Friday, 22.10.2021
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Italy Cancels Controversial Cashless Campaign

In a much-maligned scheme Italy’s government aimed at encouraging cashless payments by reimbursing a part of the sum paid with ec cards. Recently the European Central Bank wrote a letter of concern to Rome over the matter – not for nothing.

“Franklin’s World” as Print Edition: The Book for the Column

For years, Claire Franklin has been proving every week with her “Franklin’s World” cartoons that ancient coins and the numismatic world are anything but dull. Now Claire Franklin presents a printed book in which she published a selection of her works.

This is the Winner of the IAPN Book Prize 2021

In 2021, the International Association of Professional Numismatists organized their General Assembly for the first time virtually. During the meeting ten new members were welcomed and the winners of the IAPN Book Prize were announced.

Myntårsboken. Sveriges Mynt 995-2021

Three large works become a single small one: Roberto Delzanno condensed his catalogues on Swedish coinage published over the last years into a handy A5 volume. Can that work? Daniel Baumbach took a look at the catalogue.

Do Religious Networks Help With Commercial Renewals?

On 28th October 2021 the Center for Advanced Study “RomanIslam” organizes an online workshop with a special focus on coins: “Religious Networks as a Catalyst for Commercial Renewal? The Western Mediterranean in the Long Eighth Century”.

New Research on Transmission of Covid-19 Via Cash

Can Covid-19 spread through cash? A new ECB paper has done thorough tests to understand not only if the virus survives on banknotes and coins but also if humans can infect themselves with it. Let’s face the facts.

These Coins Were the Winners of “Coin Constellation 2021”

“Coin Constellation” has announced the winners of the XV edition in 2021. The only international contest for commemorative coins in Russia has determined winners in nine different categories. The Coin of the Year motif is very characteristic of the pandemic.

CIT Commemorates Breakthrough Album of Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden

With the album “The Number of the Beast” Iron Maiden achieved their breakthrough in the British charts in 1982. CIT has chosen the provocative album cover for a new coin. A numismatic monument with all the trimmings.

Is the Most Expensive Coin in the World Even a Coin?

Only a few physical coins from the early stages of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin exist. One has now resurfaced after ten years. Current BTC value: US $48 million. Which makes it the most valuable numismatic item of all time.

Former ANA President Removed From ANA Accolade

The highest honor of the American Numismatic Association has been the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award. However, many award winners have asked to rename the award because a retrospective look reveals a rather ambiguous image of former ANA President Zerbe.

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