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SINCONA Fall Auctions 2022

Four auction days, four catalogues, more than 4100 lots with a total estimate of almost 6.3 million Swiss francs – that is the general picture of what lovers of world numismatics can expect from SINCONA in Zurich this October.

Catalogue 78

By tradition, the first catalogue deals with Russian coins and medals, next is another special catalogue, covering the third part of the SINCONA British Collection. With world coins and medals, the now traditional Bullion Auction, a considerable selection of banknotes and numerous Swiss coins and medals, the third catalogue is probably the heaviest of the four volumes. The October auctions of the Zurich auction house will then be concluded by another catalogue with Swiss coins, the Max Walty-Hüssy Collection.

Let us start with catalogue 78, the G. Stakhorsky Collection, Part 1, and other properties. This catalogue of Russian coins and medals comprises 630 lots with a total estimate of CHF 788,000.

Catalogue 79

Catalogue 79 is dedicated to part 3 of the SINCONA British Collection, and if you have witnessed the previous two auctions, you know that you can look forward to exciting bidding battles. Once again, more than 450 lots make an estimate of about 1.7 million Swiss francs. It is almost impossible to get an overview of all the specialities. Here is a selection, starting with the Middle Ages and reaching up into the 20th century. And since it is one of the most beautiful coins in the world, we will show you another “Una and the Lion”.

Catalogue 80

With catalogue 80, coin lovers hold the weightiest volume in their hands, covering World coins and medals (1340 lots, estimate: CHF 1.96m), the Bullion Auction (140 lots), Banknotes (600 lots, estimate: CHF 123k) and Swiss coins (690 lots, estimate: CHF 1.1m). Interesting depictions can be found in the chapters on China (116 lots), France (105 lots) and Italy including the Vatican (436 lots), and of course there are rarities from many other countries, too. We present a small selection here.

Orders and decorations are a regular feature of SINCONA’s auction sales. At this point, we show you a grand cross of the Empire of Austria, probably one of the earliest versions of the insignia of the Grand Priory of Bohemia and Austria of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

As an important part of this major catalogue, we would like to mention the SINCONA Bullion Auction. By now, the following is common knowledge: bullion gold is auctioned off at special conditions to private individuals and dealers; bids are made as a percentage of the precious metal price, not based on the currency; and buyers do not pay a premium added to the hammer price regardless of whether they participate as room bidders, submit their bids via writing or Live Bidding.

The Chapter of Banknotes comprises 600 lots and, once again, contains paper money from throughout the world. Of course, there are several focal points, which we would like to briefly mention. China is again particularly well represented with 161 lots. It is to be expected that there will be some bidding battles fought out by collectors from all continents.

Lot 4015: Azores – Portuguese Administration. Banco de Portugal. 2500 reis 1909, 30 June (without imprint). Very rare and of excellent quality. About uncirculated. Estimate: 2,500 CHF.

For Italy and Portugal, including issues for its colonies, there are 55 lots. In the section of Portuguese banknotes, we can also find the highly interesting banknotes of the 18th and 19th centuries – although all of them are worn, they are of utmost historical importance. Colonial issues from more recent times are also coveted, such as the banknotes of the Azores islands.

Lot 4442: Switzerland. St. Galler Kantonalbank. 100 francs 1896, 1 March. Very rare and good extremely fine. Estimate: 3,500 CHF.

Some specialities should also be mentioned, such as the 20 lots with German banknote bundles, whose banderols have held the bills together for 100 years. In the section of Czechoslovak coin, there are banknote printing plate designs of the renowned artists J. Benda and A. Mucha; and in the US section there is an 1864 Confederate States $500 bill, of which only 73 specimens were printed. It is a small miracle of monetary history that there even are a few notes that still exist.

As always, we make special mention of Switzerland, comprising 41 lots. From St Gallen, a series of 7 cantonal issues stands out.

Lot 4471: Switzerland. Issues of the National Bank. Pattern for a 5000-franc banknote for the 6th issue of 1977-1993. Two one-sided patterns. Extremely rare. The specimen is not known to have ever been auctioned off. Estimate: 3,500 CHF.

A last hint for collectors of banknotes of the Swiss National Bank! 3 lots show projects for the 6th issue, designed by E. and U. Hiestand, including a 5000-franc note, which was not issued.

It is understandable, that a Zurich auction house always focuses on Swiss coins. The diversity of coins from the various minting cantons and ecclesiastical rulers with their manifold motifs is simply extraordinary. 690 lots with an estimate of CHF 1.1 million are waiting for their new owners.

Catalogue 81

Catalogue 81 with Swiss coins and medals of the collector Max Walty-Hüssy contains 250 lots, including rarities that many of us have never held in their hands. There are mainly Bern coins and patterns of the Swiss Confederation. We do not want to withhold these highlights from you!


More lots from the Fall auctions can be found in the auction catalogue.

SINCONA is pleased to be able to invite its customers to Zurich again. You can contact us by phone, email or online during the auction days from 24 to 27 October. For further information, visit the homepage.