Friday, 03.07.2020


Sotheby’s Cannot Sue Greece

For the first time, a US auction house tried to sue a state. The case primarily revolves around an ancient bronze sculpture, whose sale was prevented by Greece without sound reasoning. However, this case has also consequences for the coin market.

The Latest Addition to CoCo: Zurich Gold Coins from the 18th Century

Our database is growing constantly: now, you can also find all Zurich gold coins from the 18th century at Cosmos of Collectibles.

Help Making the US Reconsider Import Restrictions on All Roman Coins!

The US State Department plans to extend their import restrictions on all (!) Roman coins with the renewal of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Italy. Let’s try to prevent this by commenting and make our voices heard!

“The Planchet” Is The New Podcast of the American Numismatic Society

Podcasts are popular, not only since the COVID-19 outbreak. The American Numismatic Society has started their own podcast to entertain you: “The Planchet” is recorded for non-specialists and professionals alike presenting stories and histories of currency and medals.

“The Primary Task Is Documentation of Collections”

In the second part of Kate Fitz Gibbon’s interview with St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, we learn more about the role of fakes (also in the British Museum) and what should be done to fight illegal excavation helping thus collectors, too.

Researching the Lingwell Gate Roman Coin Moulds

Hundreds of Roman coin moulds were found in Yorkshire near Wakefield testifying the production of fake denarii. Today, they are dispersed over collections around the country. The Yorkshire Museum is running a research project on the moulds and their history.

The Malta Numismatic Society

Malta launched a non-profit numismatic society to promote the study and collection of numismatic material and exonumia. The society wants to bring numismatists, scholars and collectors together while enriching Malta’s heritage and stimulating research.

30 Years of Monetary Union

On 1 July 1990 the financial union between the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR took effect, requiring a large quantity of Deutsche Mark banknotes to be produced in a very short time. Half of this additional demand was produced by Giesecke+Devrient.

Aruba Wins IBNS 2019 Bank Note of the Year Award

The International Bank Note Society announced the winner of the Bank Note of the Year Award for 2019: Aruba’s new 100 Florin bill.

The Lure That Revolutionized Fishing

In their new commemorative coin, CIT Coin Invest combine the passion for fishing with fascinating minting technology. The coin is dedicated to the famous Buel spoon.

Caution! Fake Medals and Poppy Pins Came on the Market

The head of a militaria business counterfeited and sold fake military medals and supplied poppy pin badges on eBay. Now a court passed the sentence. Here you can cast a glance at his workshop.

The Counterfeiter From the Valais

This year marks 140 years since the death of Joseph-Samuel Farinet, the most famous counterfeiter in Switzerland. In the 19th century, he flooded the Valais with 20-rappen pieces. The Swiss National Museum is telling his story within their blog.

ISIS “Making Millions of Dollars Out of Traded Antiquities Is a Complete Myth”

St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, talks about the museum’s role as expert witness to looting. His view on the market’s role in trafficking illegal antiquities cuts across the ILLICID report.

Capturing the Excitement of Lost and Found Coin Treasures

David Bowers only tells true stories in “Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures”: stories of treasure from sunken ships, buried chests, hiding places of pirates and privateers … Now released in a new second edition, Dennis Tucker recalls how the book came to be.

2020 World’s Fair of Money Suspended

Since 1891, the World’s Fair of Money has only been cancelled twice. Now the organizers had to suspend the August 2020 show due to COVID-19 guidelines of the authorities. Read the consequences for those who wanted to attend.

Currency Expert Allen Mincho Heritage’s Director Emeritus

After 40 years as a full-time dealer and nearly two decades in this position, Currency Auctions Director Allen Mincho retired from Heritage Auctions. The currency expert was honoured with the title of Director Emeritus.

The New Team Members of Nomos AG

Nomos AG announced the appointments of three new team members: John Lavender, Jared Clark and Dr. John Voukelatos. Here you can find a brief introduction into their areas of interest and future fields of work.

