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Outstanding Aegyptiaca at Gorny & Mosch

Accompanying auction 292 taking place on 14 December 2022 at Gorny & Mosch in Munich, a splendid print catalogue has been published. More than 770 lots will be on sale, including a fine selection of marble objects. Both in the section North Africa as well as in that of Pre-Columbian America more than 100 lots are on offer: particularly noteworthy are an impressive collection of North African bronze sculptures and miniatures as well as selected gold decorations and vessels of various types from Pre-Columbian America. The selection of Bronze sculptures is remarkable, too. Once again, some magnificent vases will come under the hammer at this auction sale.

The offer at a glance:

  • Vases: 46 lots
  • Terracotta and bone: 5 lots
  • Stone sculptures: 23 lots
  • Bronze sculptures: 29 lots
  • Instruments: 20 lots
  • Lamps: 11 lots
  • Mosaics: 1 lot
  • Jewellery: 27 lots
  • Cameos, gems, seals: 23 lots
  • Glass objects: 18 lots
  • North Africa: 103 lots
  • Ancient Near East: 51 lots
  • Pre- and Protohistory: 18 lots
  • Byzantium: 15 lots
  • Icons: 9 lots
  • Islam: 3 lots
  • Pre-Columbian America: 101 lots
  • Ethnology: 14 lots
  • Asia: 10 lots
  • Modern period: 3 lots
  • Multiple lots: 257 lots
  • Bibliography: 1 lot
© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 292, 2022, 1. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 1

Red-figure volute krater. From the workshop of the Patera and Ganymed Painter. Apulian, 330 – 320 B.C. H 66.3cm, W 40.6cm, ø mouth 34.9cm, ø body 33.5cm, ø base 17.3cm. Red, white and yellow details, partially reddish slip. Plastically formed heads of youths with Phrygian caps on the volutes and four heads of swans on the shoulder. On the frontside the deceased youth as an athlete inside a naiskos with strigil, tools of an athlete, walking stick and shoulder coat. Left and right a woman with wreath and box and a youth with mirror and bowl. Above on the neck the head of Pan arising from a calyx of leaves, around fanciful tendrils and flowers. On the backside a grave stele between a woman with branch and bowl and a youth with mirror and palm branches. Provenance: Ex Gorny & Mosch Munich, auction 287, 2022, lot No. 2; from the H.L. private collection, Rhineland, since before 2000. Estimate: 16,000 euros.

Lot No. 83

Gladiator of the Secutor type. Roman, 1 – 2nd century A.D. H 8.6cm. Full cast. Magnificently fully modelled statuette of a lunging warrior with armguard (“manica”) on the right arm, short loincloth and large helmet. Inlays of green enamel at loincloth and belt. The visor of the helmet was movable. With invoice of Weber Kunsthandel, Cologne, and metal analysis of the Rathgen-Forschungslabor, Berlin! Provenance: Ex Ingo Underberg Collection, Stuttgart, purchased in 2001 from Weber Kunsthandel, Cologne; ex Gorny & Mosch Munich, auction 105, 2000, lot No. 2063. Estimate: 4,000 euros.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 292, 2022, 95. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 95

Silver lion and deer. Greek Archaic, probably Eastern Ionia, 6th – early 5th century B.C. Lion: L 6.5cm, W 1.6cm, H 3cm. Solid casting, details created in a cold work process. Both figures on a narrow plinth. The lion’s mouth is slightly open, its fangs visible. The bent hind legs are close to its body, the tail is wrapped around its bottom and the tip of the tail rests on the side of its thigh. The mane starts behind the ears and below the head, covering the entire neck and the front to the paws. It consists of flame-shaped strands. The significantly smaller deer, recognizable as fallow deer by inlaid golden dots, lies upright in front of the lion with its head held high, ears folded forward and magnificent antlers, as if unaware of the danger. The front paws of the predatory cat are already resting on the deer’s hindquarters. Provenance: From M.T. private estate, Munich, 1980s. Estimate: 8,000 euros.

