Monday, 30.11.2020


Large Hoard of Roman Denarii Found in Poland

A farmer found 1,753 denarii in Poland. This is one of the greatest treasures of Roman coins in Polish history. The silver coins bear testimony to the last resistance of the Vandals against the invading Goths – and the catastrophic consequences of their flight.

Martin David Weiss, Now’s the Time to Speak

Martin David Weiss was the founder of Panda America and one of the major promoters of Chinese coins, Pandas in particular, on the international market. Martin Weiss has just passed away and Peter Anthony remembers him taking us along the journey of his life.

2020 North Book Prize Goes to John Sills

The British Numismatic Society awarded their 2020 North Book Price to Dr John Sills for his book “Divided Kingdoms: The Iron Age Old Coinage of southern England”. With more than 10,000 Celtic gold coins catalogued it is a unique work of reference.

Moving Mints?

In 1972 Konrad Kraft published a work stating that some of the imperial coins of Asia Minor had been produced by moving mints. George Watson questions this hypothesis by examining the coins of Pamphylia, Pisidia and Cilicia from the years between 218 and 276.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Acquires Coins In Motion

Stack’s Bowers Galleries acquired Coins In Motion LLC. This new technology accurately captures the in-hand visual appeal of coins and banknotes and will be available for select highlights of the firm’s auctions very soon.

ANS Starts “Greatest Coins” Video Series

The American Numismatic Society launched the Greatest Coins video series. On a monthly basis, famous coins of historical importance in the ANS’s collection will be examined. The first video tells the story of the most celebrated Roman coin, the EID MAR denarius.

Australia’s First Coin of the Year Event Digital

This year, the Royal Australian Mint’s highly sought after First Coin of the Year event will be digital enabling anyone from anywhere in Australia to get their hands on the last coins made in 2020 and the first coins of 2021.

Pobjoy’s Christmas Crown to Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”

The Pobjoy Mint designed a new Christmas Crown to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens. The coin features Scrooge from Dickens’ famous novel A Christmas Carol.

Mass Raid and Arrests Over Dresden Jewel Heist

The spectacular heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in 2019 has made waves around the world: on 17 November 2020, three suspects were arrested, all members of an Arab clan. One of them should have been behind bars for his participation in the break-in at the Bode Museum.

Hobbyists Sue Minnesota for Discriminating Coin Collectors

The Minnesota Coin Bullion Dealer Law was passed in 2013 introducing highly problematic regulations regarding coin trading. Now a lawsuit was filed to have the law declared unconstitutional by a group of small business investors and coin enthusiasts.

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