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Katalin Bíró-Sey (1934-2022)

Katalin Bíró-Sey was a curator of the Ancient Coin Collection in the Coin Cabinet of the Hungarian National Museum. For ten years she also worked in the Royal Coin Cabinet in Oslo. Now Bíró-Sey passed away aged 89. Melinda Torbágyi remembers her.

Amelia Newsham: A Transatlantic Journey

In the 1750s, Amelia Newsham was a real attraction in London: the young enslaved albino woman was studied as a “curosity” even by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Isabell Charmantier tells her story and why Newsham was depicted on a token.

Bern Displays Ancient Silver Coin Hoard

The Bernisches Historisches Museum shows current archaeological finds from the Bern area in Switzerland. Among them is a hoard of Celtic and Roman silver coins.

Registrations Now Open for World Money Fair 2023

From 3 to 5 February 2023, World Money Fair 2023 will be held in Berlin once again – as a hybrid event. Exhibitors should register as soon as possible. Read on for more details.

What Was in President Lincoln’s & General Sherman’s Pockets?

The US Civil War caused turmoil with the finances of both the Union and the Confederacy. In this video interview with “President Lincoln” and “General Sherman” you will learn what constituted money at that time and what would have been in people’s pockets.

50 Years of LANG GmbH: The Leading Supplier of Milling and Engraving Machines

If you want to know why contemporary coins look the way they do, you have to examine the machines involved in their production. An important player is the Hüttenberg-based company LANG, which produces the machines that are used to create the majority of today’s coin dies. In 2022, LANG celebrated its 50th birthday at the AMB Stuttgart by presenting a new machine: the Impala 900S.

“Timemachine” Commemorates Switzerland’s Watchmaking Industry

For the first time, Swissmint has issued a 25 franc gold coin. The coin is dedicated to the Swiss watchmaking industry, which is highly respected around the world.

CIT’s Mount Vinson Closes “The 7 Summits” Series

With Mount Vinson, CIT has completed their successful “The 7 Summits” series, featuring authentic mountain models thanks to smartminting® technology.

Euphoria at the International Numismatic Congress

Finally, after seven years, the XVI International Numismatic Congress was held in Warsaw from 11 to 16 September 2022. Everyone was euphoric. For many, it was the first major event since the spring of 2020. Ursula Kampmann recounts.

Bavaria Wants to Change Its Treasure Law

Bavaria plans to amend its treasure law, automatically making the state the owner of all treasures found, including coin hoards. It is also planned to prohibit the use of metal detectors.

Hundreds of French Gold Coins Stolen

Hundreds of French gold coins were recently stolen from consignments in Lower Saxony and might be offered for sale. All coins are documented. Read on to find out about the coins in question.

Korea’s New Coin Show: Ulsan Money Fair 2022

In Korea, collecting coins has become very popular during the pandemic. In order to strengthen this development, the city of Ulsan will hold its first Ulsan Money Fair in November 2022.

PMG Named Official Grading Service of MIF Paper Money Fair

PMG has been named the exclusive grading service for the MIF Paper Money Fair. As the first paper money fair in Europe, the Maastricht event will be able to provide a special service for visitors of the show.

CIT’s Ancient Greece Series

After the success of the first Numismatic Icons issue, CIT presents the “Ancient Greece” series. The coins feature some of the most beautiful animal motifs as well as well-known coin types of Hellenism.

Be Aware of King Charles III “Pretender”

The UK has a new king but newly advertised coins depicting King Charles III that are issued by countries not part of the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth might not be a good long-term investment warns the Professional Numismatists Guild.

Did You Find a Donation Dollar in Your Pocket?

Two years ago the Royal Australian Mint started issuing their Donation Dollar, a one-dollar coin designated to be donated. $6 million coins have already been put in circulation, but this is not the end of the story.

CIT’s Circles of Life

CIT has issued a commemorative coin where the growth rings of a tree are combined with a human fingerprint: a tribute to the interconnectedness and eternal cycle of all life on Earth executed with utmost precision.

CIT’s Eclectic Nature – Roller

CIT dedicates the second coin of Eclectic Nature to the roller: a marvel of minting technology to this marvel of nature. Ultra-high relief, sophisticated color application, black finish and proof are combined to create a small work of art.

South Africa Presents Big 5 Elephant Bullion Coin

South Africa’s Big 5 are popular collector coins. Now the series enters the bullion coin field. The new series is launched with The Elephant coins available in gold and platinum.

Long Prison Sentences for Bullion Fraudsters

30 million US dollars: the president of Northwest Territorial Mint and his girlfriend defrauded thousands of customers of this sum. After fleeing heavily armed across the US they have now been sentenced.

