Thursday, 24.09.2020


Hoard of Abbasid Gold Coins Uncovered in Israel

Students discovered an important hoard of 425 gold coins during an excavation near Tel Aviv, mostly from the Abbasid period. Gold coin caches from this time are extremely rare in Israel. But archaeologists did not find only solid coins, but also something else quite particular.

Sotheby’s Case Against Greece: A Legal Analysis

When Greece demanded an ancient Greek object to be withdrawn from a public auction at Sotheby’s, the auction house answered with a law suit against the country. William Pearlstein analyzes this important case and what implication it has for collectors and the art market.

Financial History Network to Launch Webinar Series

The Financial History Network will launch a new webinar series. The network aims to promote scholarship in the fields of financial history and the history of finance. The webinars will provide a space for the presentation and discussion of works in progress.

NGC Certified Beeston Collection of British Error Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation certified the Beeston Collection of over 200 British error coins with many different types of unusual and appealing errors. The whole collection can be now viewed online in the NGC Registry.

Royal Canadian Mint Reports Profits and Performance for Q2 2020

The latest report of the Royal Canadian Mint documents the financial results for the second quarter of 2020 providing insight into the mint’s activities, the markets influencing the businesses and expectations for the next 12 months.

The 7 Summits – Carstensz Pyramid

The fifth issue of the CIT series “7 Summits” is dedicated to Carstensz Pyramid. The limited coin shows through their smartminting© technology an exact miniature version of the 4884 meters high mountain.

50 Years Later. The Moon Landing As a Numismatic Event

On 21 July 1969, men landed on the Moon for the first time. And 50 years later, this event just had to be celebrated in coinage around the world – from America to Europe, from Australia to the tropics. A new collecting field emerged.

International Council of Museums Faces Severe Crisis

What is a museum? That’s what the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is debating so fiercely that some of their leaders have resigned. Do museums have a political mission? ICOM’s existence might depend on the answer to this very question.

Art Dealer Helps Restituting Ancient Cyprus Vase

A dealer in ancient art helped to restitute an ancient Cypriot vase to Cyprus. The object was looted and illegally exported and now came up on the London market. It will be repatriated to Cyprus.

100 Greatest Modern World Coins

Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker offer in their new book “100 Greatest Modern World Coins” a guided tour of coins that have influenced the world and captured the imaginations of collectors since the early 1900s. Dennis Tucker presents two examples.

Two Grand US Collections to Come to the Market

Two extremely significant collections of US coins will be coming to the market step-by-step starting September. Heritage Auctions is to offer the collections of Bob R. Simpson and James Dines, both full of top-rated pieces and expected to set record prices.

Online Symposium of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles

This year the traditional Symposium of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles will be held as an online event. On 11 September experts discuss the topic “Small is Beautiful: Coins in their Contexts in Ireland, Britain and Europe”. The event is free, registration is compulsory.

Royal Australian Mint CEO MacDiarmid Steps Down

Ross MacDiarmid, CEO of the Royal Australian Mint will be leaving the mint on 4 December 2020. As the first CEO of the mint with a private sector background he has transformed the institution into a high performing business.

Australia Introduces the World’s First Donation Coin

Having faced a bushfire crisis, an ongoing global pandemic and an economic recession, many Australians are in need of a helping hand. In this context, the Royal Australian Mint is releasing the world’s first Donation Dollar, a one dollar coin designed to be donated.

The Return of Europe’s Coin Fairs

After being on hold for nearly six months due to the coronavirus crisis, coin fairs are set to start running again in Europe. Organisers are committed to enforcing effective hygiene guidelines to ensure a safe and stress-free experience for their guests.

Covid-19 Is Precipitating the Death of Cash, You Say?

All over the media we read about the death of cash and the advent of a new, cashless, dawn. But Covid-19 has reminded us of how essential cash is to us all and instead of a decline this recent period has shown a near-unprecedented growth in demand.

