Sunday, 17.01.2021

Lösers in Death Rituals: The Funeral of John Frederick of Brunswick-Calenberg

On 28th January 2021 auction house Künker offers selected lösers from the Popken Collection. One of them gives us a clue as to what lösers may have been used for. We learn from a book that this coin was distributed as a gift of honour to the princely attendees of the funeral of John Frederick of Brunswick-Calenberg.

What Did the Roman Emperors Really Look like?

The graphic designer Daniel Voshart has given a fresh face to Roman emperors. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and Photoshop, he created realistic portraits of 54 Caesars. He was helped by coins and ancient texts – and by a professional wrestler …

The Latest Mint News Quarterly is Available

“Between Collectors’ Item, Investment Product and Gambling: The Privy-Marked 2020-W American Eagle” is the cover story of the December 2020 issue of Mint News Quarterly. Find also information about latest technical developments of the minting industry.

Why Are We Collecting? Poll Results on Collecting Motives

On the occasion of his blog’s 10th anniversary, Franky Leuuwerck from Franky's Scripophily BlogSpot launched an online poll about the motives collectors of coins, banknotes, stamps and shares have. Here are the results.

Maldives Local Coins

The latest volume of the Bremer Numismatische Gesellschaft presents a monograph on Maldives local coins. In the work, the collector Peter Budgen summarised the knowledge he acquired over decades. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Burnett Anderson Memorial Award and Booster Awards Presented Online

The American Numismatic Association presented the Burnett Anderson Memorial Award and Booster Awards during a virtual event. Here you can learn more about this year’s recipients.

New Director for the Swiss National Museum

Historian Denise Tonella will succeed Andreas Spillmann in the spring of 2021 as the new Director of the Swiss National Museum.

Royal Canadian Mint Donates $400,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint announced that its special Recognition Medal program to date has raised a total of $400,000 for the Breakfast Club of Canada COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Switzerland’s Commemorative Coin Programme 2021

Switzerland released its commemorative coin programme for 2021. Among other things, Swissmint will honour the dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt and start a new series titled “Energy of the Future”. Here you can find a complete overview.

Polish 0-Euro Banknote Dedicated to Pope John Paul II

The fifth Polish 0 Euro banknote is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Pope John Paul II and features Karol Wojtyła as a young man. To mark the 5 years anniversary of the 0-Euro project, a special anniversary issue will be printed.

What the Thefts of Berlin and Dresden Mean for Museums and Private Collectors

Since the raid on 16 December 2020, we know for sure that the Big Maple Leaf was melted down. What does that mean for museums, coin dealers and collectors? Have our early warning systems that are meant to recover stolen coins become outdated?

Golden Age: Collecting the 12 Caesars in Gold Aurei

To possess the first emperors of Rome, the Twelve Caesars, in gold has been the dream of many collectors for centuries. David Michaels gives you a guide to assembling this highly coveted golden set. And CNG’s Triton Auction will be an ideal starting resp. arrival point.

Record Prices for US Coins and Banknotes in 2020

In 2020 Stack’s Bowers Galleries realized eight of the top ten highest auction prices realized for US coins in 2020 and nine of the top ten US banknotes. The company presents these coins.

Online Exhibition on English Civil Wars

The ANA’s Money Museum presents an online exhibition “Coins, Crown & Conflict: An Exploration of Cromwell’s England” dedicated to the history of the English Civil Wars featuring great rarities of English coins, as well as a number of early American coins.

The Medallist Anton Meybusch

The medallist Anton Meybusch is known for his magnificent baroque medals. Karsten Kold presents a biography and a complete catalogue of Meybusch’s work. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it – despite her inexistent knowledge of Danish.

Kevin Vinton Joined Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Kevin Vinton, the expert, dealer and auctioneer in United States colonial coinage and early federal copper joined the Stack’s Bowers Galleries team. He is based in the New York City gallery.

Dumbarton Oaks Presents Byzantine Coins Online

The Dumbarton Oaks Museum possesses one of the largest collections of Byzantine coins in the world with over 12,000 items. An online exhibition presents a selection focusing on the Byzantine Emperors on coins as curator Jonathan Shea explains.

Saudi Arabia’s Commemorative Banknote Sparks Diplomatic Disagreement With India

A serious diplomatic dispute came up in the context of the G20 Summit. However, the problem wasn’t due to any controversial comments made but by a banknote issued on 25 October 2020 by The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency as Michael Alexander reports.

Royal Australian Mint Welcomes New CEO

Leigh Gordon will become the new CEO of the Royal Australian Mint following Ross MacDiarmid. Gordon will commence his position in February 2021.

Great Britain’s Commemorative Coins of 2021

The Royal Mint has announced five new designs for 2021. The coins will celebrate milestones including Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th Birthday and the 50th anniversary of Decimalisation, and feature famous science fiction author H.G. Wells.

Pixodaros – Satrap of Caria

CNG’s Triton XXIV will be held on 19 and 20 January 2021 as a live online sale. One of the pieces offered in this auction is an extremely rare tetradrachm of Pixodarus, who almost became the father-in-law of Alexander the Great. We tell his story.

Rendezvous With the Mona Lisa: The Louvre’s First Auction

A walk on the roofs of the Louvre, a private concert in the former reception hall of the Kings of France. With exclusive offers like these, the Louvre enters the auction stage. The first auction called “Bid for the Louvre” is unusual in every aspect.

Jean Belaubre (1931-2020)

Jean Belaubre, former curator of the museum of Monnaie de Paris, died on December 10, 2020. His successor in this position Jean-Luc Desnier recalls his achievements.

Treasures in British Gardens: Troves of 2020

A positive side of Corona? The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme noticed a boost in garden finds during lockdown. A Tudor coin hoard, a Krugerrand, and a seemingly unique copper-alloy Roman furniture fitting are only some of the intriguing finds made in 2020.

Anna Franziska Schwarzbach to Receive 2020 Saltus Award

The American Numismatic Society announced the winner of the 2020 J. Sanford Saltus Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Art of the Medal. It was awarded to the German artist Anna Franziska Schwarzbach.

ANS Gala 2021 Will Be Held Virtually

The American Numismatic Society announced that on Thursday, January 14, 2021, it will hold its annual Gala celebration, virtually, in memory of benefactors Mark and Lottie Salton. The Gala will be open, via Zoom, to members of the Society and their guests.

ICTA Announces New Executive Director

Jimmy Hayes will step down as executive director of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. The board of directors appointed David Crenshaw as the new executive director, effective January 1, 2021.

2021 Coin of the Year Award Nominees

The Coin of the Year Award is one of the most important awards for modern coins. Here you find the complete list of all 100 nominees for the Coty 2021. All coins were minted in 2019, so many coins share the subject of the landing on the moon.

Bullion Produces Profits for the Royal Canadian Mint

In the third quarter of 2020, the Royal Canadian Mint produced three times as many gold coins as in the same period last year. This resulted in an impressive profit of $795.4 million. Find here some information about customer demand in times of Corona.

Pobjoy Mint Continues Father Christmas Collection

The first Christmas coin issued on behalf of British Indian Ocean Territory continues Pobjoy’s popular Father Christmas™ Collection. These coins feature Father Christmas as known from the 70s children books by English author Raymond Briggs.