Wednesday, 22.01.2020


Franz Füeg (1921-2019)

On 24 November 2019, Franz Füeg died. Many coin collectors know him as one of the most important scholars of Byzantine numismatics. Only a few of them are aware that he was also one of the most distinguished architects of Switzerland.

The End of an Era: Kurt Wyprächtiger Steps Down

For 40 years, Kurt Wyprächtiger curated the numismatic collection at the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen. From the unorganised material that he was confronted with when he started the job in 1980 he built up a systematic coin collection. Now, he steps down.

The New RIC

The new volume of the highly important Roman Imperial Coinage series was published by Spink in November 2019. It deals with the coins of emperor Hadrian and has a new layout. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick to Be Recognized as Numismatic Ambassador

During the Florida United Numismatists 65th annual convention, American Numismatic Association Executive Director Kim Kiick was recognized as a Numismatic Ambassador honoring what she has given to the numismatic community over many years.

ONS Meeting in Tübingen 2020

The Research Centre of Islamic Numismatics at Tübingen University invites to the Regional Conference of Islamic numismatics in May 2020. The organizers call for presentations.

Surprising Number of Polymer £5 and £10 Banknotes Replaced Due to Damage

New information pertaining to Bank of England polymer notes has surfaced in which their lifespan has been put into question. The Bank of England has reported that nearly 50 million polymer notes have had to be replaced since they were launched due to wear and tear.

World Banknote Summit 2020 in Prague

The World Banknote Summit 2020, which takes place in Prague from 24th to 26th February, spans a range of key agenda topics presented by expert speakers. Innovative session formats will offer excellent learning opportunities and foster exchange among the participants.

Mongolian Issues Marking the Year of the Mouse

On behalf of Mongolia CIT Coin Invest released a series of issues dedicated to the year of the Mouse featuring a gold coin, a banknote, as well as a silver mini-sculpture stuck with ©smartminting technology.

Joseph M. Segel (1931-2019)

On 21 December 2019, American entrepreneur Joseph Segel died at the age of 88. He was the founder of numerous companies, most notably of QVC, an American teleshopping network, but also of The Franklin Mint, a private mint well-known among coin collectors.

Scottish Towns Return to Coin-Operated Parking Meters

A Scottish council announced a coin-operated parking meter comeback driven by people power and fueled by solar power. Having introduced a cashless initiative less than two years ago, the council is now taking a step back – or forward? – to cash-friendly parking.

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