New Pobjoy 50 Pence Coin Series Featuring Penguins

The first coin of the Pobjoy Mint’s new 50 pence penguin series features the Chinstrap Penguin and is issued on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Government.

Plus Minus 16 Billion – The Missing Millions of Liberia

In 2018, a scandal shook Liberia. Hot off the press, bank notes worth 16 billion Liberian dollars had disappeared. Allegations of corruption spread in all directions. Then the money reappeared – even more than what had been missing!

The Global Art and Heritage Law Project

All countries have different cultural heritage laws. Do you need thoroughly researched first-hand information on how this subject is dealt with in let’s say Peru or Italy? Then browse the Global Art and Heritage Law Project of the Committee for Cultural Policy, available for free!

CoinHoards – a New Research Tool Developed by the ANS

The American Numismatic Society has launched CoinHoards, a new web-based, linked open data tool for research in ancient Greek numismatics and ancient economies.

The Story of the Coins and Tokens of the British World

Peter Thompson tells the story of the coins and tokens used by the British to trade across the globe, from the 15th century through to the final days of the colonies. Virtually every type of coin used in every country under British dominance is illustrated in full colour!

Roman Provincial Coinage VIII Online Available

Volume VIII of the Roman Provincial Coinage series is now online available covering all Roman provincial coinages issued during the reign of Philip (AD 244-249). You can submit feedback for the printed volume planned for 2021!

How a Piece of Space Finds Its Way onto a Coin

Meteorites have always fascinated mankind. What a great reason for putting them on collector coins! The designs of such issues are adventurous – they have unconventional shapes, are coloured and may even contain a small piece of an actual meteorite.

Numismatic Record Performances in the Style of Roger Federer

Every mint has the wish to land a coup and thus gain international attention. But what happens if they actually succeed? Using the example of the commemorative coin dedicated to Roger Federer issued at the beginning of 2020, Swissmint answers this question.

Europe Remembers – Three Countries Are Celebrating 75 Years of Freedom

Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands, three countries that were involved in ending WWII, celebrate 75 years of freedom by issuing commemorative coins in 2020. The Royal Dutch Mint brings these coins together in the special set: Europe Remembers.

Antiquities Trafficking Much Smaller Than Thought Says New Report

The illicit trade in antiquities is much smaller, less organised, and more dispersed than previously thought. That is the conclusion of a new report by RAND Corporation, a major research organisation. And it explains where distorted ideas come from.

New Exhibition at St. Petersburg History of Money Museum

Currently, you have the opportunity to learn more about Russia’s perspective on WWII, the “Great Patriotic war”. Goznak’s collection of banknotes, awards, postage stamps and government bonds narrates the war’s history from the Russian perspective.

Swiss Shooting Thalers – The Chinese Edition

The first edition of Jürg Richter’s catalogue of all Swiss shooting thalers and shooting medals was published in 2005. Now, there is already a third edition, this time in Chinese and English. Ursula Kampmann takes a look at it.

The Most Valuable Scripophily Item Hammered in 2019

What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2019? Was it a previously unseen Chinese Imperial bond, a pioneering British railway share, or one of Apple’s founders shares personally signed by Steve Jobs? Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck has the answer.

Heritage Auctions Relocates World Headquarters

Heritage Auctions has consolidated three separate Dallas locations under a single roof in a 160,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility near DFW Airport. It is thus twice the size of Heritage’s previous home spanning the length of nearly three football fields.

Free ANA eLearning Academy

During what would have been the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar the association will offer free virtual courses through its new ANA eLearning Academy. The courses are open to both ANA members and non-members.

Zimbabwe Introduces Larger Denomination Dollar Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe have announced they will be releasing into circulation larger value banknotes, namely new ZWL $10 dollar denominations and ZWL $20 denominations. Due to galloping inflation, these new banknotes are the equivalent of 0.40 resp. 0.80 USD.

