Tuesday, 30.11.2021
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The Next Attempt of Bernard von NotHaus: the Liberty Dollar Financial Association

10 years ago, Bernard von NotHaus was convicted because his silver Liberty Dollar competed with the US dollar. Now he relaunched the Liberty Dollar, this time as a private means of exchange of an association. Did von NotHaus learn from his mistakes?

Numismata Munich 2022 Cancelled

Again Numismata Munich won’t take place. The organiser has announced that the show scheduled for March “has to take another break in 2022” due to the development of the pandemic. However, the situation is different for later Numismata events.

Over $4 Million For Hawaii Five-O 1913 Liberty Nickel

An NGC-certified 1913 Liberty Nickel was sold for over $4 million dollars in a private sale by Stack’s Bowers. Only five specimens of this coin are known and this one was once featured in the police procedural “Hawaii Five-O”.

Looting and Smuggling in Syria? A Complicated Matter

A TV interview with former Lebanese Minister of the Interior, Nohad Machnouk, went viral: in the background appear ancient objects allegedly looted in Syrian Palmyra. But as Ivan Macquisten shows, this story is much more complicated.

Joint Auction by the Royal Mint and Taisei Coins

The Royal Mint and Taisei Coins, Japan’s largest numismatic firm, will launch their first joint auction at the Tokyo International Coin Convention 2022. They will offer rare British, Japanese and international coins. Have a look here at what to expect!

A Close Look at Great Britain’s £0 Souvenir Notes

Since 2021, Great Britain has its own souvenir notes. As an expert for 0 euro notes, our author numiscontrol wanted to know exactly how £0 notes are different from their European siblings. He even employed UV light to spot the differences.

Pobjoy Continues Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas Collection

This year Pobjoy Mint issues the second Christmas 50p coin on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The exclusively licensed product features Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs for the fourth time.

The Designs of the U.S. Mint’s 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Coin Program

The United States Mint unveiled the designs for the 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Coin Program. See how the $5 gold coin, the $1 silver coin, and the half dollar clad coin will look like.

Claire Franklin Presents Her Book “Franklin’s World”

CoinsWeekly readers know Claire Franklin’s cartoon series “Franklin’s World”, which has been published weekly since 2011. Now Claire Franklin compiled her best works in a book. The vernissage took place on 6 November 2021.

How the World Money Fair 2022 Will Look Like

The World Money Fair is scheduled to take place in Berlin in January 2022. Can such a large-scale event be successful in the current situation? The fair has now presented their concept of how to ensure the security of all attendees and participants.

Winner of the ANS’s First Collier Prize Announced

In 2020 the ANS announced a new award, the Collier Prize for the best book on ancient numismatics with a prize money of $20,000. The first winner is Richard Abdy’s “Roman Imperial Coinage” vol. II. 3 on the coinage of the Emperor Hadrian.

How the Battle of Salamis Influenced Europe’s History

2,500 years ago, the decisive battle between Greeks and Persians took place. At Salamis Athens’s fleet prevailed. The special exhibition “Salamis 480” in Munich looks closely at the cause and consequences of this pivotal event.

NGC UK Hires New Premises to Expand

NGC UK’s London office is moving to a larger space within the same building due to growing demand for its expert and impartial services. Record demand on top of record prices has resulted in an extraordinary increase in the number of submissions to NGC UK.

Nomos AG Moves to Bigger Offices in Zurich

Due to their expanding business, Nomos AG moved to bigger offices. The new office provides more space and is still located in the heart of Zurich.

How to Collect 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Italy

Italian 2 euro commemorative coins are hardly ever found in circulation. And you should be careful regarding the secondary market: there are a lot of dubious offers. Don’t worry, with the tips of our expert numiscontrol, you can master this field!

Euro Coins with Animal Designs at Eesti Pank Museum

Estonia’s Eesti Pank Museum is hosting a mini-display of euro coins with animal images until the end of 2021 to mark the launch into circulation of the new 2 euro coin dedicated to the Estonian national animal, the wolf.