Humphry Morice: Slave Trader, Embezzler of the Bank

One of the main actors in the 18th century Atlantic slave trade was Humphry Morice. He was also Governor of the Bank of England and not the only wealthy businessman to be linked to both businesses as Matthew David Mitchell explains.

How Scholars Can Successfully Attract Sponsors

Research needs money. But how can research institutions successfully attract sponsors? Our CoinsWeekly Special Issue on the occasion of the XVI International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw explains this step by step. You can now download the free issue as a PDF.

New Managing Director of World Money Fair

Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel is the new Managing Director of World Money Fair Holding. He is an experienced trade fair expert and will be responsible for the strategic development of the project in order to make it fit for the future.

2022 Edition of MEGA RED

The expanded deluxe 8th edition of the MEGA RED guidebook on US coins is five times bigger than the regular edition. Appendices explore specialized subjects including a study of Chinese counterfeit coins by Beth Deisher, and a 2022 Coin Market Report by Jeff Garrett.

Are Euro Error Coins an Investment Opportunity?

On the Internet, prices for euro error coins are currently skyrocketing. Is it still worth it to jump on the bandwagon? Our author numiscontrol explains which justifications for expensive euros you should be wary of.

Japan Commemorates 150 Years of Railways

In 1872, 150 years ago, Japan’s first railway line opened. The Japanese Ministry of Finance is issuing now a commemorative coin to mark the occasion.

CIT’s H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu

CIT has dedicated a commemorative coin to author H.P. Lovecraft and his horror-fantasy creature Cthulhu. The coin features smartminting® technology and the finest color application.

The Numismatic World in Warsaw

On 11 September at 3 p.m., the XVI International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw begins. Hundreds of numismatists will flock to Poland. CoinsWeekly will be there, too. We have our own table and are looking forward to meeting you.

35 Years of Certification Through Numismatic Guaranty Company

In 2022, Numismatic Guaranty Company celebrates its 35th anniversary. Since 1984 NGC has certified and encapsulated over 55 million coins, medals and tokens. Today this service is much requested all over the globe.

25 Years of Sberatel Fair in Prague

After 25 years, the Sberatel in Prague is arguably the largest fair of coins, stamps, and other collectibles in Central and Eastern Europe. On 9 and 10 September 2022 the anniversary Fall Fair will be offering special highlights and promotions.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Present the Paradise Collection

Stack’s Bowers will offer the Paradise Collection of banknotes. Due to its magnitude this collection will be sold in three parts starting at the Fall Maastricht Auction in late September 2022. The items span the entire globe and represent hundreds of years of history.

Mehmet the Conqueror

In his book, Christopher Eimer documents the close relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Italy in the early Renaissance by means of a medal that features the youthful portrait of Mehmet the Conqueror. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

The 8th International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage

The popular biennial series of one-day symposia in Early Medieval Coinage will recommence following lockdown on 22nd October 2022 in Cambridge. To learn if it is for you, check out the programme here.

These Are the Designs for the 2023 American Women Quarters Program

The United States Mint has announced the designs for the second year of the American Women Quarters Program. Here you will see who are the women to be honored in 2023.

Bonhams Closed Its Numismatic Department

The British auction house Bonhams closed its coin department. Behind this is the company’s strategy to use its network of acquired auction houses as efficiently as possible. After all, Bonhams has by no means turned its back on numismatics all together.

The World’s Fair of Money

From 16 to 20 August 2022 the World’s Fair of Money, the ANA’s major international coin convention, was held in Chicago. It was almost like in pre-Covid times – and regarding some aspects perhaps even a little better. Ursula Kampmann attended the fair.

What Security Measures Should Coin Shows Adopt After the Theft at ANA 2022?

At the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money 2022 a complete case of Rolex watches and coins was stolen. Find the complete list of objects here. Following this case, the American Numismatic Association is convening a task force to develop additional security protocols for coin shows.

Swiss Finance Museum Presents “Banks in Transition”

The Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich shows in a special exhibition how banks have changed from their origins to the current, digital trends in banking: from counters to apps.

This Guide Knows the Worth of the Coins in Your Pocket

Did you ever wonder if there are any valuable coins in your pocket? The brand-new edition of Philip Mussel’s handy little guide “Spend It? Save It?” features up-to-date prices for all the coins you can find in your change when you are in the UK.

Greysheet Published 2023 Edition of Early Paper Money of America

Early Paper Money of America is the seminal reference book on the first circulating currencies of North America. The 2023 edition is the first new edition since 2008 and features full color images on 472 pages including all-new pricing.