Extensive Catalogue of Coins From the Landgraviates of Hesse

Last autumn, after decades of work, Horst-Dieter Müller published his extensive catalogue of coin and medal types from the Landgraviates of Hesse from 1483 to 1806. Daniel Baumbach takes a look.

More News From NYINC 2021

Now we know what will be the educational program of the 49th New York International Numismatic Convention. But be aware of fraudulent contacts seeking to obtain financial information. Read all the details here!

New Team Members at PCGS

Professional Coin Grading Service welcomed to its team three senior collectibles experts and promoted two tenured team members. Joining the company are David Steinberger, Sanjay C. Gandhi and Cory Williams.

Swissmint’s New Roger Federer Gold Coin

On 3 September 2020 Swissmint issues four commemorative coins. The new Roger Federer coin is expected to become a best-seller. After the enormous rush for the silver coins, a new gold coin features his portrait.

US Mint Releases the First Colorized US Coins

The new Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins are the first colored Coins in the History of the United States. The two colorized versions are part of a coin program minted in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

CIT – Great White Shark

Due to Steven Spielberg’s film “Jaws”, the Great White Shark became a best-seller. Now, CIT Coin Invest dedicated a smartminting© coin to this phenomenon featuring a three-dimensional depiction highlighting the relationship between humans and sharks.

A Hoard of Small Change Feeds Hungry Fish at the Aquarium

As a child, did you ever gaze into a fountain in amazement and wonder what you could buy with all the coins glittering at the bottom? Well, one aquarium in the USA is currently using them to care for its animals.

New Special Exhibition “Sports & Money” at Swiss Finance Museum

Sport is not just fun and sweating: in Switzerland it contributes more to the country’s gross domestic product than agriculture! Currently, Swiss Finance Museum examines the financial dimension of sports using historical securities and real, unusual sporting articles.

Mel Wacks Steps Down as President of AINA

After 18 years as President of the American Israel Numismatic Association, Mel Wacks is stepping down. Mel is also resigning as Editor of the organization’s prize-winning magazine, “The Shekel,” after serving as Editor-in-Chief or Editor since 2013.

Numismatist Nathan Elkins New Director of Allbritton Art Institute

Numismatist and art historian Nathan T. Elkins has been appointed the new director of the Allbritton Art Institute. The institute promotes the appreciation and comprehensive study of the artist and art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

ANA Honors Distinguished Numismatists and Writers with Awards

Every year, the American Numismatic Association gives awards to members honoring their service and dedication to numismatics. Here is a complete list of the awardees. This year all awards will be presented virtually.

Giesecke+Devrient to Develop Currency Processing Equipment For USA

The US central bank will introduce a next generation of high-speed currency processing equipment and associated software solutions. Both will be developed by Giesecke+Devrient.

Spain Concludes the Europa Star Gothic Series

Spain issues its last contribution to the Europa Star “Ages of Europe” series. The gold and silver coins are dedicated to Spain’s Gothic Art.

How to Tell Cheap Tungsten from Precious Gold

Peter Zgorzynski demonstrates chances and challenges using latest technology to distinguish Tungsten from Gold. Which equipment does really help to find out whether an ingot or a bullion coin is made of pure gold?

Discover the British Empire’s History Online

The American Numismatic Association offers a free 360-degree virtual reality tour of their Money Museum’s exhibit “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth” enabling coin enthusiasts to explore the history of the British Empire.

“Two Bits” – the ANA’s New Podcast

The American Numismatic Association launched a new podcast called “Two Bits”. Its hosts, ANA Museum Curator Douglas Mudd and The Numismatist author Mitch Sanders, discuss wide-ranging topics about numismatics and the world of coins and paper currency.

World Record-Setting Sales at Heritage Auctions

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, during the first six months of 2020, Heritage Auctions sold more U.S. coins than all other auctioneers combined. The world’s largest numismatic auctioneer also set a record price for this year’s most valuable US coin so far.

Richard Schaefer’s Archive Is Now in the ANS Roman Republican Die Project

The ANS Roman Republican Die Project aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production during the Roman Republic. Now Richard Schaefer’s extensive archive of Roman Republican die studies are being integrated in the ANS platform.

