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What Will Happen to the Winterthur Coin Cabinet?

The Winterthur Coin Cabinet is internationally renowned – but it’s too much of a financial burden for this Swiss municipality. At least that’s what some of the parliamentarians think. They demand the city stop financing the museum.

How Was The Bank of England Involved in Transatlantic Slavery?

The Bank of England Museum reopened again after a two-year Covid break. In a new temporary exhibition the museum investigates the connection between “Slavery & the Bank”.

Sixbid Now Available in Six Additional Languages

In addition to English and German, Sixbid is now also available in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

PNG and ANA Renaming Important Awards

The Professional Numismatists Guild and the American Numismatic Association renamed two of their important numismatic awards honoring two prominent contemporary figures of the numismatic world: Harvey G. Stack and Chester L. Krause.

Numismatic Literary Guild Appoints Patrick Ian Perez as Executive Director

The executive board of the Numismatic Literary Guild has appointed Patrick Ian Perez as Executive Director of the organization.

Swiss Gold Coin Commemorates the Last 10-Franc Vreneli

In 2022, Swissmint is commemorating the last minting of the 10-franc gold Vreneli in 1922 with a gold coin. In the Swissmint online shop the coin was sold out only hours after the official issue. What makes this issue so special?

U.S. Banknotes To Be Printed in New Facility

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces banknotes and other federal security products. In 2027, the Bureau will move to a state-of-the-art facility.

Four-Legged Treasure Hunters: Two Dogs Make Coin Finds

Two numismatically-minded dogs made headlines in recent weeks. Thanks to their fine noses, they tracked down coin hoards. But can coins even be sniffed out?

What Can Really BIG Money Teach Us About Our World?

Really big pieces of money have often been treated as “curiosities” and overlooked in favor of shiny gold coins and crisp modern banknotes. As the stars of a new exhibition in the Smithsonian, they will do the heavy lifting as curator Ellen Feingold explains.

The 2022 World Money Fair in Berlin Will Be Again an On-Site Event

The World Money Fair Berlin had to be cancelled twice in a row, but in 2022 it will be held again as an on-site event – however, in the form of an international summer fair. Here you can find out what else will change and what will remain the same!

The Coin-Weights of Europe

Paul and Bente Withers have been collecting coin-weights for almost fifty years and are gathering their knowledge in the series “Coin-Weights of Europe”. After the first volume being published in 2021, now volumes 2 and 3 followed.

Stockholm Numismatica 2022

In 2022, Stockholm Numismatica will take place on 2nd October 2022. For the first time it is organized in collaboration between The Swedish Numismatic Society’s auction company Misab and the Swedish coin dealers association SMF.

2021 Giesecke+Devrient Achieves Best Result in Company’s History

For 2021 Giesecke+Devrient announces sales almost reaching the high level of the pre-pandemic period. The company is increasingly investing in research and development.

Silverland – The Rock

“The Rock”, CIT’s new issue, imitates the crystalline structure of quartz by using the special smartminting® technology with an ultra high relief. It thus combines state-of-the-art minting technology, innovative thinking and ingenious design.

Hero or Eagle? The Philippine’s New 1000 Piso Banknote

For decades, Filipino banknotes have featured three World War II heroes. A new series celebrates the country’s flora and fauna – and arouses fierce opposition. The case shows: money is certainly more than just a means of payment.

Memories of the First Post-War Olympics

On 6 May 2022, auction house Rapp offers a series of memorabilia of Kurt Gassmann, co-organiser of the 1948 St Moritz Olympic Winter Games and Secretary General of FIFA from 1951 to 1960. His estate includes Olympic medals and, what’s more, a torch used to carry the Olympic flame to London in 1948.

U.S. Sales Boom at MA-Shops Numismatic Marketplace

Numismatic marketplace MA-Shops has recorded triple-digit growth in its coin sales in the US over the last five years. The Founder and CEO of MA-Shops explains how this was possible.

Beth Deisher Receives the 2022 Q. David Bowers Award

In 2022, the Central States Numismatic Society honors Beth Deisher with the annual Q. David Bowers Award. The numismatic journalist was chosen for her lifetime achievements in the field of numismatics.

Mint Directors Forum Online

After two years of Covid-19 the Mint Directors Conference will hold an online forum to explore the impact the pandemic has had on the circulating coin and numismatic business as well as precious metal coin demand. Find the programme and details here.

How to Help Ukrainians By Buying Collectibles

There are many projects to help Ukrainians in this difficult time. Some of them raise funds through special collectible issues. We present two of them, a banknote from the Czech Republic and a medal by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame.

