Thursday, 14.11.2019


Hustle and Bustle at the 48th International Coin Fair Zurich

Like every year, the Numismatic Society of Zurich organised its coin fair at Swissôtel Zurich on the last weekend of October. An opportunity to have a nice chat with colleagues and, of course, to make deals.

The International Art Market as Cultural Bogeyman, Part 2

Who opposes the antiquities trade and why? In the second part of this two-part article, Ivan Macquisten discusses the role of the media as well as cross-cultural misunderstandings in the debate of cultural property and the antiquities trade.

Robbery in Colombia

An important collection of Colombian coins was robbed recently. Find here an overview of the stolen coins.

Gilles Bransbourg Named ANS Executive Director

Four weeks ago, we reported about the change concerning the position of the ANS Executive Director. Gilles Bransbourg will replace Ute Wartenberg. In the meantime, the ANS has published two extensive press releases giving more background. You will find them here.

Bill Bierly: In God We Trust

Numismatic historian Q. David Bowers shares his thoughts on William Bierly’s In God We Trust: The American Civil War, Money, Banking, and Religion. According to him “one of the most detailed, intricate, and fascinating books in the field of American numismatics”.

Verify PMG Certification Now Features Images of 3 Million Notes

If you want to search easily and for free a certain banknote certified by Paper Money Guaranty, you can use the PMG Certification tool. PMG’s online certification database now features images of more than 3 million PMG-certified notes.

Third Time Lucky? The Curious Case of the Elusive 50 Pence Brexit Coin

For years Brexit has been a dominating subject in European politics – and a recurring one in numismatics. Coin collectors may have eagerly awaited the much anticipated commemorative Brexit coin, but – fitting the subject – there was a setback as Michael Alexander explains.

EVA Celebrates 25 Years

The European Vending Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. Representing the European vending, EVA has become an important reference for all mints who develop new circulation coins: After all, coins are expected to work smoothly with vending machines.

Greece’s Numismatic Programme 2020

Greece has announce the numismatic programme of 2020: collector coins will feature the Persian Wars and battles of ancient Greece, 2 euro commemorative circulation coins will be dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae and the Acquisition of Thrace.

New Italian Silver Coin Is Dedicated to the Duomo of Milan

The Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato has issued a 10€ silver proof coin belonging to the series “Italy of Arts – Milan Cathedral”. It is dedicated to the world renowned gothic Cathedral, symbol of the city of Milan.

Alert News: Residential Burglary

On 2 November 2019, coins were stolen during a residential burglary in Colorado Springs, CO. The victim was Kenneth Bressett, renowned US numismatist who was senior editor of the Red Book for many years. Find here a summary of the stolen objects.

The International Art Market as Cultural Bogeyman, Part 1

What is cultural property? What are antiquities? How do they differ? Why is it so difficult to distinguish what is legal and what is looted? In this two-part article, Ivan Macquisten answers basic questions regarding the antiquities trade.

ANA Is Accepting Nominations for 2020 Awards

Each year, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) presents awards to deserving individuals in recognition of outstanding dedication to numismatics. Nominations for 2020 awards can be submitted until January 15, 2020.

Historia Mvndi: Picture Stories in XXL

The Numismatic Cabinet of the Vatican issues a magazine, in which coins and medals tell the stories by themselves: “Historia Mvndi” almost wastefully displays luxurious and high-quality close-up shots. Björn Schöpe took a look at the current issue.

New Assistant Curator at the ANS

The American Numismatic Society has hired Dr. Jesse Kraft as Assistant Curator of the Coins and Currency of the Americas.

CNG Implement New Features on Modernized Website

After years of input and suggestions from customers, CNG have decided to modernize their website to better present the auctions and to offer more and better functionality for bidders. Customers can expect an array of new features.

IACA Excellence in Currency 2019 Coin Awards

During the Coin Conference in Rome the winners of the IACA Excellence in Currency 2019 Coin Awards were announced. Find here all the finalists and this year’s winners of the program.

Evolution of Life – Sinraptor

CIT Coin Invest AG dedicates the fifth issue of the “Evolution of Life” series to the “Chinese predator” Sinraptor. For the first time in 1993 a fossil of the enormous dinosaur was found in the Shishugou mountain formation bordering Mongolia.