Royal Canadian Mint Reports Financial Results for 2019 and Q1 2020

The Royal Canadian Mint announced its financial results for 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 that provide insight into their activities, the markets influencing the businesses and the mint’s expectations for the next 12 months.

Latvian Bank Dedicates Commemorative Coin to Latgalian Pottery

Latgalian pottery is part of the Latvian Cultural Canon and has become one of the most striking examples of Latvian culture. A perfect reason for the Latvian Bank to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin “Latgalian Ceramics”.

Michael Matzke (1966-2020)

Michael Matzke, Curator of Numismatics at the Basel Historical Museum died on 20 May 2020 after a long and serious illness. Ursula Kampmann commemorates a friend.

Online Exhibition “Barbarian Tsunami”

The National Museum in Szczecin and the University of Warsaw organised an exhibition dedicated to the dramatic epoch known as Migration period. The exhibition has been presented in 12 museums in Poland. Now you can enjoy this entertaining display online!

Engraved Gems and Propaganda in the Roman World

Paweł Gołyźniak’s new book analyses how engraved gems cast light on propaganda and self-advertising actions performed by Roman political leaders. There’s a lot to learn for coin enthusiasts, too, as you can find numerous references to Roman and Augustan coinage.

Stack’s Bowers Acquires Carter Numismatics

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has acquired Carter Numismatics Incorporated. Jason Carter joins Stack’s Bowers as executive vice president.

Centro Numismático Buenos Aires Continues Seminar Online

In April 2020, the one-year seminar on ancient and medieval numismatics of the Centro Numismático Buenos Aires was scheduled to enter its 12th year of continuous activity. Covid-19 didn’t stop them – the seminar moved to YouTube, where it can be watched for free.

The Royal Mint to Manufacture Safety Visors for the National Health Service

The Royal Mint stepped up to modify their facilities in order to begin the manufacture of needed items – and specifically, safety face protection visors. With 15,000 visors produced a day, their pledge to produce more than 1.9 million items is on its way to fulfilment.

Counterfeiting Battles Continued in May

In times of Corona many fraudulent websites are operational only for a few days. The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation cooperates with law enforcement agencies in order to protect consumers.

New Head of Sales at H2O GmbH

Mirko Strauss is the new sales manager at H2O GmbH. He has been responsible for all sales activities of the company since February 24, 2020 and replaces the previous manager Jochen Freund.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bean!

30 years ago, Mr. Bean was broadcasted for the very first time. Today he’s an integral part of popular culture and represents the UK all over the world. CIT created a Mr. Bean coin that is sure to appeal not only to fans of the British artist.

Night at the Museum: Break-in for the Purpose of Sightseeing?

Once again there has been a break-in at a museum. This time, it was the Australian Museum in Sydney. However, it seems that this time, the burglar was not particularly interested in stealing valuable exhibits.

Face the King

2,500 years ago, Greek artists invented portrait on coins. There was a reason for it: portraits were supposed to strengthen the loyalty of the ruler’s troops. After all, mercenaries should be aware of who brought the money. Andreas Pangerl is summarizing his history of portraiture.

White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage

Finally, the proceedings of two conferences on electrum coinage have been published. The work offers a detailed picture of the evidence at hand for understanding the contexts in which early electrum coins were produced and used.

Survey on Collector Preferences

Franky’s Scripophily BlogSpot celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with a challenging survey. These survey questions are relevant to coin enthusiasts, too. It is fun to do, and you’ll surprise yourself about your own motives why you decided to collect.

NGC and PMG to Offer Europe Expedited Grading Specials

Even though CNG’s and PMG’s on-site grading events had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, PMG will make it possible for submitters to enjoy the same fast turnaround times of the companies’ popular on-site grading events until these events can resume.

Cash Is Resisting

Since the beginning of the pandemic, misinformation has been circulating evoking the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus when handling cash. The latest situation report of the Mint Directors Working Group confirms that there is no evidence for that claim.

