Osborne Coinage Joins Belgium’s Royal United Mint

Pictured left to right: Vincent Van Hecke (CEO Royal United Mint), Jeffrey Stegman (CEO Osborne Coinage), and Andre McCaster (President Osborne Coinage).
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Osborne Coinage, the oldest private mint in the United States has had many historical milestones in its 188 years of doing business, including minting campaign medallions for Abraham Lincoln, creating scrip for lumber mills and coal mines in the early 1900s and manufacturing billions of fiber ration tokens during World War II. After WWII, the company’s focus shifted to commercial applications like subway and toll tokens, the production of tokens for subways and toll roads, casino tokens, promotional business coins, commemoratives, awards, and collectible numismatics. The Stegman family has owned the business for 75 years.

Effective April 3, 2023, Osborne Coinage Company reached another milestone by becoming part of the Royal United Mint, joining notable companies The Royal Dutch Mint and Mauquoy Token Company.

Shared Minting Knowledge and Expertise of Three Mints

This partnership facilitates knowledge sharing, an expansion of the product range, as well as efficiency gains in production, sales, and logistics.

Andre McCaster, is now the CEO. McCaster has been with Osborne for 27 years and worked his way up the ladder from production operator to production control manager, Vice President of Manufacturing, and most recently, President. He has several degrees, including an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

“Our goal has always been to be a true leader in the minting industry by providing quality, unique, and timely products/services throughout the world. By forming this partnership with the Royal United Mint, we will be able to increase our capacity, product offerings and better serve our domestic and international customers, said Andre McCaster, President of Osborne Coinage.

A Long History as the Partnership Foundation

Osborne Coinage is the oldest private mint in the United States and joins a group of companies with an equally rich tradition. The Royal Dutch Mint was established in 1567 and is one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. Mauquoy Token Company was founded in 1875.

“Osborne Coinage Company is approaching its 200-year anniversary. As the representatives of three generations of our family stewarding Osborne Coinage Company for the past 75 years, we are pleased and excited for the next chapter”, say the former owners Jeffrey Stegman and Todd Stegman.

Osborne Coinage

Osborne Coinage, based in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a wide variety of custom coins for applications like awards, gift certificates, commemoratives, food or drink coupons, giveaways, in-box promotions, grand opening celebrations, sporting events, challenge coins, and souvenirs. In addition, Osborne Coinage produces blanks in base metals for other mints, as well as commemorative and circulation coins for central banks and Collectors.

Visit the Website of Osborne Coinage.

Further information about the Royal United Mint can be found on their website.