Pobjoy Celebrates the Naming of the RRS Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is familiar to all those who love the BBC nature documentaries. He was honoured by naming a research ship after him. Pobjoy Mint has released a silver coin to perpetuate the naming ceremony.

Cracking Coin, Gromit!

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new commemorative coin to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Britain’s favourite double acts Wallace & Gromit. Inspired by the original short film, the coin features a Latin inscription, which translates to ‘cracking cheese’.

Big Data Tells Intimate Stories

The newly acquired lead seals of the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine seal collection contain unexpected imageries and many belonged to people that had been left out of standard histories of the period. This is why the collection is essential to research of the period.

Big News from the Paper Money Fair

Since 1997, every year the Paper Money Fair – one of the world’s most important banknote fairs – takes place in Valkenburg in the Netherlands. But soon, visitors have to expect a fundamental change.

The Legacy of Grand Prince George Mikhailovich Romanov

The exhibition "A Princely Numismatist. Grand Prince George Mikhailovich Romanov. Fate and Legacy" of the International Numismatic Club Museum in Moscow displays unique exhibits from the collection of this important collector.

Henrik Holt Christensen Joins Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Henrik Holt Christensen has joined Stack’s Bowers Galleries as Consignment Director of Europe. Mr. Christensen will focus on expanding the firm’s European network and growing its World Paper Money department.

Trade journal OZeAN Offers Access to Open Data and 3D Scans

The numismatic Open Access online journal OZeAN (Online Journal on Ancient Numismatics) promises a rapid publication of research results and the integration of state-of-the-art technology to complement scientific texts.

No Mainstream Solution: Estonia Plans to Issue 1-Cent Coins

In a surprise move which goes against the trend, Estonia’s Central Bank announces plans to issue 10 million one-cent coins into circulation. Although the coins are much required in the Baltic country the Central Bank offers also advice on rounding rules.

World Banknote Summit Unveils Programme Innovations

The organisers of the World Banknote Summit 2020 have added both a new discussion format known as a Chatbox and a special printer’s workshop. The World Banknote Summit 2020 is set to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 24th to 26th February.

Royal Canadian Mint Honours Métis Leader Louis Riel

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a silver Special Edition Proof Dollar marking the 175th anniversary of the birth of Métis leader and founder of Manitoba, Louis Riel. It is the first coin to feature Michif, the official language of the Métis Nation.

New Coins and Medals Feature Comic Hero Asterix

60 years after the creation of the very first story around the small Gaul warrior Asterix and his friend Obelix and their dog Idefix, Monnaie de Paris has issued a series of collector coins in silver and gold, and various medals and mini medals dedicated to these popular comic heroes.

Ute Wartenberg Resigns as Executive Director of the ANS

On 1 November 2019, Ute Wartenberg-Kagan will resign as executive director of the ANS. She can look back on 20 successful years – within this time she made the ANS become one of the world’s best-known numismatic societies.

Currency in Crisis: German Emergency Money, 1914–1924

The British Museum is displaying the exhibition “Currency in crisis: German emergency money, 1914–1924”. It is the first major exhibition of German Notgeld in the UK.

Trésors monétaires vol. 28 – Spanish treasures in France

The Bibliothèque nationale de France has published the 28th volume of its Trésors monétaires series. The volume written by Jérôme Jambu focuses on Spanish monetary treasures in 17th and 18th century France, and features the silver coins from the wreck of the Jeanne-Élisabeth.

Gold Coins From Sweden, 1512-2020

Roberto Delzanno published a new book on the gold coins of Sweden. It covers all Swedish gold issues including the coins of 2019. The text is written in Swedish, German and English.

Shekel Prize Medal Awarded to the Late Alex Abezgauz

The Shekel Prize Medal is awarded annually by the American Israel Numismatic Association to the author of the best book on Judaic or Holy Land numismatics. This year’s award went to Alex Abezgauz, for his book “Jewish Banknotes Based on the Collection of A. Abezgauz”.

