Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

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Outstanding Aegyptiaca at Gorny & Mosch’s December Auction

Accompanying auction 283 taking place on 15th December 2021 at Gorny & Mosch, a splendid print catalog has been published. More than 880 lots will be on offer, including a small epigraphic collection from the estate of Peter Weiß (military diplomas, curse tablets, lead weights). Among the African objects are pieces from the great collection of Jo Christiaens. This time, there is a large section of ancient Egyptian works of art, over 100 objects of which will be on offer, some of outstanding quality. Once again, there is a remarkable selection of Greek and Etruscan vases. Numerous fine marble items will come under the hammer at this auction too.

The offer at a glance:

  • Vases: 89 lots
  • Terracotta: 18 lots
  • Stone sculptures: 30 lots
  • Bronze sculptures: 14 lots
  • Epigraphic Collection of Peter Weiß: 7 lots
  • Instruments: 12 lots
  • Lamps: 16 lots
  • Mosaics: 3 lots
  • Jewelry: 19 lots
  • Cameos, gems, seals: 11 lots
  • Glass objects: 4 lots
  • North Africa: 103 lots
  • Ancient Near East: 22 lots
  • Pre- and Protohistory: 27 lots
  • Byzantium: 12 lots
  • Icons: 11 lots
  • Islam: 3 lots
  • Africa and Oceania: 80 lots
  • Pre-Columbian America: 44 lots
  • Asia: 20 lots
  • Middle Ages: 1 lot
  • After the Antique: 9 lots
  • Natural history: 1 lot
  • Multiple lots: 319 lots
  • Literature: 1 lot

Lot No. 1

Attic black-figure belly amphora of the Group of Toronto 305. 520-510 B.C. H 44.8 cm. In the center of side A, a quadriga with charioteer and hoplite with two lances from the front, a Scythian archer on each side. On side B a farewell scene. The mother is standing on the left, in the center her youthful son as a horseman with two lances, on the right his companions, a Scythian archer and a hoplite with shield and lance. Lotus buds above the image fields. With certificate of The Art Loss Register and copies of the first publication of Puhze and the one of Johannes Burow! Reassembled from large fragments, with retouched areas (for example half of the mouth, one handle and minor parts of the images), below remains of sinter.

Provenance: Ex German private collection Dr. F. K., purchased in 1980 on the German art market; previously in a French collection of the 19th century.

Estimate: 22,000 EUR.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 283, 2021, 112. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 112

Portrait of Juba II of Mauretania. End of the 1st century B.C.-early 1st century A.D. White, fine crystalline marble, H 19cm. Slightly less than life-size head of an unbearded man with bony features and short sickle curls, with a wide head-band identifying him as a ruler which is knotted at the nape of his neck, the broad ends fall down from his neck. Expressive style! Slightly worn surface, especially at the nose.

Provenance: From the A.D. Collection, purchased in 1998 in Paris by Henri Rotseig. Afterwards in Belgium since 1998. Prior to 1988 in the possession of A. De Velasco (Marbella).

Estimate: 25,000 EUR.

Lot No. 156

Military diploma of a legionary. Roman Empire, time of Gordian III, 13 December 230 A.D. H max. 20.5cm. Bronze. Largely preserved is the exterior of Tabella I Constitution of Gordian III to the governor L. Silius Amicus of the province of Germania Superior for the honesta missio (= honorable discharge from military service) of Thracians which have been raised on 28 February 214 A.D., a petition of the veteran of Legio VIII Augusta with the key data of his personal file as well as the notice of the governor. Published! Damaged at the left and lower bottom, probably secondary use.

Provenance: From the Peter Weiß Collection, Kiel, purchased between 1967 and 2015.

Estimate: 2,500 EUR.

Lot No. 163

Silver bowl with hunting emperor. Roman, Eastern Mediterranean, 4th century A.D. ø 21cm. Circular, flat bowl with engraved hunting scene on the inside: the emperor on horseback with diadem and nimbus, drawing his bow, behind him a leopard wounded with an arrow, in front of him also a leopard pierced by an arrow, surrounded by floral elements. Splendid object! With metal analysis of the Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie, 2021! Exterior verdigris, intact.

Provenance: Ex S.K. Collection, Berlin. In Germany since 2015. Before T.A.S. Collection. London. In family possession since before 1963.

Estimate: 30,000 EUR.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 283, 2021, 196. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 196

Gold bracelet adorned with granules. Etruscan, 6th-5th century B.C. 9.11g, L ca. 19.5 cm. At each end, a shield-shaped element with a palmette-like extension to which the closure is attached. In between, three elements consisting of a hemisphere, two pelts and two palmettes. All elements are decorated with fine granules and connected by short foxtail chains. Gold. With French export license! Exceptional piece! Closure and one small foxtail chain missing, one small foxtail chain broken.

Provenance: From the old French Colliez Collection. Purchased by Mr. A. from the French expert Jean François Bigot in 1990.

Estimate: 20,000 EUR.

Lot No. 230

Elaborately carved canopic head. New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, time of Amenhotep III, 1379-1340 B.C. H 12cm. Limestone. Canopic head of Amset. This head displays the stylistic characteristics indicating that the item dates to the first half of the 18th dynasty: the face with the fine nose is framed by a voluminous wig, features a narrow mouth, broad eyebrows are depicted above the large, widely spaced eyes, the large ears are set rather high. Broad pin at the plinth, inside hollowed-out. Surface slightly rubbed and darkened, minimal bumps, otherwise intact.