Singapore Celebrates the Hawker Culture

In 2020, Singapore’s Hawker Culture was inscribed into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Monetary Authority of Singapore celebrates this with two commemorative coins.

6,000 Silver Coins Discovered in Upper Austria

In the Freistadt District in Upper Austria, a hoard of 6,000 silver coins from the second half of the 15th century was found during construction work. The hiding place had been so cleverly chosen that the coins were not discovered for more than five centuries.

First Sentence for Attempted Theft of the Trier Gold Treasure

In 2019, three perpetrators attempted to steal the Trier Gold Treasure. Now the Trier Regional Court has sentenced one man for the role he played in the spectacular crime. So, did everything go well in this case?

Webinar on Measuring the Illicit Antiquities Trade in Data and Dollars

A webinar co-organized by the Antiquities Coalition discussed the illegal trade of coins. No surprise that the panel was mainly hostile against collecting. The event shows how little attention recent studies have received so far.

Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia

The Greek series Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia publishes texts by renowned authors on Greek numismatics. Daniel Baumbach took a look at the latest volumes.

2021 Annual Meeting of the Belgian School at Athens

The Belgian School at Athens organizes its “two-year” annual meeting on 23 November 2021 in Athens. The institution will present current archaeological field activities. A lecture and a reception round off the event. If you wish to attend, you can still register.

Is Paying With Collector Coins A Crime in the UK?

In the UK collector coins have legal tender status but are not intended as a means of payment. Confusing? Michael Alexander explains why a coin collector according to that law was first charged with theft – and then turned the tables.

What to Expect of the World Banknote Summit

In the World Banknote Summit’s conference program a “must” topic is of course the learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic, but also digital currencies and the future of cash. The event will be held online from 22nd to 24th November 2021 and registrations are open.

San Marino’s Official Coin Set 2021 With 2 Euro Commemorative Coins

San Marino has issued its official coin set 2021. The set features also two 2 euro commemorative coins dedicated to important European painters: Albrecht Dürer and Caravaggio.

The Gold of Anglo-Saxon England

Between 2014 and 2020, 131 gold coins were found that stand to be the largest Treasure find from the Anglo-Saxon period in England. Two pieces are missing. A policeman and detectorist sold them under false pretences.

What Shall We Do With Treasure Shipwrecks?

Millions of coins were recovered from shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea. But what should we do with them? Gary Beals explains his point of view.

A Guide Book of Continental Currency and Coins

A new catalogue of Whitman’s Red Book series is dedicated to a lesser-known, early form of American money – paper money of the Revolutionary period. Daniel Baumbach took a look at the catalogue.

PCGS Names Stephanie Sabin Permanent President

Professional Coin Grading Service has named Stephanie Sabin its permanent president. Sabin served as PCGS interim president and has more than 15 years of experience at the company.

Anatomy of Fraudulent Facebook Pop-Up Ads

Online scams related to counterfeit coins are an increasing problem for dealers and collectors. For fraudsters, Facebook has become a popular tool to advertise as well as to sell their counterfeits.

Canadian Recognition Medal Wins International Award

The Recognition Medal by the Royal Canadian Mint raised almost $750,000 for the Breakfast Club of Canada in 2020. Now the medal has won the IACA award for the Best Currency Initiative in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

US Mint Announces Designs for 2022 American Women Quarters Program Coins

The American Women Quarters Program of the US Mint starts in 2022. The first coins recognize the achievements of Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong.

The Gold Treasure on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Divers found some Roman gold coins on Costa Blanca. Underwater archaeologists then discovered a gold treasure from late antiquity, which is considered one of the most important finds of its kind.

ANA Money Museum Receives Multi-Million Dollar Donation

Dwight Manley donated more than 1,000 medals and coins from the Baker-Manley Collection to the ANA Edward C. Rochette Money Museum. Most of the items are related to President George Washington and include extremely rare and important specimens.

Help Prevent Trafficking in Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage!