A Study Has Proven: Cash Is a Public Good

Cash is not just one of many means of payment. A current study has proven that the possibility to pay with coins and banknotes must be recognised as public infrastructure: Anyone can simply use it without additional costs and, most importantly, without being controlled.

Meteorite Impacts: Estacado Meteorite

For the Cook Islands, CIT Coin Invest AG has designed a new silver coin as part of the Meteorite Impacts series. Just like its predecessors, the issue “Estacado Meteorite” contains a part of the meteorite it is named after.

Sir Stamford Raffles: Collecting in Southeast Asia 1811-1824

A new exhibition at the British Museum showcases an important selection of Southeast Asian antiquities from the collection of Sir Stamford Raffles. Of course he collected coins - which turned out to be rare protective amulets.

Maximilian I’s Legendary Armor in New York

The armor of the last knight will travel to New York on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Maximilian’s death. If you want to see these works of art which Maximilian loved to wear when having his coin portraits made, you have to visit the Metropolitan.

Alessandro Magnaguti. The Last Coin Collector from the House of Gonzaga

Nobleman, author, big landowner. Alessandro Magnaguti was all of that, but above all he was an almost fanatical coin collector, who lived in the first half of the 20th century. Damiano Cappellari dedicated a biography to him, Björn Schöpe took a look at it.

Application for HKINF 2019 Is Open

Applications for the 9th semi-annual Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair (December 6 to 8, 2019) are now open. The exhibition tables for dealers and other exhibitors are available on a first come, first served basis.

PMG Announces Grading Services for Bond and Stock Certificates

The banknote grading company Paper Money Guaranty® is expanding to certify collectibles from the world of scripophily.

The Royal Mint Celebrates 50 Years of the 50p

To celebrate fifty years of Great Britain’s revolutionary seven-sided 50p coin, The Royal Mint has released a commemorative 50p bearing the original 1969 Britannia New Pence design in different qualities. Some collectors might even strike their own 50p coin.

Homer Simpson on Tuvalu’s Gold Coin

Everybody knows them: in 2018, The Simpsons became the longest-running primetime scripted show in television history. Now the Perth Mint has struck a 1oz gold coin featuring Homer Simpson on it on behalf of Tuvalu.

A Numismatic Restoration Project Needs Your Vote!

For the first time ever, a restoration project in the South of Italy was able to save thousands of coins with private aid. Now the researchers are applying for a prize for this work and need as many online votes as possible. Help them and give them your vote!

Coin Dealers From All Over the World at Coinex in London

There are fairs that have been an integral part of the coin trade’s agenda for decades. Coinex is one of them. Also this year, many important auction houses and coin dealers came to London. They made use of the opportunity to participate in the auctions at the same time.

New ICOMON Board Members Elected

The International Committee for Money and Banking Museums has elected new board members. The new chairperson is Ute Wartenberg. The forum of the International Council of Museums represents almost 200 member institutions from all over the world.

Numismatic Project among Art Fund’s Winners of New Collecting Awards

The Art Fund is a British institution helping museums fulfilling their tasks. As many museums are not able to acquire new exhibits, the art fund supplies funding for buying new objects. Now this year's winners were announced. A numismatic project is among them.

Ships, Colonies & Commerce

Christopher Faulkner dedicates more than 400 pages to a single type of Canadian token described in the literature as Breton 997 to Breton 1001! Ursula Kampmann had a look at the publication and discovered everything that can be written about such emissions.

NumisSearch Offers Special Conditions for New Customers – A Perfect Opportunity for Trying Out Their Services

More than 6,000 users per day, more than 50,000 registered customers that spend an average of more than 10 minutes on the website – that is what the platforms NumisSearch, PhilaSearch and AntiquesSearch have to offer. For every auction house operating in the field of numismatics that decides to try out the platform with three auctions, NumisSearch offers special conditions.

Coins for the Gods

The organizers of the international conference “Coins for the Gods, Coins for the Merchants” have released the conference program of the event at Athens on October 24 to 25, 2019.

Albert Beck Yet Again Managing Director of World Money Fair

The World Money Fair Holding GmbH (WMF) has announced that Albert Beck is again taking on the role as the company’s Managing Director. Gitta Künker is stepping down as Managing Director.

