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Künker presents in its eLive Auction 73, at the beginning of October 2022, 2,400 lots with coins and medals from antiquity to modern times.

Hesse, Elizabeth and the Reformation

The story of how much influence St. Elizabeth had even centuries after her death is quite a spectacular one to tell. With the help of the Loos Collection, which will be on sale at Künker in September, we will do just that: talking of a canonized landgravine, political intrigues, power-conscious women and the consequences of syphilis.

A Bonaparte on Holland’s Coins

On 27 September 2022, Künker will auction off the collection of the Verschoor brothers. It contains what’s probably one of the most important collections of coins from the Kingdom of Holland. Read about the fate of the short-lived kingdom and the numerous problems King Lodewijk had to deal with when introducing his new coins.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

What do you collect? Gold, ancient coins, medals, German issues, world coins or orders? Whatever it may be – Künker’s Fall Auction Sales will provide you with it. This is the preview for the first four auctions: they cover coins and medals from medieval and modern times as well as orders and decorations.

Gate Tokens: Relics of Nuremberg’s History

Only on rare occasions can we link a numismatic object to a specific person. Regarding Nuremberg gate tokens, this is possible. We know whose hands touched them. Three of these tokens are on offer at Künker’s Fall Auction Sales. We tell their story.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

12.8m euros, that’s the total result of the Künker Summer Auction Sales with the highest turnover ever. Most of the six-figure results were achieved by the Dr. Pavel Liska Collection of Czechoslovak gold coins. But other sections are experiencing a boom, too. Here you can find the top results of all four catalogs.


The summer auctions are only just over and the next Künker auction is already about to start. On 6 auction days, over 3,400 lots with coins and medals from the ancient world to modern times, orders and decorations from all over the world as well as numismatic literature await you in eLive Auction 72.

Portugalesers: A Close Look at Brandenburg’s Gold Showpieces

Brandenburg’s portugalesers are among the greatest gold rarities of the Holy Roman Empire. Künker is able to offer as much as two of these rare pieces in auction 369. We take a close look at what these coins can tell us.

Czechoslovakian Gold Coins from the Dr. Pavel Liska Collection

In Auction 371 Künker offers an impressive collection of Czechoslovakian gold coins. Through these issues, a film shows how the young nation was searching for an identity in the 20th century.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

Saxonia in Nummis, the collection of the Berlin savings bank with rarities from Brandenburg-Prussia, gold coins from the Köhlmoos Collection and the Liska Collection with Czechoslovak gold coins – these are just a few of the private collections on offer at Künker’s Summer Auction Sales.
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