Will cultural property from Afghanistan enter the black art market? The Afghan crisis has given rise to serious concerns about the fate of the country’s heritage under the Taliban. International dealers’ associations announce how they oppose this danger.

The New and Revised Coin Yearbook 2022

The new 2022 edition of the Coin Yearbook is fully revised and updated, it features accurate up-to-the-minute pricing of English, Scottish, Irish and Island coins and many more features.

New President For Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

Steve Woodland has assumed the presidency of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. His vision is to make the RCNA the premier numismatic organization in Canada. He has a clear idea on what the association has to focus in order to achieve this.

Sarah Miller Promoted to Senior Vice President at Heritage Auctions

Sarah Miller, Deputy Managing Director for the Heritage Auctions New York office, has been promoted to Senior Vice President. She will join President Greg Rohan in overseeing the New York office.

Treasury Appoints Ventris Gibson Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint

Ventris Gibson is the new Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint with decades of senior federal service. After U.S. Mint Director Ryder’s resignation, she will serve as Acting Director, making her the first Black person to head this bureau.

30 Years of Environmental Protection in Antarctica

With a new £1 coin Pobjoy Mint commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection in Antarctica. The coin features the British Antarctic Territory’s Coat of Arms: the Emperor Penguin.

Italy Cancels Controversial Cashless Campaign

In a much-maligned scheme Italy’s government aimed at encouraging cashless payments by reimbursing a part of the sum paid with ec cards. Recently the European Central Bank wrote a letter of concern to Rome over the matter – not for nothing.

“A World Class Collection”: the Lottie Salton Collection

At NYINC 2021 Stack’s Bowers Galleries and Künker will offer the first portion of the Mark and Lottie Salton Collection, a vast collection of the utmost importance built up over a lifetime by the son of the famous German auctioneer Felix Schlessinger.

“Franklin’s World” as Print Edition: The Book for the Column

For years, Claire Franklin has been proving every week with her “Franklin’s World” cartoons that ancient coins and the numismatic world are anything but dull. Now Claire Franklin presents a printed book in which she published a selection of her works.

This is the Winner of the IAPN Book Prize 2021

In 2021, the International Association of Professional Numismatists organized their General Assembly for the first time virtually. During the meeting ten new members were welcomed and the winners of the IAPN Book Prize were announced.

Myntårsboken. Sveriges Mynt 995-2021

Three large works become a single small one: Roberto Delzanno condensed his catalogues on Swedish coinage published over the last years into a handy A5 volume. Can that work? Daniel Baumbach took a look at the catalogue.

Do Religious Networks Help With Commercial Renewals?

On 28th October 2021 the Center for Advanced Study “RomanIslam” organizes an online workshop with a special focus on coins: “Religious Networks as a Catalyst for Commercial Renewal? The Western Mediterranean in the Long Eighth Century”.

New Research on Transmission of Covid-19 Via Cash

Can Covid-19 spread through cash? A new ECB paper has done thorough tests to understand not only if the virus survives on banknotes and coins but also if humans can infect themselves with it. Let’s face the facts.

These Coins Were the Winners of “Coin Constellation 2021”

“Coin Constellation” has announced the winners of the XV edition in 2021. The only international contest for commemorative coins in Russia has determined winners in nine different categories. The Coin of the Year motif is very characteristic of the pandemic.

CIT Commemorates Breakthrough Album of Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden

With the album “The Number of the Beast” Iron Maiden achieved their breakthrough in the British charts in 1982. CIT has chosen the provocative album cover for a new coin. A numismatic monument with all the trimmings.

Is the Most Expensive Coin in the World Even a Coin?

Only a few physical coins from the early stages of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin exist. One has now resurfaced after ten years. Current BTC value: US $48 million. Which makes it the most valuable numismatic item of all time.

Former ANA President Removed From ANA Accolade

The highest honor of the American Numismatic Association has been the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award. However, many award winners have asked to rename the award because a retrospective look reveals a rather ambiguous image of former ANA President Zerbe.

