Friday, 2023.01.27
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Tag: Personalia (Researchers / Collectors / Dealers)

Mason Fair Appoint Dr Prabir De as New Director

Long-Term Royal Australian Mint executive and industry expert Dr Prabir De was appointed in the role of Director – Business Development at Mason Fair. The Australian company is specialized in the distribution of jewellery, precious stones and metals.

Currency Expert Allen Mincho Heritage’s Director Emeritus

After 40 years as a full-time dealer and nearly two decades in this position, Currency Auctions Director Allen Mincho retired from Heritage Auctions. The currency expert was honoured with the title of Director Emeritus.

The New Team Members of Nomos AG

Nomos AG announced the appointments of three new team members: John Lavender, Jared Clark and Dr. John Voukelatos. Here you can find a brief introduction into their areas of interest and future fields of work.

Michael Matzke (1966-2020)

Michael Matzke, Curator of Numismatics at the Basel Historical Museum died on 20 May 2020 after a long and serious illness. Ursula Kampmann commemorates a friend.

Philip Attwood Left the British Museum After 41 Years

Philip Attwood left the British Museum on 1st May 2020 after forty-one years in the Department of Coins and Medals and ten years as Keeper.

Colin Narbeth (1929-2020)

Colin Narbeth died aged 90. He was the founder and driving force behind the creation of the International Bank Note Society and a true pioneer of the study and collecting of paper money, called by some ‘Mr Banknote’. Jonathan Callaway remembers him.

The Numismatist Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gregory to Retire

After 38 years at the American Numismatic Association, The Numismatist Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gregory retired in April. She passed the editorial responsibilities to current ANA Managing Editor Caleb Noel.

Jay M. Galst (1950-2020)

One of New York’s more than 10,000 corona victims is known by many who regularly visit the NYINC: Jay M. Galst was an avid collector of coins related to his area of expertise: ophthalmology. Find here a short obituary by Ursula Kampmann.

Irene ‘Neddy’ Allen (1928-2020)

Another loss in the numismatic world: London based medal dealer Irene ‘Neddy’ Allen passed away in March. Her colleague Christopher Eimer commemorates her.

Eldert Bontekoe (1954-2020)

On March 30, 2020, the author and professional numismatist Eldert Bontekoe died. In 1982, he began building his company that was to become worldwide known: Pegasi Numismatics. We re-publish his online obituary.