Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Tag: Personalia (Researchers / Collectors / Dealers)

Carl Subak (1919-2022)

Carl Subak died on 6 February 2022 at the advanced age of 103 years. He was a well-known coin dealer from Chicago and a charming cosmopolitan who entertained everyone with his stories about the past of the coin trade. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.

Barbara Gregory is the New Editor of The Centinel

Barbara J. Gregory has been named Editor of The Centinel, the quarterly journal of the Central States Numismatic Society. She will succeed Gerald Tebben who is retiring after 12 years as Editor of the award-winning CSNS publication.

Harvey G. Stack (1928-2022)

One of the founding fathers and a chronicler of the modern American coin trade has died. Harvey Stack passed away on 3 January 2022. Ursula Kampmann remembers him.

Dr Efrem Marcel Pegan – Researcher and Antiquarian

On 16th January 2022, Dr Efrem Marcel Pegan will celebrate his 90th birthday. Many will remember his famous Munich Numismatic Antiquarian Bookshop. Matthias Barth remembers this man who has lived his passion for numismatics and numismatic books.

Johann Berner Is CIT’s New CEO

Since 1 January 2022 CIT has a new CEO: Johann Berner. Former CEO Heimo Steriti has retired from this role but has not left entirely the company.

Werner Burger (1936-2021)

Werner Burger was a pioneer of Chinese numismatics. His PhD thesis is said to have been the first one in that field. Now the scholar and collector died in Hong Kong on 15th November 2021, aged 85.

“Historical Medallions”: The Legacy of Irene Neddy Allen

English coin dealer Irene Neddy Allen is remembered as a passionate dealer and collector of medals. She had an impressive collection and passed it on – together with her knowledge – to her niece Sarah Heath. Sarah remembers her aunt, whose business she continues.

Ursula Kampmann Chosen For Numismatic Literary Guild Board

Our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ursula Kampmann, has joined the Board of Directors of the Numismatic Literary Guild and succeeds long-time NLG executive Donn Pearlman. She is the first overseas member.

Dietrich Klose Retired

At the Munich Coin Cabinet, an era came to an end on 28 January 2021: Dietrich O. A. Klose retired. Ursula Kampmann pays tribute to an extremely versatile numismatist and esteemed colleague.

Paul Rabin (+ 2021)

Paul Rabin was one of those persons you saw at many coin fairs – whether in the United States, Switzerland or Germany. The amiable coin dealer died in February 2021. Ursula Kampmann commemorates him.