Tuesday, 2022.06.28
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The World’s Most Expensive Nobel Prize Medal – Auctioned For a Good Cause

Dmitri Muratov’s 2021 Nobel Peace Prize medal broke all records at Heritage: 103.5 million dollars, by far the largest sum ever paid for a numismatic object. And all for a very good cause.

Yale’s New Gallery of Numismatics

The Yale University Art Gallery opened the new Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics featuring over 260 items in 16 newly designed display cases. An intimate place to quietly study breathtaking numismatic masterpieces.

Canadian Record: 1 Kilo Platinum Coin With Diamonds

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Opulence Collection aims at redefining rare. The “Ultimate”, a 1 kilo platinum coin with 462 pink diamonds, was sold and set a new record for a coin offered at auction in Canada.

The Specimens For Siam’s Early Banknotes

Coin dealer Jan Aamlid has published a catalogue of his own collection: specimens for the early banknotes of Siam. Truly a connoisseur’s field – and the catalogue is an opulent feast for the eyes. Daniel Baumbach took a look at it.

Sophia D. Kremydi Receives 2021 ANS Huntington Award

The American Numismatic Society has given the 2021 Archer Milton Huntington Medal Award to Dr. Sophia D. Kremydi. Kremydi is renowned for her research on the ancient economies and material culture of Northern Greece.

Oriental Numismatic Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Oriental Numismatic Society celebrates its 50th anniversary with an international Zoom conference from 25th to 26th June 2022. Read what to expect from this event with international speakers.

Beautiful and Rare: 2-euro Commemorative Coins from Slovenia

Slovenian 2-euro commemorative coins are hardly ever found in circulation, but they are great collectibles: our author considers them to be among the most beautiful coins in the entire eurozone. Numiscontrol will tell you everything else you need to know.

Daydreamer – Future

CIT’s “Daydreamer – Future” uses smartminting® technology in a completely new way and creates an excellent and sophisticated illusion. Let’s draw the curtain to get a glimpse at the future!

Portugalesers: A Close Look at Brandenburg’s Gold Showpieces

Brandenburg’s portugalesers are among the greatest gold rarities of the Holy Roman Empire. Künker is able to offer as much as two of these rare pieces in auction 369. We take a close look at what these coins can tell us.

Death Sentence for Taking Home a Vacation Souvenir?

A Briton and a German accused of smuggling antiquities were on trial in Iraq. Wanting to take home a few old shards and pieces of marble as vacation souvenirs, the men ran the risk of being sentenced to death. Now the verdict was announced.

Stavanger’s Maritime Museum

The history of shipping, shipbuilding and trade are closely linked. The Norwegian city of Stavanger dedicates a new museum to this subject – in a historic warehouse building in the harbour, of course.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How would people like to be remembered let’s say 2,000 years from now? The Ashmolean Museum offers a numismatic talk for over-65s bringing together daily life questions and ancient coins. You can still book a free ticket!

Julie Abrams Joins Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Stack’s Bowers Galleries welcomes Julie Abrams as Consignment Director and Dealer Liaison and the most recent valued addition to the firm’s growing worldwide operations.

The First Quarter 2022 of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint published its financial results for the first quarter of 2022. Compared to the singular results of 2021, revenue decreased while profit did not. Check the facts!

US Mint Begins Shipping Wilma Mankiller Quarter Coins

The United States Mint has begun shipping the third coin in the American Women Quarters Program. These circulating quarters honoring Wilma Mankiller are manufactured at the Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver.

A CoinsWeekly Special Issue for the Hall Mint

CoinsWeekly has a new concept to inspire people to collect coins: free copies of the CoinsWeekly Special Issue will be available in selected numismatic museums. The first partner is Hasegg Castle in Hall, where the taler was created.

British Museum Displays “Mary Gillick: Modelling The Queen’s Portrait”

In celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee the British Museum has opened a free display on Mary Gillick’s portrait of Elizabeth II. This portrait was used for the first ever coin of Queen Elizabeth II. But there is more to discover on the sculptor.

Early Medieval Coinage Originates From Ukraine

Where and when did Early Germanic coinage begin? In a short video, a Polish-German-Ukrainian interdisciplinary team reveals their most recent findings. Germanic communities produced coins very early in what is today Western Ukraine.

CNG Introduces New Monthly Fixed Price List

CNG offers a new monthly fixed price list published on every first Friday in certain months. The First Friday Price Lists will feature a batch of about 50 selected coins – all offered at the lowest price! Read when to expect the lists and see some of the first coins on offer.

American Medal of the Year 2022

The American Medallic Sculptors Association has announced the winner of the 2022 American Medal of the Year Award. The Covid-19 pandemic was the dominant motif.

Always Rare: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from Slovakia

Slovakia’s 2-euro commemorative issues are few and far between, and they are hardly ever found in circulation. Nonetheless, the beautifully designed coins can be an ideal start for euro collectors and offer genuine potential. Our expert numiscontrol explains why.

“Financial Literacy” is Latvia’s New 2 Euro Commemorative Coin

Financial literacy is the capability of taking care of one’s own economic situation. Latvijas Banka marks the importance of the subject by issuing a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to “Financial Literacy”.

Mounties Get on the Trail of Coin Counterfeiter

A man has been arrested in Canada for allegedly uttering counterfeit circulation coins. So far, 10,000 counterfeit coins have been removed from circulation by the authorities. One detail makes the counterfeits particularly recognisable.

On National Heroes and Nationally-Owned Enterprises

In 1975, Venezuela nationalized its oil industry – an important step in the long and eventful relationship between the country and its oil supplies. A gold coin commemorates the event. It is one of the rarest pieces of Venezuelan numismatics.

Exhibition in Paris: Marvellous Moneys

From gold to silver, feathers, pearls and bracelets: people have used so much different means of payment in the human history. An exhibition in the Monnaie de Paris Museum shows the whole range of them.

Paul Burkhard’s Fünfliber: A Classic Piece Celebrates its 100th Birthday

On 19 May 2022, SINCONA presented a new publication on Swiss numismatics. Hanspeter Koch has dedicated a monograph to the five-franc coin with the portrait of an ‘alpine herdsman’. And the really special part is this: this book is available in ‘very fine’ or ‘extremely fine’ condition.

Metal Detectoring Couple Finds Gold Coins

Phil and Joan Castle have been metal detecting together for over 30 years until they found a 14th century purse with five gold coins. Their find has been declared treasure and was sold at auction where it doubled the estimate.

Schuler presents the “Visual Die Protection” in an Online Seminar

With its “Visual Die Protection” Schuler has developed an image-based monitoring system for dies that helps avoid expensive repairs, downtimes, or even total failures. How exactly this works was explained in an online seminar.

ColorEYEzed: CIT’s Ocean blue

Only 8 to 10% of humanity has blue eyes. And as rare things are sought-after: No other eye color was made the subject of so many successful songs. Now CIT has dedicated a coin to blue eyes – with spectacular color printing technique.

An Unwilling Victor: Maurice of Saxony and the Schmalkaldic League

On 20 June 2022, the auction house Künker will be auctioning the first part of the Dr. Walter Kemlein Collection “Saxonia in Nummis”. It includes a double taler depicting the leaders of the Schmalkaldic League, among them Maurice of Saxony, who would have preferred not to be seen in this context.