Biker Skull

On the occasion of the ANA World’s Fair of Money 2019, CIT Coin Invest AG presented its fourth design of the successful Skull series. Inspired by the “land of liberty” and “Easy Rider”, these issues are dedicated to all bikers.

Italy Commemorates 30 Years of Fall of the Berlin Wall

Italy is issuing a 5 Euro silver coin dedicated to the “30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall”. It features the dove of peace behind a colourful mural clashing with the Berlin Wall.

No Commemorative Coin for Enid Blyton

Did you also read the Famous Five when you were young? Shame on you! You have been poisoned with racist thoughts! At least according to those who made the Royal Mint block a commemorative coin in honour of Enid Blyton. How should this issue be dealt with?

Inspired by the East

The British Museum opens a new exhibition on the artistic interaction between Eastern and Western art from the 1500s to present age. The display confronts models and imitations as well as paintings inspired by an art trend known today as Orientalism.

2019 Archer M. Huntington Award for Prof. Oğuz Tekin

The ANS has awarded Prof. Oğuz Tekin with the Archer M. Huntington Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship. Tekin is specialized in ancient Greek and Roman coinage as well as ancient metrology and the first citizen of Turkey to receive this honor.

ANA Presents Literary Awards to Exceptional Writers

The American Numismatic Association’s 2019 literary awards recognize articles published in the 2018 volume of ANA’s official magazine, The Numismatist, and awarded young and adult writers.

PMG Certifies India ‘Discovery Note’ at Hong Kong Event

Paper Money Guaranty® has certified a previously unknown British India banknote at an on-site grading event in Hong Kong. The 1925 banknote was not previously known to specialists.

Paper mill in Königstein celebrates its 450th anniversary

On June 29, 2019, the security paper factory Königstein celebrated its 450th anniversary. The Paper Mill in Königstein belongs to the world’s highest-performing production locations for the manufacture of banknotes and security papers.

Latvijas Banka Issues 2 Euro Commemorative Coin “The Rising Sun”

Latvijas Banka issued a 2 euro commemorative coin named “The Rising Sun” dedicated to the history of the Coat of Arms of Latvia and paying tribute to the artist Ansis Cīrulis.

2019 Pegasus Reverse Frosted Bullion

Pobjoy Mint has released a 2019 dated Pegasus silver bullion. The coin is issued by the British Virgin Islands and shows the mythical horse Pegasus. Many coins from the territory have featured horses in Royal events, including Trooping the colour.

A Robbery in a Coin Store – You Can Be There Too!

In Silver Spring, a coin store was robbed on 17 September 2019 – unfortunately, that is nothing unusual in today’s world. What is special about this robbery is the fact that surveillance cameras filmed every detail of the robber’s actions.

Indiennes. Material for a Thousand Stories

The National Museum in Zurich dedicates an exhibition to this impressive chapter of economic history. Cotton fabrics from India endangered even the well established French silk production.

ANS Announces 2020 Gala Honoree

The American Numismatic Society will honor its former Trustee Richard M. Beleson with the Trustees’ Award at the Annual Gala Dinner in New York City on January 16, 2020. Proceeds from the Gala ticket sales will be used to support research and education in numismatics.

Seal Imprints & Alnage Seals

They are not coins – and yet, seal imprints can be found in auction catalogues from time to time. With good reason. They are exciting testimonies to economic history and thanks to the new work of R. van Laere, they can now be identified properly. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Numismatic Attractions in London and Birmingham

Great Britain’s important coin fairs are just around the corner: Right after the Coinex, the London Coin Fair and the Special Quarterly Show of the Midland Coin Fair take place in November and December. Here you find the practical information.

6th International Numismatic Conference of the Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium

On 16 May 2020, the 6th International Numismatic Conference of the Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium will focus on long interruptions in coinage during Antiquity. Proposals for submissions are due 1 October 2019. Travel expenses will be covered.

Switzerland Issues the New 100-Franc Note

Issuance of the new 100-franc note started in Switzerland on 12 September 2019. The new banknote completes the ninth series of Swiss banknotes.

