Tuesday, 2022.01.25
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Muriel Eymery (1966-2022)

New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo: Muriel Eymery was one of the true cosmopolitans of our profession. Now, the joyful Frenchwoman who spoke such wonderful English has succumbed to cancer.

$212 Million Turnover at Stack’s Bowers Galleries in Record Year 2021

For coin dealers, 2021 was a booming year. Stack’s Bower Galleries give an overview of this year that saw as a highlight the famous 1822 Half Eagle being sold for breath-taking $8,400,000. What can we expect from the auction house in 2022? Read it here.

Archaeological Museum Displays Lisbon’s History Lavishly

Atelier Brückner completely redesigned Lisbon’s Archaeological Museum. In the new presentation visitors can immerge into 2,500 years of history of this city from the first Punic settlement until the devastating earthquake of 1755. A truly immersive experience!

Medieval Money and Banking Between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea

Helmut Rizzolli has published a book for people who do not (yet) collect coins but are interested in them. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the work and concludes: why aren’t there more books like this?

Barbara Gregory is the New Editor of The Centinel

Barbara J. Gregory has been named Editor of The Centinel, the quarterly journal of the Central States Numismatic Society. She will succeed Gerald Tebben who is retiring after 12 years as Editor of the award-winning CSNS publication.

Happy Birthday Euro: Here’s to the next 20 years!

The euro celebrates its 20th birthday. Giesecke+Devrient has accompanied Europe’s common currency from the beginning and sends a personal birthday greeting, together with some requests for the future.

Morteratsch Glacier Starts Swiss Glaciers Series

With the new Swiss Glaciers series, Swissmint calls attention to how strongly the glaciers in the Alps are affected by climate change. The first issue is dedicated to the Morteratsch glacier.

“Platinum”: First Swiss Platinum Commemorative Coin

Platinum is one of the most precious and resistant metals. With its new 25 Franc platinum coin, the Swissmint launched its first platinum coin that is only available in proof quality.

Harvey G. Stack (1928-2022)

One of the founding fathers and a chronicler of the modern American coin trade has died. Harvey Stack passed away on 3 January 2022. Ursula Kampmann remembers him.

How a Byzantine Earring Came to Denmark’s Vikings

A Byzantine gold earring of exceptional quality was found in Denmark in late 2021. Researchers believe it was a gift of the Byzantine emperor himself. You can admire it in the special exhibition “The Raid” in the National Museum of Denmark.

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