New Name and Organizational Form of the Mint Directors Conference

Over the last years, the Mint Directors Conference has developed into a network. This network organization is now the International Mint Directors Network (IMDN). In addition, a new association of mints with big plans has been formed too.

South African Mint Launches “Rhino” in Big Five Series II

The “Rhino” is the third issue in the Big Five Series II of the South African Mint. It follows the coins dedicated to elephant and lion and is available in different metals and ranges.

The Numismatic Press Service Becomes FAMA GmbH

For decades now, the Numismatic Press Service Kampmann, headed up by Dr Ursula Kampmann, has been producing all kinds of media for coin dealerships and mints across the world. Now, the company is changing its legal structure. Its new name is FAMA GmbH.

New Images in the Age of Augustus: Power and Media in Ancient Rome

In autumn 2022, Hamburg is hosting the first Augustus exhibition in Germany in 34 years. Visitors can expect top-class loans from Italy and France – and many coins to illustrate the media politics of Rome’s first emperor.

NAC and Shanna Schmidt Join Forces to Found NAC USA

With the founding of NAC USA, Numismatica Ars Classica and Shanna Schmidt are forming a strategic partnership to improve NAC’s services for American customers. Thanks to NAC USA, American customers can buy and sell via NAC as though the European auction house were located in the United States.

Women in Numismatics to Dissolve

WIN, Women in Numismatics, was formed in 1991 to provide a networking and educational forum for female numismatists. Now the Board of Directors has decided to dissolve the non-profit organization. The reason, however, is a very positive one.

Rare Collectibles from Cyprus: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins

2-euro commemorative coins from Cyprus are extremely rare in circulation money. But which pieces are worth purchasing on the secondary market? Our author numiscontrol explains why some prices will rise – and what you’d better keep your hands off.

Call for Papers for TEMAN Conference 2022

The Technical Meeting of Mints in ASEAN will be held in November 2022 in Singapore. The main topic is “New challenges, Repositioning and Sustainability”. Registration is now open and delegates can submit presentations.

Just 15 Kilometres from Death – Wartime Experiences

What is it like to live and to collect in a besieged city? Axel Dörrenbach talked to Tetiana Fomenko, who runs a philatelic shop in Kharkiv. She explains why she won’t leave Ukraine and talks about the importance that collecting stamps grew to assume in these times of war. We reprint this interview with kind permission of the author and the Philapress publishing house.

A Warning to All Shopkeepers: Confidence Tricksters Ply Their Dreadful Trade

In the last CoinsWeekly issue, we had to report about a confidence trick that targeted the shop of an experienced coin dealer. To make sure this won’t happen to you, we examine how the con artists operated. There are warning signs to look out for!

Organized Gang Targeting US Coin Shops

90 seconds to grab $80,000+ from a coin shop. With extreme ruthlessness a gang robbed a Californian dealer. Doug Davis explains their procedure and what coin shops should do to protect themselves from these organized groups.

Taisei Coins Has a New President

For decades, Masahiro Oka led the Japanese coin dealership Taisei Coins to success. Now he has retired from the day-to-day business. He is succeeded by Shinsaku Baba.

Kevin Foley Stepped Down as NYINC Bourse Chairman

Kevin Foley has stepped down as Bourse Chairman of the New York International Numismatic Convention. He served 23 years in this position. NYINC President Mike Dunigan explains what this means for the convention.

Heritage Auctions Offering the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection

The Harry Bass Jr. Collection assembles some of the rarest U.S. coins estimated to be worth more than $60 million. Starting in fall 2022 Heritage will offer it for sale. The proceeds shall go to Dallas non-profits.

Market Report: Remarkable Specimens from Philately and Postal History: July 2021

In the first half of 2022, stamp auctions impressed with top prices, from the classic period to the modern era. In addition to wealthy philatelists, investors also play a role in current market activities.

CIT’s Iron Maiden: Senjutsu

After the great success of the first Iron Maiden coin, in 2022 CIT presents the second issue of the series. It is dedicated to the latest album of the heavy metal band entitled Senjutsu.

Ukraine’s Navy Coin

Ukraine honors their separate branches of the Armed Forces with a special coin series. The first coin is dedicated to the Navy.

Market Report: Remarkable Specimens from Philately and Postal History – Spring 2022

Stamp auctions in the spring of 2022 featured some special and rare specimens from Japanese postal history and philately.