A Bridge too Far: The Largest Airborne Operation in History

The Royal Dutch Mint has released a new 5 Euro coin. Featuring satin and zigzag stitches pointing to parachutes, the Market Garden 5 Euro Coin tells the impressive story of the largest airborne operation in history that took place and failed 75 years ago.

CIT Dedicates a Commemorative Coin to the AC/DC Album “The Razors Edge”

With “The Razors Edge”, CIT Coin Invest AG publishes its fourth issue of the AC/DC series. This piece features latest minting technology making it an impressive collecting item even for those coin collectors who do not listen to AC/DC music on a regular basis.

Why There Is Still No Verdict in the Trial of the Stolen 100-Kilogram Maple Leaf

In 2017, a 100-kilogram Maple Leaf was stolen from the Bode Museum – the trial against the accused appears to be just as gigantic as the gold coin itself. Two and a half years later, the investigation is still ongoing. But why is it so difficult to reach a verdict?

Citéco: A Museum Dedicated to Economy

Modern, fancy, with a smack of luxury from times long past – this is Paris’ new museum of economy in a 1920s Banque de France branch office, a former Neo-Renaissance palace. Citéco familiarises with economy through games, computer stations, and many historical objects.

The Biggest Coin Collection, its Collector, and the Hall of Fame of the Chicago Coin Club

Many coin collectors know the “Brand collection”. Now, the Chicago Coin Club presents his famous member. Virgil M. Brand inducted to the Hall of Fame of this coin club owned the biggest private coin collection of all times.

Second Edition of “The Early Dated Coins of Europe” Published

The appearance of a date on a coin is not a given. The first dated coins stem from the end of the Renaissance period. Robert A. Levinson dedicated a book to these early dated coins, and now, its second edition has been published.

Doug Davis Named Director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation

Former police chief and head of the Numismatic Crime Information Center Doug Davis has been selected by the nonprofit Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) to be its next Director of Anti-Counterfeiting.

Taisei Coins Corporation becomes Official Submission Center for NGC, NCS and PMG in Japan

The respected Tokyo based company Taisei Coins Corporation will accept collectibles to be submitted to NGC, NCS and PMG as an Official Submission Center in Japan.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Nyon’s Museum with Caesar

40 years ago, the Roman Museum in Nyon (Switzerland) opened its gates for the first time. On 21 and 22 September 2019, the museum celebrates this anniversary with numerous activities.

More Sustainability in the Production of Banknotes

Louisenthal has analyzed the production of banknotes with regard to sustainability and launched an information campaign to raise awareness. This campaign also aims to assist central banks and banknote printing plants in improving the sustainability of banknotes.

The Royal Australian Mint Releases Coin in Honor of the National Rubgy Team

While the Wallabies, Australia’s national rugby team is embarking on the Rugby World Cup in Japan, Royal Australian Mint issues a $2 limited edition coin with the Wallabies’ logo. The coin will be available in Woolworths supermarket registers.

Sberatel: Crowds of People like There Were in the 70s

Anyone who believes that coin fairs are in crisis should visit Prague’s Sberatel. Over two days, more than 10,000 visitors flooded the exhibition halls. They lunged enthusiastically at the wide-ranged offer. CoinsWeekly was there.

Good News after Vehicle Burglary in California

A collector lost approximately $60,000 in rare coins stolen from his car in August. Now most of them have been recovered. A suspect had offered them to coin dealers who informed the police. This is a striking proof for a basic fact: Early warning systems among coin dealers are really efficient.

Der neue MünzenMarkt steht online!

Gehen Sie mit uns auf Schatzsuche! Begleiten Sie uns auf die Schatzinsel Gotland und nach England. Der MünzenMarkt 28 steht ganz im Zeichen verborgener Schätze und spektakulärer Funde. Das Heft können Sie gratis bei uns als PDF herunterladen.

A Look into the Asian Market: The 7th Hong Kong Coin Show

Asia’s most important coin show, the Hong Kong Coin Show, took place from 23 to 25 August 2019. The fair did not only amaze with an incredibly rich numismatic offer but also with insightful seminars and workshops.

Concordia Disciplinarum – Festschrift in Honor of William E. Metcalf

The American Numismatic Society honoured William E. Metcalf with a festschrift presented by former students and colleagues in recognition of the researcher’s impact on numismatics. The former Chief curator and Yale professor is a reknown expert of cistophori.

