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Saturday, 2024.07.13
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Coronation Medal by the Numismatic Society of Auckland

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of her son as King Charles III, the Numismatic Society of Auckland decided to produce a medal to mark his coronation. It does not show Charles III, but his two predecessors of the same name.

numindex – The Stock Index for Coins

Has it become more expensive to collect coins? Numindex has the answer. The numismatic index transfers the concept of a stock index into the world of numismatics to help collectors find a suitable topic for their collection.

NGC Database Helps Solving Mystery of Missing Coins

In Beaumont, Texas, coin shipments worth more than $400,000 were lost or stolen over months. Thanks to the NGC database, the police were able to track down two suspects.

The Numismatic Index on 3 April 2023

The numismatic index numindex transparently shows how the prices of selected coins change over time. In the style of a stock index, it was designed for collectors who consider their collection an investment. Find out about the current state of the index.

Ursula Kampmann on the Evolution of the German Coin Market After 1970

During the NYINC 2023, Ursula Kampmann gave a presentation on the Evolution of the German Coin Market after 1970. This is the time when it changed profoundly becoming what it is today. But watch for yourselves, the video recording is now available online!

Christian Strayhorn New ANA Education Director

The American Numismatic Association has a new Education Director. Christian Strayhorn is responsible for implementing an online education program while elevating and improving upon existing programs as the ANA Summer Seminar.

A Lawyer’s Assessment of the Return of the Brutus Aureus

A Manhattan District Attorney returned the world’s most expensive ancient coin to Greece. The reason for this was a falsified provenance. The lawyer Peter K. Tompa is convinced that this case should be of concern to everybody.

The Birth of Portraiture on Coins

How and when did portraits get on coins? We should look at Alexander the Great and his successors to answer this question. A new exhibition at Nickle Galleries in Calgary explores the representation of power and identity on ancient coins.

New Year Address 2023 of the King of Bermania

The small age-old Kingdom of Bermania is ruled by Alanus I who promotes both humor and numismatics. King Alanus I campaigns for a flexible calendar and delivers his Royal New Year Address for 2023 – now.

Votive Coinage from Gandhāran Shrines

In a valley in northwestern Pakistan, for over 700 years, a cluster of shrines minted hundreds of varieties of their own votive coinage – a unique case in Central and South Asia. A new book describes the obscured history of this fascinating aspect of Asian numismatics.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.

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