Cherry Blossom in the Japan Mint Starts Off Spring

One of the annual highlights in Japan is the beginning of spring, when the cherry trees blossom. The Japan Mint had to close one of the country’s most magnificent cherry tree avenues because of the corona crisis, but this is where modern technology comes into play...

Mint of Poland Commemorates Pope John Paul II

The Mint of Poland initiated and created a commemorative coin dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II who was born 100 years ago. “Karol Wojtyła in Memoriam – 100th Anniversary of the Birth” was designed by Polish artists on behalf of Republic of Cameroon.

Far From Small Change – Ancient Gold Coins Donated to the Salvation Army

A lovely story from Christmastime, before coronavirus took over our lives: instead of the usual small change, two ancient gold coins found their way into a red Salvation Army kettle. The coins have now been sold by Heritage Auctions.

Philip Attwood Left the British Museum After 41 Years

Philip Attwood left the British Museum on 1st May 2020 after forty-one years in the Department of Coins and Medals and ten years as Keeper.

Medals of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame 1969-2019

Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals have found homes in collections and museums around the world. Now, for the first time, a book by Mel Wacks publishes the biographies of more than 50 inductees along with their portrait medals.

British Museum Revamps Online Collection of Thousands of Coins

The British Museum launched a major revamp of its online collection database. So people anywhere in the world can see for free over 4 million objects comprising numismatic items like over 50,000 English coins from the medieval period to the Tudors.

Covid-19 in Japan. Impressions of a Coin Dealer

Because of Corona we are all very wrapped up in ourselves and often forget that the crisis can unfold very differently for people elsewhere. Today the Japanese coin dealer Akio Seki reports that the situation also has its good sides.

Swiss Coins Since 1850: Available to Browse Now on CoCo!

Our new database, ‘Cosmos of Collectibles’, is growing and thriving. It now includes all Swiss circulation coins since 1850 and commemorative coins since 1936. But we’re still missing some photos – can you help?

Iran Parliament Agrees to Redenomination of Rial Currency and Will Re-Introduce Toman

As a result of the rampant inflation seen by the Iranian currency trade, the Iranian Parliament has voted to implement a programme for transitioning the country’s monetary system to the Toman.

Bank of Greece Dedicates Collector Coin to “Myrtis”

In 430 BC a 11-year-old Greek girl died in Athens during an epidemic. Archaeologists found her skull calling the girl “Myrtis”. The remains were particularly well preserved permitting a recreation of her facial features. Greece dedicates a €5 silver collector coin to “Myrtis”.

International Numismatic Congress Postponed to 2022

There is many a good reason why the INC and the Organising Committee had to take the decision to postpone the International Numismatic Congress to September 2022. Although we are longing for meeting our colleagues all over the world, we have to be sensible.

Colin Narbeth (1929-2020)

Colin Narbeth died aged 90. He was the founder and driving force behind the creation of the International Bank Note Society and a true pioneer of the study and collecting of paper money, called by some ‘Mr Banknote’. Jonathan Callaway remembers him.

1892-S Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated, $15 – No Haggling!

The Red Book is a superstar of America publishing, it’s one of the most popular nonfiction titles of all time. Besides being of inestimable help for collectors of US coins, the guide book can also be used as a time machine! Follow Dennis Tucker on his journey through time.

Major Online Meeting for Token Collectors and Researchers

In times of lockdown, token collectors and researchers of the entire globe still find a way of being together and share their knowledge. The first international token web conference will take place on Sunday, 17 May 2020. The event is free of charge but requires a registration.

RNS Numismatic Early Career Lectures: Call for Papers!

The British Royal Numismatic Society is looking for two students or early career professionals working with numismatics to give a lecture to RNS members in 2021. Here you will find all the details.

PMG Achieves Major Milestone: 5 Million Notes Certified

The company’s 15th anniversary isn’t the only thing Paper Money Guaranty® can celebrate this year: PMG has now graded 5 million banknotes, becoming the first third-party grading service to achieve this important milestone.

