Wednesday, 21.04.2021
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National Coin Week in the USA – Celebrate the Hobby!

The traditional National Coin Week of the USA starts on Sunday. If you don’t live in the USA, you’re probably wondering: what’s that? And why would such an idea be good for the hobby of coin collecting in your country, too?

Akbar – Ruler of the Mughal Empire Part 1

The Muslim Akbar founded a world empire in which people of different religions lived together peacefully. How did this come about and what challenges did the ruler have to overcome to get there? And, most importantly: what can coins tell us about it?

Why Have US MOUs Become so Restrictive Against Coin Collectors?

Peter Tompa shares his inside knowledge about the disgraceful story of how MOUs are used as a means of policy. He states that the State Department is cooperating with an archeological lobby group in order to foster collaboration with authoritarian states.

ANA Announces Candidates for Board of Governors

Every two years the American Numismatic Association elects the president, vice president and seven governors. Here you find out who is running for President and for other offices.

How the EU Should Modify Their Planned Cultural Property Import Regulations

Ivan Macquisten shows the weak points of the proposed regulations concerning the import of cultural goods into the EU. The international art market analyst explains how a few simple adjustments could clearly improve the draft.

Oriental Numismatic Society Meets Online in 2021

On 8 May 2021 the Oriental Numismatic Society will be meeting online. As usual the Research Centre for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen will be holding a conference on that occasion – this year via Zoom. You can still register.

Divine: CIT Puts Inca Sun God on Coin

CIT dedicates its latest coin to the Inca sun god Inti. Thanks to smartminting® technology, it has been possible to reconstruct a mysterious cult object that the members of a culture that is lost today preserved for centuries.

Swissmint Lands Twice in the Guinness Book of Records

Not one but two coins by Swissmint made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Swissmint can be proud to mint the coin with the oldest design still in circulation. The mint also issued the world’s smallest commemorative coin with its 1/4 franc commemorative coin. Congratulations on the record!

Online Consultation on New EU Cultural Property Import Regulations

The European Commission has published a draft of implementing regulations concerning the import of cultural goods into the EU. Everybody is invited to comment before April 21, 2021.

Alan Stahl Earns Award For Venice Studies

Alan Stahl, curator of numismatics at Princeton University Library, has been named the first recipient of the Giles Constable Award. The award, which is given to scholars advancing the study of Venice, was initiated in 2021.

482,000 Art Works of the Louvre at your Disposal

The Musée du Louvre has launched two new digital tools: a platform that brings together all of the museum’s artworks in one place; and a new and improved website that is more user-friendly, attractive and immersive.

Bank of England Unveils New Turing £50 Banknote

The Bank of England unveiled the design for the new £50 banknotes featuring computer pioneer Alan Turing. Along with many security features and other benefits comes a slight change in dimensions.

What will happen to the MDC Conference?

The Mint Directors Conference planned for 2021 has been postponed once again, this time to 2022. The event was to be held in South Africa, but a change of location is under discussion.

A Numismatist’s Guide to Money Part 5: The Future of Money

What is the “moneyness” of new digital monies and cryptocurrencies? In the fifth and last part of this series, Simon Bytheway discusses such issues to find out what they tell us about competing currencies, and the wider socio-economic meaning of money.

Smuggling Antiques Isn’t Worth It

A man is going to prison for trying to smuggle looted excavation finds into Britain, including numerous ancient coins. Were the objects worth the risk? Examining the goods casts doubt on that.

Stuart Weitzman’s 1933 Double Eagle: Unique on the Market and Up For Sale

Sotheby’s will be offering the one and only 1933 Double Eagle legally authorized to be privately owned. It is expected to set a new world record.

British Museum Presents Update on Treasure Reports

1,311 treasure finds for 2019, 1,077 for 2020 - these are the preliminary figures of the UK for the last two years. Find here three extraordinary cases from the last year.

David Jacobson Wins 2021 Shekel Prize

David Jacobson from the University of Oxford has won the Shekel Prize Medal of the American Israel Numismatic Association for his book “Agrippa II, the Last of the Herods” as the best 2020 publication on Judaic / Israel numismatics.

Online Symposium: On Being Conquered in Byzantium

Countless sources tell us the story from the perspective of the winners. Dumbarton Oaks dedicates a symposium to the question what it meant to be conquered. It will be hold via Zoom on 16 and 17 April 2021.

Which Coins and Topics Can You Find at Cosmos of Collectibles?

We are continuously working on our database. Recently, many new coins have been added, both historical and modern issues. This is a good opportunity for us to give an overview of all the topics available at Cosmos of Collectibles.

Schuler Sees Positive Trend After Covid-19 Drop

The press manufacturer Schuler, too, has been hit hard by Covid-19. However, the company generates positive results again. Read here, how Schuler did achieve this and whether its decisions might be an option for other companies, too.

Reconnaissance’s Conferences: Either Online or Postponed

Reconnaissance’s conferences scheduled for 2021 and 2022 will be held as online conferences or will be postponed to a new date. Here are the new dates for your agenda!

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Paris

CIT Coin Invest will issue a follow-up series of the famous Tiffany coins. The new series’ name is Tiffany Art Metropolis. Its first issue is dedicated to Paris.

Global Art Market Report 2021: Online Sales Exceeds General Retail

The annual Global Art Market Report 2021 reveals striking market shifts in 2020: online sales have exceeded the general retail, female collectors spent more than their male counterparts, and the USA are no more the largest global market for public auctions.

News About Our Numismatic Puzzles: Now You Can Puzzle in a Systematic Way!

Have our first numismatic jigsaw puzzles made you happy, too? Or did you bite your nails because it was too much of a challenge? That will change now! There are categories with different levels of difficulty – and we regularly add new puzzles.

Money and Medals Training Goes Digital

The Money and Medals Network training program has gone digital. Because of the pandemic they are now being hold via Zoom. In this article Henry Flynn explains how it works and how the audience has reacted.

Do You Have a Set of British Museum Electrotypes?

In the 1880s the British Museum produced frames of electrotype replica coins. The original sets include 2 frames of gems and 4 frames of Greek and Roman coins and medallions. Mary Hinton researches the history of these sets and needs your help.

CDN Publishing Ensures ANA Collector Classes To Remain Free

Launched in late June 2020, the American Numismatic Association eLearning Academy offers collectors 20 to 24 online courses per quarter. To ensure these classes remain free, the ANA partners with CDN Publishing.

Venezuela Issues One Million Bolivares Banknotes

Venezuela’s economy shrank exponentially for a seventh straight year. As an answer to that, the country has introduced a 1,000,000 bolivares banknote. It is the largest in the nation’s history – but worth only 50 US cents. An analysis by Michael Alexander.

Britannia 2021 as Woman of Colour

The Royal Mint has launched its new Britannia collection. For the first time it features two designs: the “traditional” one, and a “premium exclusive range” with Britannia as woman of colour celebrating Great Britain’s diversity.