Thursday, 2023.03.23
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Medals of America’s Discovery and Colonization

In the 19th century, Charles Wyllys Betts wrote a well known book to illustrate American colonial history through contemporary medals. Now, Christopher R. McDowell delivers an extensive update to this standard work on American medals.

Metcalf Lecturer 2023: Frédérique Duyrat

The Archaeological Institute of America presents this year’s Metcalf Lecturer and announced the numismatics panel “Ancient Coins and Sculpture” for 2024.

Künker meets Numismata

On the occasion of the Munich Numismata, Künker will organize an additional viewing for their Spring Auction Sales and a lecture by Professor Johannes Nollé. Every coin enthusiast is invited to come.

The Technical Forum 2023: New Trends in Minting Technology

At the World Money Fair’s Technical Forum 2023, mints and suppliers from across the globe presented the latest developments and trends in minting technology. What topics were discussed and what might be relevant for collectors?

Royal Canadian Mint Lays Off Employees at Winnipeg

The Royal Canadian Mint has laid off 56 employees at its facility in Winnipeg. According to the Mint this is a necessary response to effects of the pandemic.

CIT Honors the Steam Locomotive: “Steam Dream”

Since 2019, CIT has issued four coins in the series “The Journey” depicting icons of travel. The fifth coin, “Steam Dream,” celebrates the steam locomotive with four different finishes.

CIT’s Trapped – Escape

CIT concludes the successful series “Trapped”, the first numismatic picture story. The fifth issue resolves the fate of the human with the fearfully distorted face.

A Record-Breaking Find from the Age of William Wallace

The largest hoard of medieval coins since the 19th century has been unearthed in Scotland. The hoard dates back to warlike times, when big names such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce fought back England’s attempts of conquest.

Exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum – Labyrinth: Knossos, Myth & Reality

A spectacular exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum shows over 200 objects that illustrate the famous Palace of Knossos, the discovery and the myths around it.

A Quantum Leap in the Cataloguing of Swiss Gold Coins

Olivier Chaponnière presented a new catalogue of Swiss gold coins that is inspired by the way coins are catalogued in US price guides. It is a gift to anyone who possesses such gold coins. Their prices are to explode – especially those of high-quality specimens. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

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