Over 100 New 2020 Coins to Browse Through on CoCo

Before the summer break, we sent out our Cosmos of Collectibles newsletter, giving you the low-down on all the latest newly issued coins. We also added all coins issued by the Federal Republic of Germany in 2020 so far.

2021 Edition of the Red Book

The 74th edition of the legendary “Red Book” has been released. The volume includes completely updated pricing and auction data reflecting the current market for collectible U.S. coins along with historical information and guidance on how to build a valuable collection.

PCGS Banknote Grades Ultra-Rare $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note

The 1890 $1,000 Grand Watermelon was the first banknote to cross the million-dollar threshold at auction and is extremely rare. Now the piece featured on the cover of “100 Greatest American Currency Notes” has been certified and graded by PCGS Banknote.

How Colours Made Their Way Onto Coins

28 years ago, Ursula Kampmann experienced how her boss got incredibly annoyed at a coin fair. The reason: the world’s first colour coin. The professional world despised colours, but the market was thrilled. This is Ursula’s little story about how colours found their way onto coins.

Visiting Shenyang’s Financial Museum

In the 17th century Shenyang was China’s political capital and its economic hub. Today, coin enthusiasts know the city as the place of China’s oldest operating mint. The mint’s remarkable history – and much more – is the subject of the Shenyang Financial Museum. Peter Anthony visited it.

The Royal Canadian Mint Donates $100,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada

Thanks to those who are buying recognition medals, the Royal Canadian Mint is making an initial donation of $100,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada in support of children and families who are facing food insecurity due to the repercussions of COVID-19.

100th Anniversary of the Spanish Legion

The Spanish Legion is an elite unit of the Spanish Army, which is nowadays mostly used in NATO peacekeeping missions. On the occasion of the Legion’s 100th anniversary, Spain issued a collector coin in their honour.

Dried Peas Instead of Gold Bars

Shortly before the end of the war, Germany’s Foreign Office moves large quantities of gold from Berlin to the German legation in Bern. Just a few hours after Germany surrenders, the vaults are empty. The search for the Bern gold hoard begins.

ANA’s 2020 World’s Fair of Money Officially Cancelled

The American Numismatic Association Board of Governors voted on July 14 to officially cancel the 2020 World’s Fair of Money®. Although the show itself will not be held, collectors can still attend convention events and the ANA awards presentations online.

49th Annual NYINC Announces Bourse and Auction Schedules

As Kevin Foley announced the 49th Annual New York International Numismatic Convention will be held at the Grand Hyatt New York, from January 8 through January 17, 2021. Now, the auction schedules have been revealed.

Attempt Made to Sell Fake $300,000 Gold Coin

Acting on a tip from the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, US law enforcement agents are investigating the attempted sale of $400,000 of counterfeit coins including a fake example of the historic 1879 Coiled Hair gold $4 “Stella” in a bogus NGC holder.

NGC and PMG Announce Additional Europe Expedited Grading Specials

The Expedited Grading Specials that NGC and PMG have offered since early June are a huge success. Therefore, additional special events will be offered into the fall. The turnaround time for the Expedited Grading Specials will be just two weeks.

Park Avenue Numismatics Internet Auctions to Launch July 2020

Bob Green, President and CEO announced that Park Avenue Numismatics will launch its Internet Auction platform on July 31. Initially auctions are planned to be conducted monthly. This is a reaction to the changes to be expected after the pandemic.

Mint News Quarterly June Is Available

In the MNQ June issue you will read an in-depth article on practical experiences of remote maintenance offered by the Sack&Kiesselbach smart glasses. And the impact of COVID-19 on coin fairs and online solutions is broadly discussed.

H2O GmbH Presents New VACUDEST ZLD Technology

The company H2O has been pursuing the vision of wastewater-free production for over 20 years. With the new VACUDEST ZLD technology the company now offers an additional highly efficient option for environmentally friendly and cost-reducing wastewater treatment.

