Sunday, 23.02.2020


Gaming and Money: A Winning Combination

Money plays a key role in countless games. Just have a look at the collection of toy money at the British Museum, where they even thought about how to collect computer money. In the National Museum Zurich you can now dive into the history of video games – with money and without.

Coin Constellation-2019

“Coin Constellation” is the only international coin contest held in Russia. Here are all the winners of year 2019.

Pobjoy Commemorates Captain Cook’s HMS Resolution

Pobjoy Mint issues a 50p coin on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Government featuring the HMS Resolution. 250 years ago, Captain Cook made the first landing, surveying and mapping of this Antarctic territory in this ship.

NYINC – The Grande Dame of “Classical” Numismatics

In 2020, the New York International Numismatic Convention was once again the meeting place for all those dealing with classical numismatics. Between auctions and meetings, the event also provided the opportunity to exchange ideas. And the mood was upbeat as always.

The 49th World Money Fair in Berlin

Are you currently thinking about what mints you should absolutely visit? Guest country Japan, of course, but other mints have brought interesting objects, too. We provide you with an overview of the special issues that can be seen at the World Money Fair.

The Taler Celebrates 500 Years

500 years ago, the first “taler” was minted in Jáchymov, then Joachimsthal. Both professional associations of the German coin trade celebrate this anniversary with an event taking place in the context of the World Money Fair. Come around!

David Fanning’s New Book about the Literary History of Confederate Paper Money

Confederate Paper Money has been so popular since the 1860s that David F. Fanning has written a book on these publications devoted to the collecting and study of this field. Interested? Then be quick: only 100 copies have been printed.

PMG Celebrates 15 Years and Nearly 5 Million Notes

Paper Money Guaranty is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2020, a year that will also see the paper money grading service surpass 5 million notes certified. Both of these milestones of longevity and volume are unparalleled achievements in third-party paper money grading.

Performance of the First Vatican Euro Coins. Part 1

When euro coins were introduced in 2002, Vatican coins were considered a safe investment. Our expert numiscontrol checked whether the objects met the expectations.

The World’s Smallest Gold Coin Comes From Switzerland and Is Already Sold Out

Currently, Swissmint continuously produces bestsellers: first Roger Federer in silver, then the smallest gold coin of Switzerland and Roger Federer in gold. Collectors had to be quick in order to purchase one of these items.

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