MDC Postponed to 2021

The Mint Directors Conference has been postponed. As concerns continue, the organisers decided to move the conference hosted by the South African Mint to November 2021.

CIT – Tortoise

Aeginetic coins featuring the tortoise are considered to be among the most beautiful coins of ancient times. By means of its latest smartminting© issue Tortoise, CIT has now succeeded in transferring their motif and the incredible relief of these pieces into our age.

Royal Australian Mint Celebrates Australia’s Olympians and Paralympians

The Royal Australian Mint has released three coins celebrating Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic teams. Despite the Tokyo games being postponed until 2021, the coins have been released on their original schedule.

Success in the Fight Against the Faked Antiquities Market

British Museum and Border Force crack down on the emerging market in faked Middle Eastern antiquities. It’s easier and cheaper to make copies than to loot ancient objects.

Salzberg on the Effects of the Corona Crisis on the Collectibles Industry

Mark Salzberg, Chairman of the Certified Collectibles Group, recently shared his thoughts on the challenges of the current crisis. He analyses the situation and sums up how the branches of Certified Collectibles Group did adapt.

Stephen Album’s Checklist of Islamic Coins Available as Free PDF Download

Those who collect Islamic coins have been using Stephen Album’s useful checklist for decades. Now the 3rd edition of “Stephen Album’s Checklist of Islamic Coins” is not only available in print, but also as PDF – for free.

ANA Severely Affected by the Pandemic

The American Numismatic Association had to adapt to the current situation, too. Not only did they have to cancel their 2020 Summer Seminar, as a result of the suspension of several programs they also had to eliminate several staff positions.

Counterfeits Gone Viral: Online Sales of Fake Gold and Silver Cost Public Millions

The enormous demand and limited supply of silver and gold bullion coins during the COVID-19 pandemic have created a breeding ground for the distribution of counterfeits that is costing investors millions of dollars.

Netherlands Broadcast First Strike Via Livestream

Despite lockdown, it was possible to be part of the Royal Dutch Mint’s ceremonial First Strike of the 75 years of freedom 5 euro coin. The National Committee broadcast the event on 5 May in a livestream.

Call for Design Proposals for China’s Olympic Coins and Banknotes 2022

On the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the People’s Bank of China will issue commemorative coins and banknotes. Institutions and artists worldwide are invited to submit design proposals.

Gibraltar Remembers End of WW II in Europe

On 8 May 1945 WW II ended in Europe. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Pobjoy Mint has released a coloured cupro nickel diamond finished 50 pence coin on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar.

The End of Moneytrend

This week it became known that a well-established institution of German numismatics has ceased to exist. Moneytrend filed for insolvency on 22 April 2020.

Art Dealers and the Network of Society

French art dealer Anthony JP Meyer reports on the current situation in France. He thinks of the many people who rely on his small enterprise. We thought that this post might be of the same interest for you as it was for us.

Plantation Tokens of the Dutch East Indies

A. J. Lansen has given collectors a reference work for plantation tokens in the Dutch East Indies. The book won the Tams-Mishler-Award in 2018. The new revised 4th edition lists 21 recently discovered tokens.

The Numismatist Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gregory to Retire

After 38 years at the American Numismatic Association, The Numismatist Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gregory retired in April. She passed the editorial responsibilities to current ANA Managing Editor Caleb Noel.

Summing Up the Issue With Rounding Cents

The EU Commission’s work program 2020 reveals plans to withdraw one- and two-euro cent coins from circulation. This came as a surprise to representatives of mints as there are serious concerns over the matter.

Denmark Celebrates 80th Birthday of Queen Margrethe II

The National Bank of Denmark have released new commemorative silver coins on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II. She succeeded to the Danish throne in 1972 and is now the longest reigning Scandinavian Monarch.