Pobjoy’s Second Coin in the 50p Penguin Series Has Been Released

The second coin in a new 50p series on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands features the Gentoo. The coin is made of coloured cupro nickel with diamond finish.

£63,000 For An Ordinary 50 Pence Coin – Record-Price or Record Blunder?

The story made headlines: a bidder offered £63,000 for a coin from 2016 that was worth not much more than its denomination of 50p. How come? Michael Alexander tries to get to the bottom of this.

New Milestone at Portable Antiquities Scheme: 1.5 Million Archaeological Objects

Since 1997, voluntary recording of found objects have been made to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Now, the 1.5 millionth archaeological discovery made by the public was recorded. On this occasion, the British Museum reveals 10 of the most important discoveries.

Are Businesses in Recovery Mode?

In the July edition of the Monthly Greysheet, John Feigenbaum explains why coin dealers should feel optimistic as many businesses the world over are experiencing the beginnings of the sun poking through the clouds after months of lockdown.

In the Aksumite Empire

In collaboration with Robert Keck, Wolfgang Hahn published the ultimate work on the coinage of the kings of Aksum. The book is the product of decades of research. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

The NumisPlace – A Marketplace for High-Quality Coins

At the new website, coin lovers find a marketplace for high-quality coins offered by numerous renowned dealers. For those who want to be the first to see all newly published offers, there is The NumisClub.

Hong Kong Coin Show Postponed

The 14-day quarantine of foreign tourists arriving in Hong Kong will remain in place until 18 September. Since this makes joining the HKCS extremely difficult for overseas exhibitors, the event was postponed to 2021.

CoCo: The Latest Newsletter with New Issues from All Around the Globe

On Tuesday, it was once again time for our Cosmos of Collectibles newsletter. This edition was again full to the brim with the new releases of last month and of the year so far from mints of the entire world. Here are some of the highlights.

2020 American Innovation™ $1 Coin Program Designs

The United States Mint announced the designs for the 2020 American Innovation™ $1 Coin Program. The new designs will appear on the reverses of $1 coins honoring innovations and/or innovators from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina.

Between Jurassic Park and a Nation’s Icon: Depicting Prehistoric Fauna on Coins

Quiz question for you: do you know which country was the first to feature dinosaurs on coins? Come with us on a journey through time and discover how the depiction of fossils changed over the years and what this tells us about the issuing countries – and ourselves.

Stolen Orders and Decorations from the Berlin Memorial Church Are Back

We report on burglaries far too often. And hardly ever do we get the chance to inform you that stolen goods were recovered. Today, though, we have good news: the police have found the loot from the burglary at the Berlin Memorial Church earlier this year.

Graz Pfennigs

114 years after Arnold Luschin von Ebengreuth’s revolutionary work on Styrian numismatics, Susanne Sauer published her reference work on Graz pfennigs. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

CSNS Convention Staff Changes

A change of direction for the Central States Numismatic Society: after serving for decades, Convention Chairman Kevin Foley’s contract was not renewed and paid staffers are to be replaced with volunteers due to a projected deficit in 2021.

The Fascination of Coins: Dealers’ Perspectives

The coin dealers Paul Withers, Frances Simmons and John Philpott will tell you about what got them hooked on the subject, and how this has developed over their career.

Coinex 2020 Cancelled

The Coinex 2020 scheduled for September has been cancelled as the organisers announced. But even before autumn 2021 there could be another Coinex event.

Mason Fair Appoint Dr Prabir De as New Director

Long-Term Royal Australian Mint executive and industry expert Dr Prabir De was appointed in the role of Director – Business Development at Mason Fair. The Australian company is specialized in the distribution of jewellery, precious stones and metals.

Cash Cycle Seminar As Webinar Series

As the Cash Cycle Seminar has been postponed, the organizers have published a series of short webinars covering some of the time sensitive issues that were due to be discussed during the conferences’ originally planned dates. The webinars are available for free.

