they have stolen. From a mosaic tile to a veritable coin collection. They do not necessarily do so out of a fear of earthly punishment. Sometimes, it’s also an attempt to soothe the wrath of supernatural forces.

Roman Coin Treasure From Chianti Shines in Exhibition

It was a spectacular find: During an archaeological excavation in summer 2015, a vase came up containing almost 200 Roman silver coins. This major discovery tells much about the time after the Battle of Actium and is now on exhibition in Siena.

The 16th Summer FUN Convention in 2021 – Bigger Than Ever

The 16th Summer FUN Convention is approaching! After the enforced break due to Covid-19 the coin show is back in July 2021 and bigger than ever. Detailed criteria and guidelines will ensure the best visiting experience for attendees possible.

Over 40,000 Fake US Coins Seized

US authorities seized more than 40,000 fake US coins with many Morgan and Peace dollars. The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation assisted in this operation and says, if genuine, the counterfeits would have a retail value of about $2 million.

Call for Papers: Coinage of the Americas Conference 2021

The Coinage of the Americas Conference is reintroduced by the American Numismatic Society! For the event in September 2021, the ANS seeks presentations and papers related to Victor David Brenner. The famous sculptor is best known as designer of the US Lincoln cent.

What You Have to Know About the International Coin Design Competition 2021

The Japan Mint has opened the submission for the International Coin Design Competition 2021. As every year the mint is looking for excellent works, and creative, artistic and beautiful coin designs. Here you will find the entry information.

Pobjoy Issues Bi-Colour Titanium Coin “Fin Whale”

Pobjoy Mint brings the second largest animal in the world on a coin: the Fin Whale. The issue is part of a series of colored Titanium coins featuring the wildlife of the British Overseas Territories.

These Are the First Women in the New US Mint Quarters Program

The US Mint will launch a new Quarters series in 2022: the American Women Quarters Program. Now the Mint announced the first five women to be honored during the first year.

Antikenmuseum Basel Comes Under Fire From the Italian Police

Basel’s renowned Antikenmuseum is suspected of receiving stolen goods – according to Italian authorities, who confiscated objects from the museum. Despite all the drama, we should take a calm look at this complicated case.

What the XVI International Numismatic Congress 2022 in Warsaw Discusses

The XVI International Numismatic Congress will eventually take place in Warsaw in 2022. A round table will explore how numismatics can use virtual social networks and modern media to disseminate their activities in a digitized and globalized world.

King Money and Genoa’s Luxury

Genoa has played a major role in Italy’s history as a centre of commerce. Genoese coins testify of the many shifts, from Republic to monarchy, as rival of Pisa and under the dominion of Napoleon. An exhibition explores Genoa’s permanent supreme power: “King Money”.

Illustrated History of Milled Coinage and Medals of Modern China

Sun Hao illustrates the history of Chinese milled coinage and medals between 1889 and 1949. It includes not only a catalogue, but also historical interpretations that make it important for collectors of Chinese coins. Yawei Zhang discusses the second edition of this reference work.

Watch the 2021 COTY Ceremony Online

In 2021 the traditional ceremony for the Coin of the Year Awards was not held as usually. The pandemic made it necessary to shift from real to virtual life for the 2021 Awards Ceremony. You can watch the ceremony online now.

What You Need to Know About 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Belgium

Do you also find 2 euro commemorative coins from Belgium in your cash every now and then? However, if you want Belgian euro coins to be true marvels in your collection, you have to choose a different way. Numiscontrol explains how to collect and what to look out for.

Royal Canadian Mint Profits of Demand For Bullion in 2021

The Royal Canadian Mint published their profits and performance for the first quarter of 2021. The Mint saw increases in revenue across both its precious metal and circulation businesses. The increase was mainly due to higher bullion volumes sold in the quarter.

The ANA, eBay And Reactions of Our Readers on the Newsletter of 3 June 2021

We received several reader’s letters in response to Ursula Kampmann’s last editorial, including from the ANA. Institutions might benefit from the impulses of this discussion when deaccessioning in the future. Read for yourself!

The 1933 Double Eagle Is Again The Most Expensive Coin of the World

The 1933 Double Eagle from the Stuart Weitzmann Collection was sold by Sotheby’s for $18.9 million. This specimen is the only of its kind authorized by the U.S. Government for private ownership and now for the second time the most valuable coin of the world.

Does the EU Ban the Import of Detectorists’ Finds From the United Kingdom?

New EU licensing regulations for cultural property could hamper metal detectorists’ ability to sell finds on the European market – although these items have been cleared for sale in the UK. An analysis by Ivan Macquisten.

One Hundred Years of Chinese Silver and Gold Coins

Sun Hao’s book about Chinese gold and silver coins includes not only a catalogue, but also historical interpretations that make it important for collectors of Chinese coins. Yawei Zhang discusses this reference work to present its content to those who do not understand Chinese.

No More Sales-Tax for Coins in Arkansas

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson signed a new law, creating an exemption from the sales and use tax for coins, currency, and bullion. Dealers and collectors have fought for this over years. Arkansas now joins the 38 other states with its legal situation.

CCG Hires New Senior Grading Finalizer – And No End

Keith Moon, one of the top coin graders in the US returns to NGC as Senior Grading Finalizer while CCG continues their hiring push. The grading company’s target is 500 Sarasota employees by summer’s end 2021.

Is the U.S. Mint Running Out Of Silver Blanks?

The enormous demand for silver products has led to a shortage of silver blanks. Even the U.S. Mint is impacted and explains what this means for collectors of US coins in 2021.

Japan Mint’s International Coin Design Competition 2020

The Japan Mint received over 400 works for the International Coin Design Competition 2020. Here you can find the final judgements in the categories “General” and “Student”.

A Triumph of Minting Technology: CIT’s Firefighter 2021

Two weeks ago, we presented CIT’s 20 dollars coin honoring the firefighters. The rush for this coin was so great that CIT is now issuing three new coins with this motif.

What Is the Destroyed Maple Leaf Really Worth?

The thieves of the giant gold coin that was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum have been caught and are behind bars. But the owner of the coin does not benefit from this: he has to go to court to make the insurance company replace the value of his coin. But how much is that?

François de Callataÿ Receives Medal of the Royal Numismatic Society

François de Callataÿ has been awarded with the medal of the Royal Numismatic Society. The society has chosen the Belgian numismatist because he is “highly distinguished for services to Numismatic Science”.

ANA Money Museum to Deaccession Parts of Collection

The ANA’s Money Museum starts selling duplicates of its collection through eBay in June 2021. The ANA will support its museum with the revenue generated from the deaccession.

Vatican Coins and Medals

Today we review two books that could not be more different: one of them is a magnificent volume on papal medals, the other a catalogue of modern Vatican coins issued between 1929 and 1978. Ursula Kampmann took a look at both of them.

CDN Publishing Acquires The Banknote Book

CDN Publishing acquired The Banknote Book, the major reference book for world paper money edited by Owen Linzmayer. It covers more than 71,000 different bank note types and varieties.

Dirty Money: Lingwell Gate’s Roman Coin Moulds

Between c.1695 and the 1830s hundreds of Roman clay coin moulds were found at Lingwell Gate in the United Kingdom. They were used to create illegal cast copies of Roman silver coins and are an important clue to forgery in the ancient world as Emily Tilley says.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.