Princeton University Library Acquires Theodotou Collection

Princeton University Library nearly tripled its Byzantine coin collection by acquiring 11,256 Byzantine coins from the estate of Dr. Chris B. Theodotou. Princeton say they now have the largest Byzantine coin collection in the world.

Dagmar Tietjen (1946-2022)

On 13 April 2022, Dagmar Tietjen, the heart and soul of Hamburg-based coin dealership Tietjen + Co., suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Ursula Kampmann remembers her.

Lenborough Anglo-Saxon Hoard on Display

The famous Lenborough Hoard is one of the largest hoards of Anglo Saxon coins. The over 5,000 silver coins are now on display in a brand new gallery in the Discover Bucks Museum.

Money Talks Speakers Wanted for Chicago World’s Fair of Money

Do you have a special field in numismatics? You love to inspire people? ANA members are encouraged to share their ideas and research with fellow hobbyists by delivering a Money Talks presentation at the 2022 World’s Fair of Money in the Chicago. Read the details!

How to Make Sugar Cookies With Byzantine Seal Designs

Byzantine seals fascinate with animals, portraits and monograms. However, the latter often seem cryptic to non-experts. Dumbarton Oaks now offers a delicious introduction: simply bake your own seal in Byzantine style!

Argentina Stops Minting of Coins

The Central Bank of Argentina has decided to not produce any more coins for the moment. Although there is no official statement available some reasons seem to explain this decision.

The Royal Mint’s Plant Turns Electronic Waste Into Gold

A pioneering new technology enables The Royal Mint to recover precious metals from discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Roma

CIT started its new Tiffany Art Metropolis series in 2021. The second coin is dedicated to Rome and is also minted with the special technology smartminting® with an Ultra High Relief and finished with an inlay of Tiffany glass.

What Is the Coin Market’s Position Regarding Russia?

Major art auction houses have postponed their upcoming Russia auctions. And the coin trade has also been affected by the sanctions against Russia. How is the mood? And what does this mean for collectors? We’ve asked around.

Special Exhibition in Vienna: Iron Men – Fashion in Steel

Coin collectors will know armors through thalers or guldiners. What coin depictions don’t show: how flexible the rulers were even in plated armors and what all this has to do with fashion. This explains an impressive special exhibition in Vienna.

Important Gold Ingots from the “Ship of Gold” Once Lost at Sea

In 1857 the USA was shaken by a notice: S.S. Central America had sunk. The ship was later known as “Ship of Gold” because its cargo included an estimated $1.2 million in gold. Now two important large gold ingots recovered in 1988 will be for sale.

Do You Have History in Your Pocket Or Even A Treasure?

Every year since 1924, the ANA’s National Coin Week asks people in the USA to pay more attention to what they have in their pockets. “Dynamic Designs, Artistic Masterpieces” is the theme of the 2022 edition of this long-term initiative.

How to Read A Sony Walkman Share

Did you use a Sony walkman back then, in the analog era? Just in case you come by a share of this iconic 70s invention, Franky Leeuwerk explains you how to read the Japanese text and what you are holding in your hands. So, turn on your cassette and read on!

Heimerle + Meule Group Invests in The Commonwealth Mint

The UK’s largest private mint, The Commonwealth Mint, becomes part of the Heimerle + Meule Group. The German company aims at strengthening its market position as the British mint has much to offer.

These Are the Honorees of the 2023 American Women Quarters Program

In 2022 the US Mint started a new series, the American Women Quarters Program. Every year, five prominent women are honored with a reverse design. Now the 2023 honorees have been announced.

“Look Everyone – Mum Found a Treasure Chest!”

When litter picking on a beach, an English woman made an incredible find: a treasure chest that looks as if it came out of a pirate story. Its contents could lead to the ensemble being recognised as a treasure by the authorities.

The World of Stonehenge in the British Museum

The British Museum shows a spectacular exhibition dedicated to the European Bronze Age and its art. Among the loan objects are Seahenge, Stonehenge’s “sister” in timber, and the Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest surviving representation of the cosmos in the world.

Nathan Elkins to Become New ANS Deputy Director

The American Numismatic Society will have a new Deputy Director. Nathan T. Elkins, currently Associate Professor of Art History, will be taking over this position in summer 2022.

The Secrets of the Rare Coin and Bullion Markets

In his new book the veteran dealer Mike Garofalo reveals his insights into the rare coin and bullion markets. What sources can buyers use to examine coins and accurately price them? This and much more explains Garofalo in his monograph.

