Wednesday, 20.01.2021

Tag: Gorny & Mosch

Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

Gorny & Mosch present in their 275th Auction over 830 lots of Ancient and African art as well as Asian and Pre-Columbian art. Some pieces come from the collection of the German director and actor Bernhard Wicki.

Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

In auction 273 Gorny & Mosch will offer coins of excellent quality with outstanding provenances and special collections like Kingdom of Bosporus and Mint Minden.

Gorny & Mosch

In an additional E-Auction Gorny & Mosch will be offering ancient coins, and coins and medals from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. A particular highlight is the important E.L. collection of ‘Greek Imperials’ from a private owner from Southern Germany.

Gorny & Mosch, D-München

Gorny & Mosch will offer more than 850 lots of ancient art, part of which originate from the significant collection of the Israeli jeweller Shlomo Moussaieff. Highlights of the auction include ancient glasses as well as magnificent bronze sculptures from Ancient Egypt.

Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

In two catalogues Gorny & Mosch offers coins and medals from ancient to modern times, many of them in excellent conditions and from collections. The following e-auction features Judaica of the Shlomo Moussaieff Collection.

Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

At Gorny & Mosch’s more than 900 lots will be auctioned, including selected Greek vases, marble sculptures at a very reasonable price, and another part of the collection compiled by Israeli jeweler Schlomo Moussaieff.