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Large eLive Order and Decorations Auction at Künker

From Monday, 5th December to Wednesday, 7th December 2022, starting at 4 p.m. CET, Künker’s eLive Auction 75 will take place. The online auction contains a total of 1,679 lots with orders, decorations, medal buckles, miniatures and certificates from Germany, Europe and overseas. The auction will start on 5 December at 4 pm CET with Part 10 of the Peter Groch Collection with duplicates from Prussia to the German Empire, followed by Part 11 of his collection with the rest of Slovakia and Hungary. Then follows the sixth and final part of the Ottoman Collection.

From France Künker has been entrusted with an extensive collection, the collection of Mr “L” with war decorations mainly of the 20th century, which will be offered on 6 December from 4 p.m. CET. German decorations will be first to be auctioned off, followed by decorations from Europe and overseas.

The last part of the auction with orders, decorations and certificates of various possession will start on 7 December at 4 p.m. CET with German orders and decorations, including a collection each from Oldenburg and from Prussia, but also series from Baden and Bavaria as well as a number of life-saving medals. This will be followed by European decorations (among others from Italy, Austria, Russia and the Soviet Union, Sweden and Spain) and some from overseas.


  • Monday, 5 December 2022 – Lot number 1-506: The Peter Groch Collection, Part 10 – Duplicates from Prussia to the German Empire; The Peter Groch Collection, Part 11 – Slovakia and Hungary
  • Tuesday, 6 December 2022 – Lot number 507-1265: The collection of Mr “L” – War decorations mainly of the 20th century Migration period
  • Wednesday, 7 December 2022 – Lot number 1266-1679: Orders, Decorations and Certificates of various possession


Lot 384.
  • Lot 384: Medal “For Personal Valour” [Medaila “Za osobnú statočnos”] (1944). Medal 3rd level (Large Silver Medal), made by the Kremnitz Mint, silver-plated tombac, on ribbon with pin. Estimate: 750 euros.
  • Lot 682: Royal and Military Order of St Louis [Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis] (1693). 1st model (with round centre), 2nd issue (ca. 1715 – ca. 1740/50), Knight’s Cross [croix de chevalier], gold and enamels, 13.2 g, hairline cracks in the white enamel on obverse and reverse, min. chips in the blue enamel of the two centre rings, on old but probably somewhat later ribbon piece. Estimate: 1,500 euros.
Lot 1271.
  • Lot 1271: Medal for civil merit or Civil merit medal [Medaille für civile Verdienste bzw. Civil-Verdienstmedaille] (1768/1769). 6th model (with the short-haired portrait of Grand Duke Ludwig I – 1820-1827), large gold medal of 18 ducats (!), gold, 62.5 g (!), with engraver’s name “DOELL”, on the reverse below the pedestal of the Badenia the engraver’s sign “CWD” (each for Carl Wilhelm Doell (1787-1848)), the loop fixed by two iron(!) screws in the rim of the medal, without ribbon. Estimate: 3,000 euros.
  • Lot 1337: Medal of merit for life saving [Verdienstmedaille für Rettung aus Gefahr] (1845). 1st model (with the younger portrait of King Ernest August (1845-1847), diameter 35.9 mm, silver, with engraver’s name “FICKENSCHER”, on the rim holder’s name “SCHIFFER LUDWIG FLÜGGE”, with new, incorrect ribbon. Estimate: 1,000 euros.
  • Lot 1373: Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of art [Medaille für hervorragende Leistungen auf dem Gebiete der Kunst] (1878). Grand Medal IInd Class for services in the field of arts (from 1901), 1000/000 silver gilt, hallmarked “1000” in the rim, with old ribbon piece. Estimate: 1,000 euros.
  • Lot 1444: Medal for saving life [Medaille für Lebensrettung] (1831). 2nd model (with the portrait of King Friedrich August II – 1838-1854), Silver medal, silver, 22.7 g (with closed ribbon ring!), with engraver’s name “KRÜGER F.”, without ribbon. Estimate: 1,000 euros.
  • Lot 1457: Order of the Royal Württemberg Crown [Orden der Königlichen Württembergischen Krone] (1818). Knight’s Cross 2nd Class with Swords (1870-1886), from 1886 Knight’s Cross with Swords, made by the court jeweller Eduard Foehr probably in 1915, version with rigidly fixed swords, silver-gilt and enamelled, min. hardly visible enamel chips in the medallion rings, with old bow ribbon. Estimate: 750 euros.
Lot 1543.
  • Lot 1543: Military Order of Savoy [Ordine Militare di Savoia] (1815). 1st model (1815-1855), Knight’s Cross, silver and enamels, the plain reverse (including the leaves!) engraved, 18.2 g, enamel scratch on obverse, on old but later breast ribbon. Estimate: 2,500 euros.
  • Lot 1583: Medal for the capture of the fortress of Gandzha on 3 January 1804 (1804). Silver, 11.7 g, wear marks, without ribbon. Estimate: 1,000 euros.
  • Lot 1634: Royal Order of the Sword [Kungliga Svärdsorden] (1748). 2nd model (1772-1975), commander’s badge [kommendörtecken], made by C. F. Carlman in Stockholm, gold and enamels, not hallmarked, the crown with gold patina, without neck ribbon. Estimate: 600 euros.
Lot 1656.
  • Lot 1656: Royal and Very Meritorious Spanish Order of Charles III [Real y Muy Distinguida Orden Española de Carlos III] (1771). 5th model (with blue centre field on the reverse – 1875-1931), collar of the order, consisting of seven monogram links,14 lion links, 14 tower links, six trophy links and one link for wearing the badge, made in the first third of the 20th century, silver-gilt, partly enamelled, in one place the ring is broken off, but existing (easy to restore!), two tower links with fixing pin, with orders cross, silver-gilt, centres gold, enamels, enamel painting, min. chipping in the enamel painting and in the wreath leaves, total weight 534 g. Estimate: 2,500 euros
  • Lot 1666: Order of Hungarian Merit [A Magyar Érdemrend] (1922/1935). 2nd model (1935-1945), Grand Cross set, probably made by the Hungarian Central Mint, consisting of: Grand Cross badge, silver gilt and enamels, without sash ribbon, and breast star, silver brillanté, applications silver gilt and enamels, with pin, in its original golden printed case with supplemented inlay and damaged closing. Estimate: 1,000 euros.


In order to participate at the eLive Auction live on the internet a personal myKünker Account is required. This service allows you to place bids via the auction catalog.

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