The Numismata in Berlin and Frankfurt

Like every autumn, the Numismata will take place in Berlin and in Frankfurt: the Numismata Berlin from 12 to 13 October, the Numismata Frankfurt from 22 to 23 November. Be aware that this year’s Numismata Frankfurt already starts on Friday. In return, it will not take place on Sunday.

ANA Selects Phoenix as Host City for 2021 National Money Show

The American Numismatic Association has chosen the host city and venue for the 2021 National Money Show. The event will take place on March 11-13, 2021 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mint Experts Meet at TEMAN Conference in Singapore

Delegates of mints and issuing authorities will be meeting from 4 to 7 November 2019 in Singapore. The 2019 TEMAN conference is hosted by the Singapore Mint. The deadline for submitting conference paper proposals is fixed on 18 September 2019.

New “Furka Pass” Swiss Commemorative Coin and 2019 Christmas Coin Set

On 12 September 2019, Swissmint will conclude this year’s coin programme of Switzerland with the new “Furka Pass” silver coin, the second in the three-part Swiss Alpine passes coin series, and with the 2019 Christmas coin set.

Bank of Latvia Dedicates Collector Coin to Painter Niklāvs Strunke

Latvijas Banka has issued a specially shaped coin in silver dedicated to the creative heritage of Niklāvs Strunke (1894–1966), Latvian painter, graphic artist and stage designer. The coin features fragments of two of his most distinguished works.

Treasure from the Era of William the Conqueror

1066: William the Conqueror subdues England. This moment in history is illustrated by a coin hoard found by metal detectorists in Somerset in January 2019. This is the largest Norman hoard found since 1833. And what is more: This coin hoard is of prime historical significance.

Numismatic Summer School in China

The first Numismatic Summer School at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations in Changchun, China was a success. The students discovered the medium coin, the European numismatists learned from unexpected questions.

The Italian Mint Becomes a Multifunctional Cultural Centre

Die Produktion in der „Zecca“ wurde eingestellt, doch noch immer ist sie Sitz der Schule für Medaillenkunst (SAM). Nun wird sie zum Kulturzentrum, das dem gesamten Viertel Esquilino in Rom zugutekommt.

Numismatic Exhibition in Argentina

Are you living in or visiting Buenos Aires? Make sure to attend ‘Mythology on Coins from Greece and Rome’. The Banco Provincia Museum offers a free exhibition on Greek and Roman coinage with a focus on classical mythology in cooperation with ADVENTVS.

The Colmar Treasure – A Testimony from the Year of the Great Plague

The Met Cloisters is currently exhibiting one of the best-known testimonies to the persecution of Jews in the context of the Great Plague: the Colmar treasure. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the publication.

Collectors Converge on Chicago World’s Fair of Money

The Chicago suburb of Rosemont again proved to be a popular site for the World’s Fair of Money, with many hobbyists lauding the show as the best in recent...

George F. Kolbe Numismatic Library To Be Sold

It’s just one month that George Kolbe was honored by the ANA with the Lifetimes Achievement Award. Now the personal library of the most eminent numismatic bookseller George F. Kolbe will be sold at auction featuring not only his books but also various related collectables.

“Plamet”: a New Material for Coin Mass Production

We are happy to reprint an article which was originally published at the Gold Chervonets Magazine in Russian on a new material used for coins by the Russian joint-stock company Goznak. Mass production of coins made of the new material is due to start by the end of 2019.

South African Mint marks 25 Years of Democracy

The South African Mint unveiled the last edition in the ‘Life of a Legend – Nelson Mandela’ Protea collectable coin series. The 2019 range pays tribute to the Republic’s first democratically elected president and global icon’s legacy.

Lullaby – Little Princess

CIT Coin Invest has issued the second issue of the “Lullaby” series. “Little Princess” combines the ancient tradition of presenting a newborn child with a lucky coin, with a musical box that can be purchased with the coin.

Pobjoy Mint Reveals First Coin in New 50p Maritime Series

Pobjoy Mint has relesed the first coin in the 50p series on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The coin features the green sea turtle portrayed in colour.

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