Thursday, 2023.03.30
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SINCONA Takes a Stand On Russian Numismatics

Is it legitimate to trade with Russian coins? At least since Russia’s attack on the Ukraine this is an open question. Jürg Richter, managing director and auctioneer of SINCONA, has commented on the subject before the start of the SINCONA autumn auctions.


SINCONA’s Fall Auctions 2022 feature in four catalogues the third part of the SINCONA British Collection, Swiss coins and medals of the collector Max Walty-Hüssy, as well as a collection of Russian coins and medals.


Once again, numerous bidders jumped at the extensive range of high-quality coins and medals from SINCONA AG. In many cases the estimates have been doubled, even increased tenfold!

Paul Burkhard’s Fünfliber: A Classic Piece Celebrates its 100th Birthday

On 19 May 2022, SINCONA presented a new publication on Swiss numismatics. Hanspeter Koch has dedicated a monograph to the five-franc coin with the portrait of an ‘alpine herdsman’. And the really special part is this: this book is available in ‘very fine’ or ‘extremely fine’ condition.


3,700 lots with an estimate of 7.6 million francs are featured in the upcoming spring auction of SINCONA AG. The sales include the second part of the British Collection as well as the Köhlmoos collection.


SINCONA’s Fall Auctions had a total estimate for the 3,800 lots of about 6.1 million Swiss francs and realised 16.55 million Swiss francs. This demonstrated vividly how much high-quality modern coins, medals and banknotes are sought-after.


SINCONA offers almost 4,000 lots with a total estimate of 6 million Swiss francs in their fall auctions. The sale includes an extensive selection of coins, medals, banknotes from Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain and many wonderful special collections.

New Record for Una and the Lion at SINCONA?

Three new record prices were set by the British gold coin Una and the Lion in 2020. Now, SINCONA offers an extremely rare variety in a Proof set that is sure to delight everyone who loves coins of outstanding quality. A candidate for a new record?

10 Years of SINCONA

Over the last decade, the Swiss numismatic auction house SINCONA has become one of the most innovative players on the international market. The team around Jürg Richter is known for maintaining the difficult balance between tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

10 Years of SINCONA AG Zurich – A Numismatic Commemorative Publication

One article for every year of its existence: SINCONA can be proud of the Festschrift it has published as a present for itself and its customers on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.