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How the 8 Reales Became A World Currency

Inspired by the thaler, in the 16th century the Spanish monarchs issued the 8 Reales in their territory. And as they ruled large parts of the “New World”, the Spanish dollars became a world currency with many successors.

The World’s Largest Celtic Coin Hoard Is On Display

Le Catillon II is the world’s largest Celtic Coin Hoard with 70,000 coins and jewellery. In 2012, it was discovered by two metal detectorists in Jersey. Now it is on display in Jersey’s newly refurbished archaeological gallery.

The Coins From Villa Borg

In antiquity, Villa Borg in Germany was a flourishing economic enterprise. Numerous coin findings bear witness of its far-reaching trade connections. Claire Franklin took a look at the new catalogue by Ulrich Werz presenting this numismatic material.

Collecto – the Easy Way to Digitize Coin Collections

Collecto digitizes art collections. One of its latest projects: the about 100,000 coins of the Qatar collection. Founder Johannes von Mallinckrodt explains why Collecto is ideally suited for the numismatic world and tells us about the opportunities of machine learning.

Fakers Using Same Cert Numbers Multiple Times

Looking up a coin’s cert number in a database is not always reliable. Recent examples of fake “certified” Morgan and Peace dollars have been found with the same certification numbers on the encapsulation inserts.

CCG Has Graded More than 75 Million Collectibles

Until 2022, Certified Collectibles Group has graded over 75 million collectibles. Of the 55 million coins 35 million are US coins. One type of US coins is particularly strong.

The New Yale Gallery of Numismatics

The Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics at Yale University Art Gallery comprises over 120,000 objects. Curator Benjamin Hellings and his assistant Emily Pearce Seigerman present the collection in a video.

Varied But Rare: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from the Vatican

2-euro commemorative coins from Vatican City will round off our series on this topic. Many of these popular issues have drastically increased in value over the years. Numiscontrol gives you an overview and a few tips that are worth real money.

Real Heroes – Coast Guard

With the fourth motif of the Real Heroes series, CIT sets a monument to all coast guards in the world.

Mint Directors Conference 2023 in Canada

The 2023 Mint Directors Conference will take place in Ottawa, Canada from 15th to 18th October 2023 under the theme “Minting for the Future”. Register now!

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