Elton John Celebrated on UK Commemorative Coin

The second coin of the Royal Mint’s Music Legends series is dedicated to one of the most successful artists of all time: Elton John. The coin is available in several versions enabling fans on different budgets to get their hands on this tribute to their icon.

Sotheby’s Cannot Sue Greece

For the first time, a US auction house tried to sue a state. The case primarily revolves around an ancient bronze sculpture, whose sale was prevented by Greece without sound reasoning. However, this case has also consequences for the coin market.

The Latest Addition to CoCo: Zurich Gold Coins from the 18th Century

Our database is growing constantly: now, you can also find all Zurich gold coins from the 18th century at Cosmos of Collectibles.

Help Making the US Reconsider Import Restrictions on All Roman Coins!

The US State Department plans to extend their import restrictions on all (!) Roman coins with the renewal of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Italy. Let’s try to prevent this by commenting and make our voices heard!

“The Planchet” Is The New Podcast of the American Numismatic Society

Podcasts are popular, not only since the COVID-19 outbreak. The American Numismatic Society has started their own podcast to entertain you: “The Planchet” is recorded for non-specialists and professionals alike presenting stories and histories of currency and medals.

“The Primary Task Is Documentation of Collections”

In the second part of Kate Fitz Gibbon’s interview with St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, we learn more about the role of fakes (also in the British Museum) and what should be done to fight illegal excavation helping thus collectors, too.

Researching the Lingwell Gate Roman Coin Moulds

Hundreds of Roman coin moulds were found in Yorkshire near Wakefield testifying the production of fake denarii. Today, they are dispersed over collections around the country. The Yorkshire Museum is running a research project on the moulds and their history.

The Malta Numismatic Society

Malta launched a non-profit numismatic society to promote the study and collection of numismatic material and exonumia. The society wants to bring numismatists, scholars and collectors together while enriching Malta’s heritage and stimulating research.

30 Years of Monetary Union

On 1 July 1990 the financial union between the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR took effect, requiring a large quantity of Deutsche Mark banknotes to be produced in a very short time. Half of this additional demand was produced by Giesecke+Devrient.

Aruba Wins IBNS 2019 Bank Note of the Year Award

The International Bank Note Society announced the winner of the Bank Note of the Year Award for 2019: Aruba’s new 100 Florin bill.

The Lure That Revolutionized Fishing

In their new commemorative coin, CIT Coin Invest combine the passion for fishing with fascinating minting technology. The coin is dedicated to the famous Buel spoon.

Caution! Fake Medals and Poppy Pins Came on the Market

The head of a militaria business counterfeited and sold fake military medals and supplied poppy pin badges on eBay. Now a court passed the sentence. Here you can cast a glance at his workshop.

The Counterfeiter From the Valais

This year marks 140 years since the death of Joseph-Samuel Farinet, the most famous counterfeiter in Switzerland. In the 19th century, he flooded the Valais with 20-rappen pieces. The Swiss National Museum is telling his story within their blog.

ISIS “Making Millions of Dollars Out of Traded Antiquities Is a Complete Myth”

St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, talks about the museum’s role as expert witness to looting. His view on the market’s role in trafficking illegal antiquities cuts across the ILLICID report.

Capturing the Excitement of Lost and Found Coin Treasures

David Bowers only tells true stories in “Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures”: stories of treasure from sunken ships, buried chests, hiding places of pirates and privateers … Now released in a new second edition, Dennis Tucker recalls how the book came to be.

2020 World’s Fair of Money Suspended

Since 1891, the World’s Fair of Money has only been cancelled twice. Now the organizers had to suspend the August 2020 show due to COVID-19 guidelines of the authorities. Read the consequences for those who wanted to attend.

Currency Expert Allen Mincho Heritage’s Director Emeritus

After 40 years as a full-time dealer and nearly two decades in this position, Currency Auctions Director Allen Mincho retired from Heritage Auctions. The currency expert was honoured with the title of Director Emeritus.