Lot No. 105

Roman legionary helmet. 2nd half of the 1st century / 2nd century A.D. Brass, L 29cm, W 31.5cm. Partially crushed helmet of the Weisenau type (Imperial Gallic A) with hemispherical calotte, plastically formed decorative eyebrows and broad neck guard with arched profiling. The piece received a heavy stroke, almost horizontally on the right side of the forehead. The massive frontal reinforcement was broken off by the stroke and is enclosed separately. Remains of decorations at the tip of the calotte and on the sides. Ear protectors were riveted on the helmet, only remains are left. Provenance: Ex Ingo Underberg Collection, Stuttgart. Purchased in 2007 from Münzenetage M.Brandt, Stuttgart. Estimate: 7,500 euros.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 292, 2022, 135. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 135

Mosaic with tree and birds. Eastern Mediterranean, ca. 5th century A.D. H 153cm, W 125 cm. ø 7 cm. 300 – 400kg. Fragment of a floor mosaic with paradeisos scenery. At the centre a narrow tree with large leaves and S-shaped trunk. On the left and the right a long-legged bird with narrow neck looking to the right. Provenance: Ex P.R. Collection, southern Germany, purchased in 1972 / 1973 from Galerie Peter Lankoff, Freiburg. Ex Gorny & Mosch Munich, auction 283, 2021, lot No. 192. Estimate: 3,500 euros.

Lot No. 162

Apollon of Klaros. Roman Imperial Period, 1st / 2nd century A.D. Oval Carnelian. 1.3 x 1.1 cm. Apollon seated on a circular altar, wearing a waist coat with lyre in his right and a branch in his left hand, which he holds to a burning altar. At the very right a large tripod. Above the retrograde inscription ΚΛΑ/ΡΙΟΣ. Provenance: From the H. I. Collection, Westphalia, since before 1986. Estimate: 1,000 euros.

Lot No. 271

Hippopotamus-head amulet. Middle Kingdom, about 2017 – 1730 B.C. L 1.3cm. From hematite. Drilling at the back of the head. Very fine and elaborated piece! Provenance: From the F.A. French private collection, Paris, purchased before 1983 since 2022 in Germany. Estimate: 5,000 euros.

Lot No. 299

Mummy face mask. Ptolemaic, late 1st century B.C. H 24.3cm, W 19 cm, D 24.5 cm. Polychrome and gilded cartonnage, covered with stucco. The mask shows the gilded face of the deceased. The wig is decorated with a ribbon, at the centre of which an udjat amulet. With copy of invoice of Kranz, Waltrop, 1993! Provenance: Ex K.R. Collection, Rhineland-Palatinate; purchased in 1993 from Kranz, Alte und Neue Kunst GmbH, Waltrop. Estimate: 6,000 euros.

Lot No. 317

Limestone mace head. Nagada, 3900 – 3100 B.C. H 5.3 cm, ø max. 5.6 cm. Piri-shaped with central drilling hole. Published! Provenance: From the G. Collection, France , 1990 – 2010. Estimate: 800 euros.

© Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung GmbH Auction 292, 2022, 422. (image: Michael Girschick, Starnberg).

Lot No. 422

Rare Hacha of a bird head of a grey stone. Veracruz, Late Classic, 6th – 10th century A.D.  H 18.5cm. Published! Provenance: Ex K.-F. Schaedler Collection; ex André Schoeller, Paris, 1950s; ex Sotheby’s NY, Auction 9 May 2006, lot No. 194. Estimate: 3,000 euros.

Preview & Catalog

The viewing takes place at Gorny & Mosch, Maximiliansplatz starting immediately:

  • Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. by prior appointment
  • Sunday, 11 December 2022: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The catalogue for auction 292 can be ordered at Gorny & Mosch, Giessener Münzhandlung, Maximiliansplatz 20, 80333 Munich, Germany, phone: +49 (0)89 24 22 643-0, fax +49 (0)89 22 85 513. It is also available online.

For further information, visit the Gorny & Mosch website.