Hustle and Bustle on a Reduced Scale – Impressions from the Summer Fair

It’s already over – the World Money Fair’s extra Summer Fair. Although the event hadn’t been intended to be a full-fledged replacement for the large winter fair to begin with, the organisers should be very satisfied. A few impressions from Berlin.

Jerome Eisenberg (1930-2022)

Jerome Eisenberg was an institution of the international antiquities trade. His ethical principles left a lasting mark on the collectors’ world. He has now passed away at the age of 92. Ursula Kampmann remembers him.

Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World

Persia was the dominant power of western Asia for over a millennium. Until August 2022, an exhibition in the Getty Villa Museum shows the artistic and cultural connections between Iran, Greece and Rome. And you will see remarkable artifacts – including coins!

Roman Philosophy as a Graphic Novel

Philosophy is not your field? Well, the thoughts and life of Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius become a real pleasure to investigate with this stunning graphic novel. Have a look!

Here Comes the INC 2022 Programme

In less than two months the XVI International Numismatic Congress 2022 in Warsaw will start. The organizers now present the preliminary programme with the scientific programme and all poster sessions.

Collectible Treasures: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from Spain

Spain is a popular vacation destination and the country’s coins are just as popular among collectors. Our expert numiscontrol explains which 2-euro commemorative coins are likely to increase in value and where to find them – and what traps to avoid!

New Swiss Commemorative Coin “Solar Energy”

Swissmint continues the “Energy of the Future” series with the commemorative coin “Solar Energy”. As it is characteristic for this series, the coin has fluorescent elements that glow in the dark.

WWII-Looted Art Found in a Thrift Store

A Roman bust disappears from Bavaria during the Second World War. Then, it reappears in the unlikeliest place in the world: a thrift store in Texas. A true story with a happy ending, which also draws attention to a serious problem.

How the US Mint Was Created

Heritage offers the 1791 congressional resolution authorizing the creation of the US Mint signed by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and other remarkable documents related to the origin of US coinage.

Shipments With Ancient Coins Lost!

Four ancient coins from a recent Cayón auction have been lost during shipping. This probably occurred in the USA. Here you can see the lost coins and their description.

A Review of 500 Years of Medal Art in Lithuania and Poland

At the XI Baltic Medal Triennial “Medal Art in Lithuania and Poland – 500 years” medals from 71 artists were exhibited. Jurgita Ludavičienė presents this exhibition, which you can still enjoy through a digital catalogue.

National Treasure Medal “Kiyomizu-dera Temple“

The newest National Treasure medal from the Japanese Mint is dedicated to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. This temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.”

In Unity Strength – Ukraine

With “In Unity Strength” the National Bank of Ukraine issued the first commemorative coin since the beginning of the war. It is dedicated to national unity as well as the international support that the country receives.

German Police Uncover Maple Leaf Fraud

Did you recently buy Canadian Maple Leaf coins via classified ads? The Cologne police recommend that you have their authenticity checked because numerous counterfeits of the popular gold coins were seized, and suspects arrested.

Graffiti on 1797 Silver Dollar Opens Window into U.S. History

Tiny hand-engraved letters on a U.S. silver dollar lead to the highly interesting life of Lucinda Walker of the Cherokee Nation. This woman links the coin to the “Trail of Tears”, the forced deportation of Native Americans.

Be Aware of Counterfeit Gold and Silver Coins Made in China

A Texas investor became an unsuspecting victim of fake “precious metal” and “rare coins” offered online. Read how suspiciously low prices are disguised and what you can learn from this case.

100 Greatest Canadian Coins and Tokens

Explore with Harvey B. Richer the 100 Greatest Canadian Coins and Tokens in his new book. Richer pushes boundaries in defining coins and tokens. And then, how to choose the greatest of the great?

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Opens New Boston Gallery

Stack’s Bowers Galleries opens a new downtown rare coin gallery in historic Boston. If you are looking for a new employment, read on as the firm is seeking to hire staff for the Boston gallery.

How UK Treasury Promotes the Use of Cash

Great Britain is planning new laws to improve access to cash. This was announced in the Queen’s Speech following a recent consultation on how important cash still is.

Numismatic Icons – Pegasos

Pegasos was one of the most commonly depicted creatures on Greek coinage. CIT dedicates a new issue of its Numismatic Icons series to the mythological creature. For the first time, aficionados of the series will be offered an alternative to the silver edition.

Royal Mint Celebrates Codebreaker Alan Turing on 50 Pence Coin

The Royal Mint has launched a collectable 50p to celebrate the life and work of Alan Turing for the first time on a coin. Turing has become famous for his achievements in codebreaking during WWII and as an icon of the LSBT*Q movement.

