Monday, 26.10.2020

Shocking Attack on Berlin’s Museum Island

People are talking about the most extensive attack on artworks in post-war Germany: unknown persons splashed an unidentified liquid on objects displayed in several Berlin museums. Only now, three weeks after the attack, it became known.

The Holy Grail of Ancient Numismatics: “Eid Mar” in Gold

Few ancient coins are as legendary as Brutus’ “Eid Mar”. The conspirator against Caesar issued the silver coin featuring the iconic cap of liberty and two daggers. Only two specimens in gold were known. Now a third aureus will be offered in auction by Roma Numismatics.

WCO Reports: Heritage Trafficking Tiny Percentage of Illegal Trade

The World Customs Organization report proves again that the illicit trade in antiquities is not a multi-billion-dollar industry at all – cultural heritage crime barely registers with 0.2 percent of all investigations and seizures of customs!

NGC-Certified English Gold Coin Realizes Over $300,000 in Spink Sale

A rare English gold coin struck during the reign of Queen Anne and certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation realized over $300,000 in a Spink sale on September 15, 2020. That is more than double its pre-auction estimate.

SINCONA Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Zurich auction house SINCONA AG offers a new payment option to its clients: cryptocurrencies. In addition to the usual means of payment, it is now possible to pay an invoice with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The New Mint News Quarterly Issue Is Available

The latest issue of Mint News Quarterly, the specialist journal for the circulation and commemorative coin industry, has been published. The issue discusses the secondary market giving best practice tips. You can download the PDF for free from the CoinsWeekly website.

Florence Nightingale Commemorated by Pobjoy Mint

In light of the global pandemic, Pobjoy Mint announced the release of a bi-metal £2 coin commemorating 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale, who established the principles of the modern nursing and hospital sanitation.

Everything Must Go? How Museums Are Fighting to Survive During the Pandemic

Museums are hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and around the world they are currently selling objects from their collections to survive. This goes against their own rules and triggers a heated debate.

Argentina’s Central Bank Museum Recovered Stolen Paper Money Sketches

In 2018, handmade paper money sketches disappeared from the Central Bank Museum of Argentina. The sketches of prototypes were about to be auctioned off in the USA. However, they were identified and repatriated.

The three Types of Currency – The Monetary Question

Georges Depeyrot discusses in his new book a crucial point in monetary history: he claims that never in history existed only one currency but different spheres of exchange leading to three different and complementary zones of circulation.

Third International Numismatic Conference in New Zealand

The third three-yearly International Numismatic Conference of the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand takes place in Wellington from October 16 to 19, 2020. Over 100 people are registered and international speakers will give lectures via video conference.

PCGS Uses NFC Technology to Prevent Counterfeiting

Professional Coin Grading Service will begin embedding Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in all its holders in October 2020. This enables collectors to tap these new holders with a phone, launching certification information right on the device’s screen.

British Pobjoy Mint With New Website

Pobjoy Mint has re-launched their website. The mint has listened to their customers improving the site with new features.

The D-Mark Era: Now Available on Cosmos of Collectibles

A new numismatic field was uploaded to our database Cosmos of Collectibles: all coins of the era of the Deutsche Mark, which was the German currency before the euro and since 1948. We invite you to browse through!

Magnificent Life 2020 – Chameleon

The final issue of CIT’s successful series Magnificent Life is dedicated to the African chameleon. The colourful coin displays the unique features of these animals by means of impressive smartminting© technology.

Coining National Identities: Luxembourg

Join us on a numismatic journey around the world! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the coins of Luxembourg, both past and present. This small nation, which is home to many EU institutions, is closely linked to its ruling family. This is also reflected in its coins.

Should We Abolish 1- and 2-Cent Coins? Give Your Vote!

The European Commission plans to round cash payments and to abolish 1- and 2-euro cent coins in the entire euro area. But first it’s your turn: citizens are invited to give their opinion. Take advantage of this opportunity!

“A Time to Be Bold and Innovative”

Mark Salzberg, Chairman of the Certified Collectibles Group, recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing pandemic and its effects on the collectibles markets. He says: the markets have not merely survived the COVID-19 crisis – they thrived. A paradoxon? Read on!

Andrew Burnett’s History of Numismatics in Britain

Andrew Burnett’s new book “The Hidden Treasures of this Happy Island” provides, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the collecting and study of coins in Britain from 1500 to 1750. The work is full of new discoveries made in the course of the research.

ICOM Survey on Covid-19 Impact on Museums

How does the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak affect the cultural sector in the short and long term? To understand the situation better, the International Council of Museums has launched a global survey.

Further Coin Dealers Inducted into PCGS Hall of Fame

Every year, Professional Coin Grading Service inducts a small handful of distinguished dealers into their Hall of Fame. This year, PCGS has chosen Bruce Amspacher, Greg Roberts, and Catherine Bullowa-Moore.

The Mystery of Missing Banknotes and a Mountain of Unused British Coins

Shortage of circulation coins in Great Britain? Far from that! It may take more than a decade for the current stocks of £2 and 2 pence coins to diminish. How is that possible? And – has that any impact on collectors?

Britannia Bullion Coin With New Security Features

The Royal Mint has unveiled the design of their latest Britannia bullion coin issues with four new anti-counterfeit features, which enable customers to verify that the product is authentic by simply rotating it in the light.

Royal Mint Celebrates Agatha Christie

On the occasion of the centenary of Dame Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Royal Mint issues a commemorative £2 coin in recognition of this author’s vast body of work.

New York International Numismatic Convention 2021 Canceled

The NYINC 2021 has been canceled. The board stated this seemed the only responsible decision in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and related requirements and restrictions for participants. However, the 2022 convention has already been scheduled.

The Giesen Collection: The Coinage Imagery of the Ottonian and Salian Dynasties

If you want to understand the world of the Ottonian and Salian dynasties, you have to study their coins. The Giesen Collection, one of the most important collections on this subject in recent decades, is perfectly suited for this purpose. Frankfurter Münzhandlung offers this collection in its upcoming auction.

How to Detect Counterfeits at All Times. Part 1: Swiss Vreneli Coins

Are you sure that all your coins are authentic? Particularly popular collector coins are frequently counterfeited. The expert Peter Zgorzynski shows in several articles how counterfeits can be identified. Today we take a closer look at Swiss Vreneli coins.

Ancient Coins in Early American Auctions

Provenance research has become vital for auction houses. David F. Fanning’s new book provides a well-illustrated bibliography and analysis of ancient coins listed in American auction catalogues before the Second World War.

The Partrick Collection: Two Brasher Doubloons and much More

Over the course of a year, Heritage will offer the superb collection of early US coins by Donald G. Partrick. Among the rarities now graded by NGC are not just one, but two of the famous Brasher Doubloons, fabled rarities that rank among the most prized coins in all of numismatics.

The Royal Mint Partners with NGC to Offer Certified Coins

The Royal Mint has partnered with Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. NGC is to grade and encapsulate portions of the British coins directly. This service aims especially at online buyers and those who will sell their coins again on the secondary market.