SINCONA Takes a Stand On Russian Numismatics

Jürg Richter, owner of the Zurich auction house Sincona AG.
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Is it legitimate to trade with Russian coins? At least after Russia’s attack on the Ukraine this is an open question. Jürg Richter, managing director and auctioneer of Sincona, has commented on this subject before the start of the SINCONA autumn auctions 78-81, which took place in Zurich from October 24 to 27, 2022.

“Dear ladies and gentleman. Welcome to our auction number 78 with Russian coins and medals. Due to current events, I would like to say a few words to you in connection with this auction:

We from SINCONA are a traditional numismatic company and are enthusiastic about the fascination and cultural background that coins and medals as such embody.

What is currently happening in the Ukraine and in Russia is frightening and shocking at the same time.

But: We are not auctioning political statements or slogans, because coins and numismatics as such are representative of the many cultural and historical events that they represent in relation to the history of a country and which they have carried out into the world over many centuries.

And it is these same coins that continue to give great pleasure to so many collectors, dealers and historians.

By holding today’s auction of Russian coins and medals, we are paying tribute to this idea and are committed to a very special fascination that only numismatics can communicate – regardless of the country of origin of these coins.

That is why we have decided to hold the auction despite or even because of the current situation in Russia and Ukraine.”


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