A Global History of Money

Money is multifaceted! In his book “A Global History of Money”, Akinobu Kuroda discusses interesting facts about money and its usage on different continents. The book is not, however, an easy read for everyone.

New 1854 Period 1 California Fractional Gold Dollar Variety Discovered

Ken Glickman, an avid collector and researcher of California Fractional Gold coins, recently discovered a new die variety of this field. The last new unlisted variety was discovered in 2016 and sold recently for a record price of $57,600.

Gräbener Pressensysteme Celebrates 100th Birthday

Gräbener Pressensysteme was entered in the local commercial register in Siegen, Germany exactly 100 years ago, in October 1921. Today, the company enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a specialist for knuckle-joint and coin minting presses.

Countdown for British Paper Banknotes

Over the last years the Bank of England has introduced new polymer £20 and £50 banknotes. The replaced paper-printed denominations will soon loose their legal tender status. Michael Alexander explains what this means if you are still keeping old paper banknotes at home.

These Are the Designs of the 2022 American Innovation® $1 Coin Program

The American Innovation® $1 Coin Program celebrates innovations and innovators from the United States. In 2022 the U.S. Mint will issue coins dedicated to Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee. Look forward to their innovations!

Unique Iron Age Gold Hoard Discovered in Denmark

A metal detectorist discovered an Iron Age gold hoard in Denmark weighing nearly 1 kg. We will show you pictures of one of the largest hoards in the country’s history which is absolutely unique and which is connected to troubled times.

9/11 and the Only Sale Stack’s Ever Had to Cancel

Probably everybody remembers what they did on 9/11. How a group of people in New York went through this moment, Harvey G. Stack tells us in a very personal remembrance of this extreme moment. He and his family were preparing a sale.

1 Million Euros for the Plozévet Treasure

In 2019, craftsmen found a treasure while remodelling a farm building. The treasure was sold on 29 September 2021. Read the result.

St. Peter’s Basilica On Coins and Medals

When, in 1506, a new St. Peter’s basilica was initiated, this project was commemorated on numerous coins and medals. The online exhibition “Super hanc petram” by the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana tells the history of this reconstruction through coins and medals.

New York International Numismatic Convention 2022 is Moving

The 50th annual New York International Numismatic Convention will move its location. From 13th to 16th January 2022 the NYINC will take place in the InterContinental Barclay hotel as the Grand Hyatt remains closed due to the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Adopting Coins From Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Temple Mount Sifting Project researches the debris removed from the Temple Mount in 1999. With a small donation you can adopt one of the 7,000 coins found and support the numismatic research.

Beginner-friendly and Unique: 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Ireland

Finding Irish 2 euro coins among your change is about as rare as finding a four-leaf clover on the green island. On the upside, they make for an ideal introduction to coin collecting. With the tips from our expert numiscontrol, newbies can get started right away!

New Managing Director at H2O China

Zero liquid discharge production? An appealing feature for mints. That is what the technology of H2O aims at. The subsidiary “H2O Kunshan Water Treatment” in China is expanding and has now a new managing director: Marcel Pfeifer.

CIT’s Hommage to Ancient Egypt: Scarab – King Tut

Scarabs were lucky charms of the ancient Egyptians. CIT added a new chapter to the history of scarabs with “Scarab – King Tut”, a three-dimensional miniature sculpture with smartminting® technology and a Swarovski element.

Coin Theft After Coinex

The entire inventory of the Greek coin dealer Christos Pouloglou was stolen in London right after Coinex 2021, the stolen objects mainly include sovereigns but also other gold and silver coins. He offers a reward of £100,000.

New York Antiques Dealer Mallett Filed for Bankruptcy Due to Rental Arrears

The New York branch of the British antiques dealer Mallett filed for bankruptcy. Why does that affect the numismatic world? Well, it has to do with the parent company Stanley Gibbons (the owner of Baldwin’s), a major investor – and a well-known fashion brand.

New Record for Una and the Lion at SINCONA?

