Thursday, 16.09.2021
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Leu Numismatik

Leu Numismatik is offering over 5,000 lots in its 16th web auction featuring coins from the Dr. P. Vogl and J. Knudsen Collections as well as the Rhakotis collection with rarities from Ptolemaic and Roman Alexandria.

Cayón Subastas

Cayón Subastas presents the second part of an eminent collection of Spanish medieval coins from Alfonso VI to Infante Juan. The sale features 605 lots including several rarities as well as hundreds of budget chance lots.

Classical Numismatic Group

Classical Numismatic Group offers in Electronic Auction 492 an unparalleled run of New York Numismatic Club medals featuring many of the most prominent American numismatists of the 20th century.

Kolbe & Fanning

In their 459-lot sale Kolbe & Fanning will be offering material from the library of Richard Margolis, along with selections from Roger Persichilli, John Dannreuther, and the TAB Libraries.

Classical Numismatic Group

Classical Numismatic Group offers in Auction 117 over 1,158 lots with a presale estimate of $2.15 million among them rarities like a unique Seleukos stater. They stem from various important collections.

Solidus Numismatik e.K.

Solidus Numismatik offers 660 selected coins from Antiquity to Modern Times. The sale includes a number of beautiful Greek di- and tetradrachms as well as a series of Medieval coins. A rare Polish thaler dating from 1585 is estimated at 10,000 euros.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG presents its 491th Electronic Auction containing 957 lots of ancient and world coins many of which come from the Lampasas and David J. Fleischmann Collections, along with a group of Islamic and East Asian issues from the Todd Hansen Collection.

Cayón Numismática

Cayón Subastas is offering 791 lots featuring hundreds of multiple lots. There are some ancient and world coins, although the focus is on interesting and rare coins from the Spanish Empire among them more than 150 silver 8 reales and almost 200 silver 5 pesetas.


Nomos’ Obolos 19 presents 1,211 lots of mainly Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins as well as some medieval and world coins. Alan Walker presents a selection of particularly interesting and mentionable coins in his unique witty manner.

Roma Numismatics

Roma Numismatics’ upcoming E-Sale 83 features 1,824 lots of Celtic, Greek, Judaean, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and World coins as well as books.