Brazen Armed Robbery at TEFAF Art Fair

In broad daylight, armed robbers raided a jeweller at the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht. How the robbers went about their business seems to be frighteningly simple.

These Are the Recipients of the ANA Philanthropy Awards 2022

The American Numismatic Association will recognize numismatic author Q. David Bowers and the Stack family for their successes in the numismatic community with its Philanthropy Award. The awards will be presented at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money in August.

Augustus in Saigon!?

Even as far as Vietnam you may find Roman imperial and classical Western ideas. Students of the University Vietnam delved into the country’s history and culture and present their findings in a revealing online exhibition.

IAPN Book Prizes for 2021 and 2022

After a gap of three years, in May 2022 the IAPN Assembly was eventually able to meet in person and voted for the prestigious IAPN book prizes 2021 and 2022. See all the winners here!

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Opens New Office in Virginia Beach

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has opened a new office in Virginia Beach. To manage this location the company employed two industry-experts: Devin Hipp and Kyle Honoré.

Ventris C. Gibson Confirmed as 40th Director of the U.S. Mint

The United States Mint has a new Director. Ventris C. Gibson, a high-ranking U.S. Navy veteran, took now the oath of office and is the first African-American in this position.

Canadian Gold Bullion Coin Commemorates the Klondike Gold Rush

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a gold bullion coin commemorating the Klondike Gold Rush. The second coin in a series dedicated to this historical event illustrates a crucial operation in retrieving the gold.

The World’s Most Expensive Nobel Prize Medal – Auctioned For a Good Cause

Dmitri Muratov’s 2021 Nobel Peace Prize medal broke all records at Heritage: 103.5 million dollars, by far the largest sum ever paid for a numismatic object. And all for a very good cause.

Yale’s New Gallery of Numismatics

The Yale University Art Gallery opened the new Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics featuring over 260 items in 16 newly designed display cases. An intimate place to quietly study breathtaking numismatic masterpieces.

Canadian Record: 1 Kilo Platinum Coin With Diamonds

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Opulence Collection aims at redefining rare. The “Ultimate”, a 1 kilo platinum coin with 462 pink diamonds, was sold and set a new record for a coin offered at auction in Canada.

The Specimens For Siam’s Early Banknotes

Coin dealer Jan Aamlid has published a catalogue of his own collection: specimens for the early banknotes of Siam. Truly a connoisseur’s field – and the catalogue is an opulent feast for the eyes. Daniel Baumbach took a look at it.

Sophia D. Kremydi Receives 2021 ANS Huntington Award

The American Numismatic Society has given the 2021 Archer Milton Huntington Medal Award to Dr. Sophia D. Kremydi. Kremydi is renowned for her research on the ancient economies and material culture of Northern Greece.

Oriental Numismatic Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Oriental Numismatic Society celebrates its 50th anniversary with an international Zoom conference from 25th to 26th June 2022. Read what to expect from this event with international speakers.

Beautiful and Rare: 2-euro Commemorative Coins from Slovenia

Slovenian 2-euro commemorative coins are hardly ever found in circulation, but they are great collectibles: our author considers them to be among the most beautiful coins in the entire eurozone. Numiscontrol will tell you everything else you need to know.

Daydreamer – Future

CIT’s “Daydreamer – Future” uses smartminting® technology in a completely new way and creates an excellent and sophisticated illusion. Let’s draw the curtain to get a glimpse at the future!

Death Sentence for Taking Home a Vacation Souvenir?

A Briton and a German accused of smuggling antiquities were on trial in Iraq. Wanting to take home a few old shards and pieces of marble as vacation souvenirs, the men ran the risk of being sentenced to death. Now the verdict was announced.

Stavanger’s Maritime Museum

The history of shipping, shipbuilding and trade are closely linked. The Norwegian city of Stavanger dedicates a new museum to this subject – in a historic warehouse building in the harbour, of course.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How would people like to be remembered let’s say 2,000 years from now? The Ashmolean Museum offers a numismatic talk for over-65s bringing together daily life questions and ancient coins. You can still book a free ticket!

Julie Abrams Joins Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Stack’s Bowers Galleries welcomes Julie Abrams as Consignment Director and Dealer Liaison and the most recent valued addition to the firm’s growing worldwide operations.

The First Quarter 2022 of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint published its financial results for the first quarter of 2022. Compared to the singular results of 2021, revenue decreased while profit did not. Check the facts!

US Mint Begins Shipping Wilma Mankiller Quarter Coins

The United States Mint has begun shipping the third coin in the American Women Quarters Program. These circulating quarters honoring Wilma Mankiller are manufactured at the Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver.

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