Three new record prices were set by the British gold coin Una and the Lion in 2020. Now, SINCONA offers an extremely rare variety in a Proof set that is sure to delight everyone who loves coins of outstanding quality. A candidate for a new record?

Long Beach Expo Coin Show September 2021 Is Back

The Long Beach Expo will take place from 30th September through 2nd October 2021. As the pandemic is not yet over, the organizers try to ensure the safety through a rigid safety protocol.

Apply For the Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium October 2021

From 15 to 17 October 2021, the Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium will take place for the third time as a virtual event. It is free to attend for anybody fascinated by coins, banknotes or medals. Would you like to give a presentation? You can still apply!

U.S. Mint Director David Ryder Resigns

It has been a big surprise: David J. Ryder ends his second term as Director of the U.S. Mint on October 1, 2021. The Department of Treasury has announced Alison Doone as the new Acting Director.

Canadian Coin Tells the True Story of the Klondike Gold Rush

125 years ago gold was discovered in the Klondike. The Royal Canadian Mint issues a commemorative one-dollar circulation coin to remind us that there is a more complete story to tell broadening the view to how the First Nations were impacted by the gold rush.

A Dream Come True: Craftsmen Discover Hidden Treasure of Gold Coins

Beware on construction sites! During the renovation of an old barn in Brittany, craftsmen found 239 gold coins that had been hidden there for 300 years. The coins will now be sold at auction.

Bronze Age in Shropshire: A Partnership with the British Museum

The British Museum and Shropshire Museums develop a Partnership Gallery focusing on the local life from the Ice Age to the Romans. Coin lovers can admire the Claverley Stater Hoard, an assortment of North Eastern and Western gold coins rarely found together.

“Historical Medallions”: The Legacy of Irene Neddy Allen

English coin dealer Irene Neddy Allen is remembered as a passionate dealer and collector of medals. She had an impressive collection and passed it on – together with her knowledge – to her niece Sarah Heath. Sarah remembers her aunt, whose business she continues.

Stockholm Numismatica 2021

Stockholm Numismatica, Sweden’s largest coin fair, will take place on 3rd October 2021. For the first time the event will be combined with an auction to make this weekend even more attractive for collectors and dealers.

Money & Medals Network Discusses Transport-Themed Numismatic Collections

The Money & Medals Network offers a numismatic training about transport-themed numismatic collections on 29th September 2021. This will be one of the last trainings, so seize the opportunity!

France’s 2 Euro Commemorative Coins: A Topic Worth Collecting?

Many collectors have a focus on French euro coins. However, especially commemorative coins can usually only be found on the secondary market. Our expert numiscontrol explains which coins are worth the money – and which pieces might even increase in value.

San Marino’s New Coins in 2021

Many collectors like the rare euro coins from San Marino. In 2021 collectors can look forward to a new 2 Euro commemorative coin on the occasion of Albrecht Dürer’s 550th birthday and three 5 Euro collector coins that complete the “Zodiac” series.

Pobjoy Dedicates Coin to the Antarctic Treaty

The Pobjoy Mint commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty with a £2 coin issued on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory. The Treaty provides the protection of the Antarctica environment as remembered by the coin’s motif: a Ross Seal with its pup.

New at CoinsWeekly: The Collectors’ Who’s Who

Do you know that feeling when you buy a coin from a certain collection and would like to know more about its former owner? That’s why we launch the CoinsWeekly Collectors' Who’s Who.

In the Footsteps of Napoleon I at the Monnaie de Paris

The Napoleonic legend would not have been possible without numismatics. The museum of the Monnaie de Paris has created an exhibition to remember Napoleon’s visit at the mint’s workshop and his connection to numismatics. Visitors follow the footsteps of Napoleon.

Visit Argentina’s Numismatic Museum Online

This one’s for lovers of South American numismatics! The museum of the Central Bank of Argentine is just one click away: videos, an online exhibition on Google Arts and more enables to you travel to Buenos Aires – even during your lunchbreak.