Oriental Numismatic Society Meets Again Online in 2022

The Research Center for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen is hosting its ONS Meeting 2022, which will again take place online via Zoom on May 7, 2022. Registrations are now open, find the complete programme here.

How Do the State Mints of Baden-Württemberg Produce Their Coins?

Have you always wanted to see what goes on inside a mint? A film by the State Mints of Baden-Württemberg shows in a concise and vivid manner how Germany’s largest minting company produces coins.

The United States Mint: 230 Years “Power To Coin Money”

Established in 1792 the US Mint was the first Federal agency of the United States of America and its Philadelphia mint was the very first Federal building. Today, 230 years later, the US Mint has become the world’s largest coin manufacturer.

Iconic Revolutionaries – Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

The seventh and last coin of CIT’s Iconic Revolutionaries series features Mother Teresa. She received the Nobel Peace Prize and the Catholic Church canonized her in 2016.

Bonhams Acquires Danish Auction House Bruun Rasmussen

Auction house Bonhams acquired the Danish auctioneers Bruun Rasmussen, famous for their coin auctions. This acquisition is part of Bonhams’ new market strategy since it belongs to a private equity firm.

Why Do Laws Still Harm the Art Market?

Many governmental and other reports demonstrate: the art market is not financing terrorism. But current laws still damage the market. After a recent US Treasury report trade and policy organisations demand a fundamental review of law making.

Why This Is the Only Gold Comitia Americana Medal in Private Hands

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offers a unique gold Daniel Morgan at Cowpens medal. It is the only gold Comitia Americana medal in private hands and was assumed to have been lost or melted. After decades it has reappeared and opened a new chapter of its exciting life.

ANS Long Table on the Salton Collection

The Mark & Lottie Salton Collection was the topic of an online talk held by the American Numismatic Society on 4 March 2022. Ursula Kampmann discussed the history of the Jewish coin trade in Germany. Here you can watch the conversation.

Numis24: The Perfect Way to Access the World of E-Auctions

Online auction platform Numis24 has a simple motto: by dealers – for dealers – with dealers. This makes the project’s aim perfectly clear: they want to help dealers to set up their online business. And buyers benefit from this, too.

The Origins of the German Coin Trade: Brochure on the Fate of the Hamburger and Schlessinger Families

On the occasion of the sale of the Salton Collection, auction house Künker and Stack’s Bowers Galleries entrusted the historian Ursula Kampmann with the task of investigating the history of the Hamburger-Schlessinger dynasty of coin dealers. Her findings revolutionize what we know about the German coin trade.

How Giesecke+Devrient Achieved a 2022 Commemorative Banknotes Award

At the “High Security Printing” conference, two banknotes were awarded “Best Commemorative Banknote” for their technical sophistication. Giesecke+Devrient presented a world first in security technique.

“Dalmatian Dog”: Croatia’s First Coloured Coins

Croatia has released its first coloured coins! Release 2 of the “Dalmatian Dog” series featured various denominations, some of which sold out immediately.

Is Egypt Breaking Its Own Laws?

Sotheby’s sold an Egyptian statue with exceptional provenance for about $10 million. The case could be a bombshell for the entire trade and the museum world: Egypt revoked the 1921 export licence and is now demanding the piece back.

The Viennese Rothschilds. A Thriller

The Rothschilds from Frankfurt played a vital part in the history of coin collecting and dealing. A large branch of this family lived in Vienna and their history is similar to a thriller, as a new exhibition in Vienna demonstrates.

Chicago International Coin Fair 2022

The Chicago International Coin Fair 2022 will be the largest CSNS show since the late 1980s. To attract dealers from overseas to come to the show by the end of April, international dealers can apply to a discount on table fees.

The Last Gold Coins From the SS Central America

In 1857, the SS Central America sunk with her cargo: 9 tonnes of California gold coins. Only in the 1980s the shipwreck was rediscovered. Now the last 20 Dollar gold coins have been certified.

Online Symposium on Gender and Money

On 25 March 2022, University of Tübingen and Cornell University are hosting an international online symposium on the relation between gender and money from a cross-cultural perspective.

Speak at the NNP Symposium in April 2022!

The 4th Virtual Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium will be held from 8 to 10 April 2022. Anyone is invited to attend and give a numismatic presentation. Read more to find out how to apply and present.

Thomas Pesendorfer Honored With 2022 COTY Lifetime Achievement Award

Thomas Pesendorfer was involved in designing many award-winning coins for the Austrian Mint comprising the famous Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin. Now Pesendorfer has received the COTY Lifetime Achievement Award.

