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Rare Error Coins Emerge from Somalia Elephant Series of Emporium Hamburg. Error coins also appear again and again among circulation coins. Maybe you will find a rarity in your wallet with the help of our expert numiscontrol?... (1 Treffer im Text)

Lake Baikal gold treasure

by numiscontrol Vanished mammon, tales, myths and treasure hunt without success “Glorious Sea, the Sacred Baikal”, that is how the “Baikal hymn” written by Dimitrij Davydov starts. The lake is... (1 Treffer im Text)

Customize Your £0 Souvenir Note

...of Sterling Souvenir Note Ltd. The Euro Souvenir Notes can be found online as well. Numiscontrol has covered the countless errors on euro banknotes several times, for instance in the... (1 Treffer im Text)

Why Germany has Five State-Owned Mints

...Republic closed the Muldenhütten mint in Saxony. Photo: Numiscontrol / CC BY-SA 3.0 de Shortly after the introduction of the new currency, several mints were closed. Already back then, the... (1 Treffer im Text)

Errors on zero euro notes. Part 1

...errors that occurred within the frame of the feverish production of the popular zero euro notes in an eagerness to satisfy demand. Numiscontrol gives an overview divided in two parts.... (0 Treffer im Text)

Historical Coins On Finland’s 0 Euro Banknotes

...collector? Finland’s new euro banknotes combine both passions: three series are dedicated to the country’s rulers and presidents – and feature their coins. Our author numiscontrol presents the new issues.... (0 Treffer im Text)