45th Anniversary Edition of The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics

45 years after the first issue of 1976, Mel Wacks has published an anniversary edition of his “Handbook of Biblical Numismatics”. The volume gives an overview of the coins connected to the Old and New Testament and discusses many controversies about them.

Registration for COAC 2021 is Open

The next Coinage of the Americas Conference will be held by the American Numismatic Society from 17th to 18th September 2021. The conference honors the designer of the Lincoln Cent, Victor David Brenner. Who wishes to attend can now register.

Australia Commemorates Final Battle of Vietnam War

50 years after the Battle of Nui Le To, Australia commemorates its last major action in the Vietnam War. The Royal Australian Mint released a commemorative coin developed with members of the ANZAC Battalion.

Which Coin Shows Can Collectors Visit in the Autumn of 2021?

Many collectors eagerly await the moment in which they will finally be able to meet friends and colleagues at a coin fair again. And coin show organisers feel the same. But how safe is this in the Covid autumn 2021? We asked around.

ANA Opens Up Auction Format to New Auction Houses

The American Numismatic Association is exploring options to change its auction format to encourage additional auctioneers to participate. In future, smaller auction houses may host ANA events besides the “Official ANA Auctions”. But to submit bids, you have to be quick!

Research on Lithuania’s Raišiai Hoard

The recently found Raišiai hoard is one of Lithuania’s largest hoards of medieval coins. It is considered so important that the National Museum of Lithuania arranged a short exhibition to give a glimpse at this treasure.

The Coins of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1701-1740

Manfred Olding has written his newest catalogue on the coins of the Kingdom of Prussia. If you are familiar with the author’s other catalogues, you know what to expect from the coin dealer and Prussia expert from Osnabrück.

The Roman Republican Die Project Database Is Online

The first significant data upload for the ANS’s Roman Republican Die Project is completed. The database is searchable and focuses on Roman Republican coinage (509 BCE–27 BCE). You can try it for yourself – it’s completely free!

PCGS Names Stephanie Sabin as Interim President

Professional Coin Grading Service has named Stephanie Sabin interim president until a successor of Brett Charville is found. Sabin brings 15 years of experience to the top of the firm.

“Hydropower” on Swiss Commemorative Coin

The commemorative coin “Hydropower” starts the Swissmint’s three-part coin series “Energy of the Future”. It is the mint’s first colored coin with fluorescent elements. As usually, at the end of the year a circulation coin set will be issued with a Christmas medal.

Will Israel Put an End to the Antiquities Trade?

Rumour has it that Israel no longer wants to issue export licenses for antiquities. That would put a sudden end to the flourishing trade in ancient objects in Israel. However, committed collectors and dealers mounted the barricades.

MicroSummit 2021: Coins From Countries Which Do Not Exist

Perhaps you know the hypothetical kingdom of Bermania. But it is not the only one of its kind. Every year Kings, Presidents, and Dukes from many imagined nations meet at the MicroSummit. Read more about these phantastic realms, fantasy coins and paper money.

American Numismatic Society 2022 Gala Honors David Hendin

David Hendin will be the next awardee of the ANS Trustees’ Award. The renowned expert on Levant numismatics will receive the award during the ANS Gala dinner in January 2022.

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

Heritage Auctions Surpasses 1.5 Million Online Bidder-Members

Heritage Auctions has reached the milestone of 1.5 million online bidder-members. This reflects the record membership growth during the pandemic.

Happy Birthday, Yen! Japan’s Currency Celebrates 150 Years

In 1871, 150 years ago, Japan introduced a new currency, the yen. And to produce these coins, the Japan Mint was founded concurrently. In 2021 Japan celebrates this anniversary with a special Mint Set and a commemorative 10,000 yen gold coin.

Was the ANA World’s Fair of Money a “Superspreading Event”?

The World’s Fair of Money was the first big coin show to take place since the pandemic started. Now, the organisers warn: Several participants have tested positive for COVID-19. Visitors displaying symptoms are recommended to get tested.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.