South African Mint Releases Big Five Series II: Lion

The South African Mint has launched a second limited edition series of the Big Five coins. The second issue is dedicated to the lion and comes in various metals.

Gold Medals Stolen From Museum in Colchester

On 1 March 2022, five historic medals were stolen from the Hollytrees Museum in the English town of Colchester. The police have released CCTV images in the hope of identifying the thief and, as a result, recovering the valuable items.

Celebrating 50 Years of Künker – the Book

In 2021 Künker celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the auction house commissioned a chronicle, which reflects the history of the German coin trade since 1971. It’s the centerpiece of a heavyweight commemorative publication.

The Future of Greysheet is Here

US publisher Greysheet has launched a new website making. This means important changes for visitors – including a new data plan. Greysheet editor John Feigenbaum presents what has changed and why!

INC’s New Statement on the War in Ukraine

The XVI INC 2022 Organising Committee published a statement on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. But with a new political decision of Poland’s government, the organisers had to change their position too. Here they explain their situation more in detail.

This is Latvia’s “Coin of the Year 2021”

Latvija’s Banka asked the public: Which collector coin issued in 2021 is your favourite? And a record number of over 35,000 people gave their vote.

Truck – King of the Road

Truckers are considered a mixture of cowboys and explorers. CIT has dedicated the fourth coin of the “The Journey” series to this world.

A Coin Treasure or an Offering to the Gods?

Detectorists found numerous medieval coins in the Netherlands. In a joint effort, amateur archaeologists and academics were able to interpret the unusual find.

USA Impose “Emergency” Import Restrictions on Afghan Cultural Goods

Will the USA repatriate Afghan cultural goods to the Talibans? New US import restrictions raise such questions as expert Peter Tompa explains. Read here which coins are affected.

What to Expect From the 2022 Colorado Springs National Money Show

From 10 to 12 March 2022, the National Money Show in Colorado Springs displays spectacular highlights of American numismatics: a 1933 Saint-Gaudens Eagle, California Gold, Washington medals …

INC Statement on Putin’s Aggression on the Territory of Ukraine

The Organizing Committee of the XVI INC 2022 condemns Russia’s aggression on the territory of Ukraine. In a statement they made clear what that means for the congress.

Workshop: Monetary Exchange from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Princeton University organizes a conference on the monetary exchange from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. This event will also be held virtually via Zoom. Read here what to expect and how and when you can participate.

Look for These Dutch 2 Euro Commemorative Coins!

Dutch 2 euro pieces are not rare in Central European purses. But which pieces should collectors look for? And can they still be found in circulation? Our author numiscontrol shares the answers with us.

David J. Ryder Is Advisor of Asset Marketing Services

David Ryder will advise Asset Marketing Services on an exclusive basis. The former Director of the US Mint assists one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of collectible coins in their marketing strategies.

Spain Honours Women’s Activist Clara Campoamor

On Occasion of the International Women’s Day 2022 Spain is honouring the women’s and civil rights activist Clara Campoamor with a new 10 Euro collector’s coin.

Germany’s Most Beautiful Coin Shop: Heidelberger Münzhandlung

Granted, the question as to which coin shop is the most beautiful one is highly subjective. Many of the coin shops she visited are on Ursula Kampmann’s shortlist. But there is one location she particularly likes: Heidelberger Münzhandlung.

Money Zoo: Animals in the History of Money

Thinking of animals and coins Athen’s owls come to mind, or cowries as a means of payment. The exhibition “Money Zoo” at Nickle Galleries explores the historical use of animals as money and animals portrayed on money.

Prepare For Spring Sberatel Fair in 2022

From 25 to 26 March 2022 Sberatel Spring Fair will take place in Prague. Eventually an opportunity to meet in person! Dozens of exhibitors from all over the world will come together.

Call for Applications: 2022 Newman Grant Program

The Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society is searching for numismatic authors and organizations pursuing research in American numismatics to grant them between $1,000 and $5,000.

What Is Your Favourite For Latvia’s Coin of the Year?

Latvijas Banka opened voting for the Best Collector Coin of the Year 2021. View the four 2021 collector coins and vote for your favorite!

Royal Mint Museum Opens Medal Design Competition

The Royal Mint Museum announced a medal design competition for university students and recent graduates to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. Read here how to apply.

