Wednesday, 20.01.2021


CNG’s Electronic Auction 484

The upcoming Electronic Auction 484 featuring over 1,200 coins will be sold as the fifth part of Triton sale XXIV. Of special note are collections of coins from Roman Egypt, rare and important Umayyad Spanish solidi and German and Habsburg talers.

Tauler & Fau

The upcoming E-Auction 73 from Tauler & Fau features 654 lots including Greek, Celtiberian, Roman Republican, Roman Imperatorial, Roman Imperial and Byzantine Empire Coins. The auction closes on 19th January 2021.

Cayón Numismática

Cayón Numismática’s eAuction 73 offers over 1,000 lots including a wide selection of rare and attractive Spanish coins. The auction features almost 100 gold 8 escudos and a selection of Spanish copper coins.

Roma Numismatics

Roma Numismatics’ upcoming E-Sale 79 features 1,436 lots of Ancient, Islamic and World coins, including objects with excellent pedigrees, a possibly unique and unpublished Carausius radiate, and a high grade Tiberius aureus.

World Banknote Auctions

World Banknote Auctions recently launched their new website featuring the first auction on the updated platform. The sale offers over 400 lots of graded world paper money in a wide price range. The company will host sales with live internet bidding every 2 weeks.

Cayón Numismática

Cayón’s E-auction 72 features more than 700 lots and will be closing on Wednesday, 23 December 2020. The sale comprises a remarkable range of mainly Spanish coins. One of the top lots is a rare Felipe III 50 reales or cincuentín 1620 over 10 from Segovia.

Solidus Numismatik e. K.

Solidus’ sixth Literature Auction is particularly extensive comprising 2,031 lots. The sale features bibliophile rarities, reference works, and numerous volumes from the libraries of Reinhold Jordan and Ursula Kampmann.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG’s Electronic Auction 482 features 893 lots. Collectors will find a number of quality ancient, world and British Coins as well as an impressive selection of Anglo-Saxon and Norman issues from the Allen Williams Collection.

Nomos AG

Nomos' upcoming e-auction Obolos 17 features 978 lots with mostly ancient but also medieval and some modern coins. Highlights are an unpublished sestertius of Domitian and an extremely rare antoninianus of Zenobia as Alan Walker explains.

Solidus Numismatik e.K.

In Auction 67 Solidus presents 345 chosen Islamic coins with many gold pieces, and an extensive range of North African mints, mostly in excellent condition.