Provenance: Ex F.T. Collection, Baden-Württemberg. Purchased in 2000 by the Wolter family, Brunswick, 2000, before local family collection at least since the 1970s. At Gorny & Mosch auction 272, 2020, 279.

Estimate: 12,000 EUR.

Lot No. 238

Dignitary. Middle Kingdom, 13th dynasty, 1783-1640 A.D. H 17.5cm. Torso of a man with naked upper body wearing a long kilt which is closed in front of the abdomen and reaches from the navel to the ground. His arms hang down, the hands rest on the sides of the front of the kilt. The figure is standing against a back pillar. Feet broken, head completed.

Provenance: Ex K.R. Collection, Rhineland-Palatinate, collection period ca. 1980 – 2000. In Germany since before 2000. From the A. Wiedemann Collection (1856-1936).

Estimate: 9,000 EUR.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 283, 2021, 239. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 239

Statuette of Harpocrates-Somtus. Ptolemaic period, ca. 305-31 B.C. H 27cm (pedestal 5cm). Full bronze cast with integrated basis, below traces of the casting process. Sculptured and very elaborately detailed statuette of the naked, striding figure of Harpocrates. On his head a nemes headcloth with a wreath of uraei surmounted by a hem-hem crown. He puts the index finger of the right hand to his lips. The eyes have gold inlays. A hieroglyphic inscription is engraved on the right long side of the base and on the front: “Somtus (Horus) the child; live given. Bes, son of Heru-mer, born by the mistress of the house An-tschai…” Rare and impressive piece! Minor damages to the base, otherwise intact. Mounted on a high Plexiglas-base.

Provenance: Ex U. H. private collection, Rhineland; ex Lempertz, Cologne, auction 573, “Ancient Art”, 24 November 1979, No. 1763.

Estimate: 32,000 EUR.

Lot No. 261

Male statuette. 6th dynasty-1st intermediate period, ca. 2250-2000 B.C. Wooden, bones for eyeballs, gold inlays for eyebrows and eyelids. H 34.5cm (without pedestal). Slender, striding male figure with the left leg advanced, wearing only a short apron. A short wig on the somewhat oversized head. The eyebrows (the right one is missing) are made of ribbed gold sheets, the rims of the eyelids of gold wire. The eyeballs are made of leg, with the pupil indicated by applied black color. The two separately made arms hang straight down, the fists clenched and pierced. With C-14 analysis of 1983! (Copy). Forepart of right foot missing, left eyebrow inlay missing.

Provenance: Ex K.R. Collection, Rhineland-Palatinate. Ex Bukowskis Zürich auctions of 8 December 1983, lot 119. Previously in an “old private possession”, according to the catalog.

Estimate: 40,000 EUR.

Lot No. 263

Hapi. 3rd intermediate period-late period, ca. 1070-332 B.C. Wooden, stuccoed and painted. H 32.5cm. Baboon-headed, mummiform figure. The son of Horus wears a three-part wig, an elaborate pectoral and an amulet in the shape of a shrine between two cobras. The hieroglyphic inscriptions are a protective spell invoking Hapi to bestow his benefactions upon Iret-hor-er-ru. With copies of all relevant pages of the Christie’s auction catalog. Small areas of the surface repainted.

Provenance: Ex K.R. Collection, Rhineland-Palatinate. Ex Christie’s New York 1994, auction on 10 June 1994, lot 50.

Estimate: 5,500 EUR.

Lot No. 280

Large masks from a sarcophagus. New Kingdom, about 1300 B.C. Wooden. H 43cm. Gilded face, painted eyes and eyebrows. Separate black beard and blue headdress. Professionally restored. Retouched especially at the cheeks. Repainting at beard and headdress.

Provenance: Ex K.R. Collection, Rhineland-Palatinate, collection period ca. 1980 – 2000. In Germany since before 2000. With certificate of Antiquarium. Nurit & Denny Pinkus Ltd., Jaffa, Israel, before 1973.

Estimate: 5,000 EUR.

Lot No. 307

Statuette of Taueret. 6th-4th century B.C. H approx. 9cm. Green-gray gazed faience. Very elaborately and detailed statuette of the hippopotamus goddess Taueret in the shape of a standing pregnant hippopotamus with lion-like legs, human breasts, a three-part wig and a crocodile tail on the back. She wears a wreath of uraei on her head; in front of her is the hieroglyph “Sa” or the “loop of the Sa”, meaning “protection”. Professionally restored break in the lower area, otherwise intact; mounted on wood and Plexiglas.

Provenance: Ex U. H. private collection, Rhineland; ex Christie’s, London, Auction of 11 December 1987, No. 197.

Estimate: 5,200 EUR.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 283, 2021, 425. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 425

Standing, male Hemba figure, Niombo style. D.R. Congo. H 67cm. With arms placed on the body, with face-framing beard, and typical cross-shaped coiffure on rear. Blackish-brown, glossy patina with minor and larger cracks, especially on base; minimal abrasions, otherwise intact.

Provenance: Ex Jo Christiaens Collection, Belgium.

Estimate: 25,000 EUR.


The viewing takes place starting immediately at Gorny & Mosch, Maximiliansplatz on the following dates:

Monday to Friday – 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.-6 p.m. by prior appointment

Sunday, 12 December 2021 – 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

The viewing and the auction will take place according to the current Covid regulations. Face masks are mandatory for the viewing.

The catalogue for auction 283 can be ordered at Gorny & Mosch, Giessener Münzhandlung, Maximiliansplatz 20, 80333 Munich, Germany, phone: +49 (0)89 24 22 643-0, fax +49 (0)89 22 85 513. It is also available online at the website of Gorny & Mosch.