CIT: Masters of Art – Vincent van Gogh

CIT open their new “Masters of Art” series with an issue dedicated to the painter Vincent van Gogh. The coin features state-of-the-art color printing technology and smartminting®.

Carl Subak (1919-2022)

Carl Subak died on 6 February 2022 at the advanced age of 103 years. He was a well-known coin dealer from Chicago and a charming cosmopolitan who entertained everyone with his stories about the past of the coin trade. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.

Nation-Building with Archaeology: Iraq, Syria and Libya

Authoritarian leaders in the Middle East use the message of ancient greatness to disguise and excuse their own failings. Kate Fitz Gibbon demonstrates how they employ archaeology and historical narratives of a glorious past.

The International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw Is Looking for Sponsors

Well over 1,000 numismatists from across the globe are expected to attend the International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw from 11 to 16 September 2022. A perfect opportunity to present your company. The organisers have a variety of sponsorship offers.

Iconographies in Motion – International Workshop

Which function and meaning had ancient coins as a communicative tool in society? Numismatists will discuss this and more questions at the international workshop “Iconographies in Motion” organised by Tübingen University.

PMG Certified 7 Million Banknotes

Paper Money Guaranty certified 7 million banknotes and is thus the largest third-party certification service for paper money worldwide. More than half of the submissions come from one single country.

The rarest 2 Euro Coins from Malta

Euro coins from Malta are rarely found in circulation. This makes them all the more collectible. Which 2 euro commemorative coins has Malta issued so far? And which coins are likely to increase in value? Our author numiscontrol shares the answers with us.

Pobjoy’s 50 Pence Coin “Moltke”

Pobjoy Mint continues its 50 pence series of historical ships with “Moltke”. The steam-powered ship was built for the German Imperial Navy and launched in 1877. It was employed for a polar expedition in 1882.

Prof Dr Wolfram Weiser (1954–2022)

On 6 February 2022, the numismatist and honorary professor Wolfram Weiser (1954-2022) passed away at the age of only 67. Dietlind Möller-Weiser remembers him.

“Picture the City” Brings History to Life in London

The Bank of England Museum teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to create a digital exhibition showcasing the history of London’s key locations. London, like you’ve never seen it before!

Eighth International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage

The popular biennial series of one-day symposia in early medieval coinage will recommence on Saturday 22nd October 2022 in Cambridge. The theme is Early Medieval Coinages Revisited.

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff: A Commemorative Coin for Her 225th Birthday

On 24 February 2022, the German government will issue a new commemorative coin. It is dedicated to the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, a woman who is considered an icon of feminism today. Ursula Kampmann attended the presentation event of the coin.

CIT: Leaning Tower of Pisa

To mark the 650th anniversary, CIT is dedicating a spectacular coin to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, depicting the tower as a three-dimensional work of miniature art.

And the COTY-Award goes to…

What a year for the Austrian Mint. After three wins in the individual categories at this year's Coin of the Year Award, the top prize now also went to Vienna.

Liechtenstein 1924: Moving From the Krone to the Franc

In 1924, the Principality of Liechtenstein turned its back on the Austrian krone and adopted Switzerland’s national currency, somewhat clandestinely at first and then officially. A fairytale story of stubborn popular will.

ANS Created Chair of Roman Numismatics in Honor of Andrew M. Burnett

The American Numismatic Society has established the Andrew M. Burnett Chair of Roman Numismatics. The chair curator will oversee the continuing development of ANS online resources.

The Winners of the 2022 Shekel Prize Announced

The American Israel Numismatic Association has announced the winners for the 2022 Shekel Prize for books on biblical coins. Find out more about the two winners and their prize-winning books here.

How Marcel Duchamp Financed His Roulette Passion

The highest Scripophily auction sale in 2020 was a spectacular 500 Francs bond issued and designed by artist Marcel Duchamp to finance his passion of roulette. Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck reveals this intriguing story.

These 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Luxembourg Are Perfect Starters

Luxembourg’s commemorative coins tend to scare off collectors due to their high prices on online marketplaces. But some low-budget items have actual potential! Our author numiscontrol explains what pieces you should buy right now.

How to Steal Tons of Silver Worth 11 Million Dollars

Two years after the bold theft of about 600 silver ingots in Canada, there is still no trace of the perpetrators. The Toronto police recently asked for the public’s help – because a small part of the stolen silver has been found and provides new information.

What Impact Has Our Monetary System On All of Us?

Does the dematerialization of money change us? Such questions are being asked by an exhibition in Bern. “Money Unleashed” takes visitors on a tour through a multimedia presentation of monetary history.

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