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3,700 Lots at the SINCONA Auctions 75-77

This spring, the customers of SINCONA AG in Zurich can look forward to as much as three catalogues. The first one is dedicated to the second part of the SINCONA British Collection, while another special catalogue deals with the collection of Annemarie and Gerd Köhlmoos and their world coins. The third catalogue is particularly extensive and covers all other fields of interest of monetary history, the traditional Bullion Auction as well as coins and medals from Switzerland. To sum up, this means: lovers of numismatics can look forward to 3.700 lots with an estimate of 7.6 million francs.

Auction 75: SINCONA British Collection – Part 2

After the extraordinary success of the first part of the SINCONA British Collection last November, this time 414 lots with an estimate of almost 1.5 million francs are sure to trigger exciting bidding battles. The overall nature and composition of the catalogue is the same as in November. Specimens of splendid quality can not only be found among machine-made issues but also is the field of early medieval gold coinage. And there is a “Una and the Lion”, too. Let us start the description of the individual lots with a magnificent noble from Edward IV’s first reign 1461-1470 and end with Queen Victoria and her 1886 proof sovereign.

Auction 76: The Annemarie and Gerd Köhlmoos Collection

For more than 30 years, the Köhlmoos couple has been collecting modern coins and medals – magnificent pieces of outstanding quality that will make any coin enthusiast’s mouth water. SINCONA dedicates a special catalogue to them, which will later occupy a special place in the collectors’ bookshelves. The work comprises 775 lots with an estimate of 3 million francs. The countries of Scandinavia are particularly well represented, but you can also find France, again Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and the Holy Roman Empire. You will find magnificent talers, fractional pieces and gold coins from every region – from the Venetian zecchino to the Habsburg 10 ducat piece. It is almost impossible to choose which pieces to present here, so you should later take a look at the catalogue or your computer screen. Once again, all pieces in the catalogue were graded by NGC and the specimens’ amazingly high grades are another proof of their quality.

Auction 77: World Coins and Medals

The third SINCONA catalogue includes about 2.400 lots and, as usual, is dedicated to the entire spectrum of numismatics from the Middle Ages to present time. Let us begin with world coins and medals. We almost encounter every country, while special attention must be paid to individual chapters. For example, to 36 gold coins from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 138 coins from India and magnificent pieces from Sweden, which are sure to trigger exciting bidding battles.

Between Cyprus and Swiss coinage, as usual, the Bullion Auction takes place where bids for 125 lots of bullion gold can be submitted as a percentage of the precious metal price – i.e., not based on the currency. Moreover, buyers do not pay a premium regardless of whether they participate as room bidders, submit their bids via writing or use the online Live Bidding service.

The section of Switzerland comprises more than 1.150 lots with an estimate of 1.25 million francs. Numerous attractive subchapters are to be mentioned such as Bern and its many gold issues, including multiple gold coins. Moreover, collectors will encounter more than 200 lots related to Glarus. Fredy Bühler-Zimmermann, who died about one year ago, collected everything that was numismatically related to his canton – coins, medals, dies, jetons and historical securities. He also published many things that had not been catalogued before. The wealth of items is incredible, for example two dated shillings from 1617 – there are only five known specimens of this coin type.

Glarus is immediately followed by Graubünden, a chapter with a rich monetary history that contains many beautiful pieces.

Collectors and dealers are already used to it: once again the Confederation is well represented. In this section it is worth noting a beautiful selection of coins from the first quarter of the past century, most of them of outstanding quality. The chapter on patterns includes 22 lots, that on error coins 45. Medals, many shooting issues, round off this auction cycle. By the way, there are also many important Swiss coins in catalogue 76 of the Köhlmoos Collection that you should not miss.


All lots of the auctions 75 to 77 can be viewed in the online catalog.

SINCONA is pleased to finally be able to invite its customers to Zurich again without any restrictions. If you cannot be there, our employees are gladly there for you, via phone, mail or online during the auction days. For further information, visit the website of SINCONA AG.