Tuesday, 26.10.2021
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Tag: Personalia (Researchers / Collectors / Dealers)

“Historical Medallions”: The Legacy of Irene Neddy Allen

English coin dealer Irene Neddy Allen is remembered as a passionate dealer and collector of medals. She had an impressive collection and passed it on – together with her knowledge – to her niece Sarah Heath. Sarah remembers her aunt, whose business she continues.

Ursula Kampmann Chosen For Numismatic Literary Guild Board

Our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ursula Kampmann, has joined the Board of Directors of the Numismatic Literary Guild and succeeds long-time NLG executive Donn Pearlman. She is the first overseas member.

Dietrich Klose Retired

At the Munich Coin Cabinet, an era came to an end on 28 January 2021: Dietrich O. A. Klose retired. Ursula Kampmann pays tribute to an extremely versatile numismatist and esteemed colleague.

Paul Rabin (+ 2021)

Paul Rabin was one of those persons you saw at many coin fairs – whether in the United States, Switzerland or Germany. The amiable coin dealer died in February 2021. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.

Jürgen Ritter (1941-2021)

On 23 January 2021, the German coin dealer Jürgen Ritter passed away. He is one of those who worked in the coin trade out of passion and broke fresh ground in collecting. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.

Sydney F. Martin (1945-2021)

Sydney Furman Martin died on 19 January 2021. The Trustee and former President of the American Numismatic Society was an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world-renown collector.

Richard Adams Joins Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions has a new senior numismatist in their Beverly Hills office: Richard Adams will oversee appraisals and consignments of coins, currency and stamps.

Fernando Chao (1946-2021)

The enthusiastic collector, passionate researcher and renowned Argentine numismatist Dr Fernando Chao has passed away on 7 January 2021. The Federation of Numismatic and Medallist Entities of Argentina recall their former vice-president.

Peter K. Tompa Opens His Own Law Firm

Peter K. Tompa has opened his own law firm. He is an experienced specialist when it comes to cultural property issues, particularly those of interest to the numismatic trade.

New Director for the Swiss National Museum

Historian Denise Tonella will succeed Andreas Spillmann in the spring of 2021 as the new Director of the Swiss National Museum.