Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Sponsian – Emperor or Fantasy?

Was there a Roman emperor called Sponsian? Yes, says a new study of the University of Glasgow, which received great attention in the daily press. Renowned scholars claim the opposite.

One of the Largest Celtic Gold Hoards Stolen

The Celtic and Roman museum in Manching, Bavaria, has been the victim of a spectacular heist. Almost 500 Celtic gold coins were stolen. The sequence of events recalls the burglaries in Berlin and Dresden and raises questions about complex security issues of museums.

The Met Shows How Colorful the Ancient World Was

Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture was once colorful and vibrantly painted. This is demonstrated in an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art based on recent studies. Coin enthusiasts should look out for the gems in the display!

NGCX – A 10-Point Grading Scale for Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Company introduced NGCX, the first 10-point grading scale for coins. The new 10-point grading scale will supplement the 70-point Sheldon scale, which will continue to be used by NGC.

The New RPC VII.2: Gordian I to Gordian III

The long awaited new RPC VII.2 volume features all provincial coins from Gordian I to Gordian III (except Asia). Though this period is short, coin production was at its peak. Read on what this volume offers in detail.

Prepare for the 2023 Numismatic Meeting in Bulgaria

In June 2023 numismatists have a date in Bulgaria: The 10th Joint Meeting of the European Coin Find Network and will be held in conjunction with the Second Bulgarian Numismatic Readings in Sofia. If you want to submit a contribution you have to be quick!

Small Gold Coins – Fascinating Collectibles

What do Santa Claus, Queen Elizabeth and an American football have in common? They are all themes of CIT small gold coins. Be it Biker or Truck, Athena’s Owl or Napoleon Bonaparte – the world of small gold coins is as diverse and exciting as our time.

Major Changes at Swissmint

With the release of the new "Mani Matter” commemorative coin, Swissmint is revising its image, website and much more. Read here what will change in the future.

Swissmint Pays Tribute to Singer-Songwriter Mani Matter

50 years after Mani Matter's death, Swissmint is dedicating a 20-franc silver coin to the singer-songwriter and his Bernese-German chanson “Dr Alpeflug”.

Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins Found at Banias

The Israel Antiquities Authority has found 44 Byzantine gold coins during an excavation at Banias. The spectacular hoard takes us back to a very dramatic time when Muslim conquerors overran this area.

Romans, Gauls and Germanic Tribes in Switzerland

Gauls, Germanic tribes, and Romans: In antiquity, different cultures came together where Basel’s located today. This did not always occur peacefully. The Antikenmuseum Basel dedicates an exhibition to this subject – set up in a particularly playful way.

John Feigenbaum Selected as Next PNG Executive Director

Robert Brueggeman has been Executive Director of the Professional Numismatists Guild for 27 years. In 2023 he will retire and John Feigenbaum was chosen as his successor. The Greysheet editor already gave a clear statement on potential members.

SINCONA Takes a Stand On Russian Numismatics

Is it legitimate to trade with Russian coins? At least since Russia’s attack on the Ukraine this is an open question. Jürg Richter, managing director and auctioneer of SINCONA, has commented on the subject before the start of the SINCONA autumn auctions.

Jewish-American Hall of Fame Honors Photojournalist Ruth Gruber

The Jewish-American Hall of Fame Medal 2022 honors photojournalist, author and public servant Ruth Gruber. CoinsWeekly readers receive a special discount.

Digital Mint Invites Collectors to Create Digital Collectibles

The collector app Coiniverse offers a method for coin collectors to create their own collectible digital coin in an app. These Non-Fungible Tokens will exist only in a digital form.

This is the 2023 Native American $1 Coin Reverse Design

The US Mint presented the new reverse design for the 2023 Native American $1 Coin. It will honor American ballerina Maria Tallchief and American Indians in ballet.

The Most Important Swiss Coin with the Most Beautiful City View

On 14 November 2022, Numismatica Genevensis will auction off a 20-fold Basel ducat of 1741 with the exceptional grade of MS65PL. It depicts the most beautiful Basel city view one could imagine. The estimate is CHF 600,000.

The 50th Zurich International Coin Fair

It’s an institution – the Zurich International Coin Fair organised by the Numismatic Society of Zurich. In 2022, it took place for the 50th time. A great reason to celebrate! And indeed, the fair at the heart of Zurich was a celebration of numismatics. Ursula Kampmann brought home many pictures.

It’s Back! – Numismata Munich

Finally, it’s that time again! On 4 and 5 March 2023, the classic among coin shows will finally take place again. If you’re a dealer who wants to attend NUMISMATA: register early, especially if you have a voucher.

How Alexander the Great Was Made a Myth

The British Library reveals how Alexander the Great was made a myth. This major exhibition may help you understand better a popular subject for collectors: coins from Hellenistic Greece.

Leu Establishes Subsidiary in the USA

Auction house Leu Numismatik founds Leu Numismatik USA Inc. as a subsidiary. With this step Leu aims at improving the service for US customers as the US market is the most important sales market for the company.

Which 2-Euro Coins from Monaco Aren’t Worth More Than 2 Euros?

Monaco’s coins are always rarities in circulation. Our author numiscontrol shows interesting collectibles at affordable prices. And explains why you should never buy a joint issue of the Eurozone from Monaco!

Production of Charles III Circulating Coins Has Started

The Royal Mint has started manufacturing the first circulating coins featuring the portrait of King Charles III, representing the biggest change to UK coinage since decimalisation. The first coins will start to appear in the public’s change very soon.

Indiana Jones at the Coin Change Machine?

“Coin noodling” is going viral on social media: people get rolls of coins at the change machine and search them for treasures. Does that sound exciting? Ready why you should be careful before you give it a try.

Police Teach Cultural Property Protection at University

Since October 2022, you can study Cultural Property Protection at the University of Heidelberg. In a completely new kind of cooperation, experts from the State Criminal Police Office will accompany the interdisciplinary MA degree programme.

Defaced! Money, Conflict, Protest

For centuries, people have used coins to protest. The Fitzwilliam Museum documents in an exhibition how currencies have been mutilated, punched, scratched, over-printed or digitally manipulated as cries of anger, injustice, or despair.

ANS is Guinness World Records Partner

The American Numismatic Society has been named a partner of Guinness World Records. Read on what this means.

Eswatini and Giesecke+Devrient Explore Central Bank Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and technology group Giesecke+Devrient investigate the development of an electronic form of money for the Kingdom of Eswatini.

CIT’s Into the Wild – Lion

With this second issue of the Into the Wild series CIT sets an impressive monument to the king of the jungle: the lion – featuring smartminting® (Ultra High Relief) and partial color application.

Remember Belgium: The Rarest Coins of Modern Belgium

The Belgian 1 franc coins of 1917 and 1918: several millions of them were minted, but only a few specimens have survived. In its upcoming auction, Numismatica Genevensis will be offering four extremely rare pieces. Read on to discover their story.