The New Team Members of Nomos AG

Nomos AG announced the appointments of three new team members: John Lavender, Jared Clark and Dr. John Voukelatos. Here you can find a brief introduction into their areas of interest and future fields of work.

New Pobjoy 50 Pence Coin Series Featuring Penguins

The first coin of the Pobjoy Mint’s new 50 pence penguin series features the Chinstrap Penguin and is issued on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Government.

Plus Minus 16 Billion – The Missing Millions of Liberia

In 2018, a scandal shook Liberia. Hot off the press, bank notes worth 16 billion Liberian dollars had disappeared. Allegations of corruption spread in all directions. Then the money reappeared – even more than what had been missing!

The Global Art and Heritage Law Project

All countries have different cultural heritage laws. Do you need thoroughly researched first-hand information on how this subject is dealt with in let’s say Peru or Italy? Then browse the Global Art and Heritage Law Project of the Committee for Cultural Policy, available for free!

CoinHoards – a New Research Tool Developed by the ANS

The American Numismatic Society has launched CoinHoards, a new web-based, linked open data tool for research in ancient Greek numismatics and ancient economies.

The Story of the Coins and Tokens of the British World

Peter Thompson tells the story of the coins and tokens used by the British to trade across the globe, from the 15th century through to the final days of the colonies. Virtually every type of coin used in every country under British dominance is illustrated in full colour!

Roman Provincial Coinage VIII Online Available

Volume VIII of the Roman Provincial Coinage series is now online available covering all Roman provincial coinages issued during the reign of Philip (AD 244-249). You can submit feedback for the printed volume planned for 2021!

How a Piece of Space Finds Its Way onto a Coin

Meteorites have always fascinated mankind. What a great reason for putting them on collector coins! The designs of such issues are adventurous – they have unconventional shapes, are coloured and may even contain a small piece of an actual meteorite.

Numismatic Record Performances in the Style of Roger Federer

Every mint has the wish to land a coup and thus gain international attention. But what happens if they actually succeed? Using the example of the commemorative coin dedicated to Roger Federer issued at the beginning of 2020, Swissmint answers this question.

Europe Remembers – Three Countries Are Celebrating 75 Years of Freedom

Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands, three countries that were involved in ending WWII, celebrate 75 years of freedom by issuing commemorative coins in 2020. The Royal Dutch Mint brings these coins together in the special set: Europe Remembers.

Antiquities Trafficking Much Smaller Than Thought Says New Report

The illicit trade in antiquities is much smaller, less organised, and more dispersed than previously thought. That is the conclusion of a new report by RAND Corporation, a major research organisation. And it explains where distorted ideas come from.

New Exhibition at St. Petersburg History of Money Museum

Currently, you have the opportunity to learn more about Russia’s perspective on WWII, the “Great Patriotic war”. Goznak’s collection of banknotes, awards, postage stamps and government bonds narrates the war’s history from the Russian perspective.

Swiss Shooting Thalers – The Chinese Edition

The first edition of Jürg Richter’s catalogue of all Swiss shooting thalers and shooting medals was published in 2005. Now, there is already a third edition, this time in Chinese and English. Ursula Kampmann takes a look at it.

The Most Valuable Scripophily Item Hammered in 2019

What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2019? Was it a previously unseen Chinese Imperial bond, a pioneering British railway share, or one of Apple’s founders shares personally signed by Steve Jobs? Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck has the answer.

Heritage Auctions Relocates World Headquarters

Heritage Auctions has consolidated three separate Dallas locations under a single roof in a 160,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility near DFW Airport. It is thus twice the size of Heritage’s previous home spanning the length of nearly three football fields.

Free ANA eLearning Academy

During what would have been the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar the association will offer free virtual courses through its new ANA eLearning Academy. The courses are open to both ANA members and non-members.

Zimbabwe Introduces Larger Denomination Dollar Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe have announced they will be releasing into circulation larger value banknotes, namely new ZWL $10 dollar denominations and ZWL $20 denominations. Due to galloping inflation, these new banknotes are the equivalent of 0.40 resp. 0.80 USD.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.