Moai Hit by a Truck

Hitting a bollard can happen, when reverse parking. Ignoring a meter-high stone sculpture on the Easter Island is a totally different ball game. However, the background is rather serious.

Coin and Banknote Markets Strong Amid Global Crisis

As the world faces an unprecedented economic and public health crisis, the numismatic markets have demonstrated incredible resiliency. Indeed, coins and banknotes represent one of the rare pockets of stability during this period of fear and uncertainty. A commentary from the specialists of NGC.

University of Richmond Museums Presents Ancient Coins Online

The University of Richmond Museums have opened an online exhibition on the history and economy in the late medieval eastern Mediterranean. The exhibition features 53 coins from the eastern Mediterranean during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Snapshots – A Mint News Quarterly Special Issue

Currently everyone is suffering from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, some more, others less. What impact can we expect the situation to have on the coin producing industry? A MNQ special issue summarises the current trends.

United States Classic Gold Coins of 1834-1839

Daryl J. Haynor presents in his book about every aspect of the Classic Gold quarter eagle and half eagle series issued between 1834 and 1839. The work has established itself already as attribution system being adopted by major auction houses and grading companies.

VIA GmbH – the New Numismatic Auction House in Vienna

In the heart of Vienna, close to the “Graben” the new Auction House VIA GmbH of Mag Raphael S. Hiltbrunner has opened its doors. The company can be proud of its numismatic competence and language skills.

News From Swissmint

Last week Swissmint informed its clients about the current situation regarding commemorative coins. There are fundamental changes and, due to COVID-19, also some postponements. We summarised the most important facts.

Download All Issues of Mint News Quarterly For Free at

Since December 2014, Ursula Kampmann and her team have been publishing Mint News Quarterly, the specialist journal for the circulation and commemorative coin industry. From now on, all issues can be downloaded from the CoinsWeekly website.

Glenna Goodacre, Famous Sculptor and Coin Designer, Has Left Us

New Mexico artist Glenna Goodacre – well known to coin collectors as the designer of the Sacagawea dollar – has died of natural causes at the age of 80. She passed away at her home in Santa Fe the evening of Monday, April 13, 2020.

Jay M. Galst (1950-2020)

One of New York’s more than 10,000 corona victims is known by many who regularly visit the NYINC: Jay M. Galst was an avid collector of coins related to his area of expertise: ophthalmology. Find here a short obituary by Ursula Kampmann.

Irene ‘Neddy’ Allen (1928-2020)

Another loss in the numismatic world: London based medal dealer Irene ‘Neddy’ Allen passed away in March. Her colleague Christopher Eimer commemorates her.

Money Is History You Can Hold in Your Hands

With the help of pocket change, you can teach your children at home while their schools are closed, says the American Numismatic Association. The organization also prepares their 97th annual coin week for April 19-25.


In 2017 a colloquium was held in Warwick examining the debasement of coinage during ancient times from a variety of angles. The essay collection of the colloquium has now been published by Oxbow. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Intensive Course on Numismatic Methodology in Athens

The Radboud University Nijmegen and the Netherlands Institute at Athens organize a postgraduate intensive course in numismatics in September 2020: “How to Tackle Ancient Greek Coinage and Coins: An Intensive Course on Numismatic Methodology”.

Currency Research Report: Covid-19 as Threat to Cash

During the Covid-19 pandemic media and health minsters advise against the use of cash as unhygienic. A new research report on how cash is currently being discussed in the media helps central banks answer apprehensions concerning cash as a germ carrier.

‘Cat’s Mill’: Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019

The commemorative coin "Cat’s Mill" dedicated to the literary work of the Latvian poet, prose-writer and politician Kārlis Skalbe has been voted Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019 in the traditional public vote.

Greece Commemorates Battle of Thermopylae

On 31 March Greece has issued a 2 euro coin dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae 2,500 years ago. The coin features a Greek helmet to remember the encounter between Greeks and Persians.

In our archive, we have made all of the content available which has been published since CoinsWeekly was established.