Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Tag: Crime

Smuggling Antiques Isn’t Worth It

A man is going to prison for trying to smuggle looted excavation finds into Britain, including numerous ancient coins. Were the objects worth the risk? Examining the goods casts doubt on that.

Celtic Hoard Stolen From Museum

Numerous gold coins were stolen from the archaeological parc Arkéos in Douai in northern France: a large portion of a Celtic hoard, Gallic, Roman and Merovingian pieces. Here you can see the stolen objects.

Numismatic Crime Information Center Opens A Forum

The nonprofit Numismatic Crime Information Center has opened a new forum section on its website to discuss any type of crime related to numismatics and to give anyone the opportunity to share their knowledge, tips and information.

What the Thefts of Berlin and Dresden Mean for Museums and Private Collectors

Since the raid on 16 December 2020, we know for sure that the Big Maple Leaf was melted down. What does that mean for museums, coin dealers and collectors? Have our early warning systems that are meant to recover stolen coins become outdated?

Mass Raid and Arrests Over Dresden Jewel Heist

The spectacular heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in 2019 has made waves around the world: on 17 November 2020, three suspects were arrested, all members of an Arab clan. One of them should have been behind bars for his participation in the break-in at the Bode Museum.

$5,000 Reward For Stolen Coin

The Numismatic Crime Information Center informs that it has been authorized to offer a $5,000 reward for the return of a 1853 $20 gold coin. More details here.

Is The Dresden Green Vault Heist About To Be Solved?

The heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in November 2019 made headlines around the world. The thieves took precious stones and valuable items of immeasurable worth from the collections of the Saxon Electors like Augustus II the Strong. The police have now uncovered new evidence that could lead them straight to the thieves.

Attempt Made to Sell Fake $300,000 Gold Coin

Acting on a tip from the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, US law enforcement agents are investigating the attempted sale of $400,000 of counterfeit coins including a fake example of the historic 1879 Coiled Hair gold $4 “Stella” in a bogus NGC holder.

Stolen Orders and Decorations from the Berlin Memorial Church Are Back

We report on burglaries far too often. And hardly ever do we get the chance to inform you that stolen goods were recovered. Today, though, we have good news: the police have found the loot from the burglary at the Berlin Memorial Church earlier this year.

Caution! Fake Medals and Poppy Pins Came on the Market

The head of a militaria business counterfeited and sold fake military medals and supplied poppy pin badges on eBay. Now a court passed the sentence. Here you can cast a glance at his workshop.