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Saturday, 2024.07.13
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Tag: Crime

Long Prison Sentences for Bullion Fraudsters

30 million US dollars: the president of Northwest Territorial Mint and his girlfriend defrauded thousands of customers of this sum. After fleeing heavily armed across the US they have now been sentenced.

What Security Measures Should Coin Shows Adopt After the Theft at ANA 2022?

At the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money 2022 a complete case of Rolex watches and coins was stolen. Find the complete list of objects here. Following this case, the American Numismatic Association is convening a task force to develop additional security protocols for coin shows.

A Warning to All Shopkeepers: Confidence Tricksters Ply Their Dreadful Trade

In the last CoinsWeekly issue, we had to report about a confidence trick that targeted the shop of an experienced coin dealer. To make sure this won’t happen to you, we examine how the con artists operated. There are warning signs to look out for!

Organized Gang Targeting US Coin Shops

90 seconds to grab $80,000+ from a coin shop. With extreme ruthlessness a gang robbed a Californian dealer. Doug Davis explains their procedure and what coin shops should do to protect themselves from these organized groups.

Shipments With Ancient Coins Lost!

Four ancient coins from a recent Cayón auction have been lost during shipping. This probably occurred in the USA. Here you can see the lost coins and their description.

German Police Uncover Maple Leaf Fraud

Did you recently buy Canadian Maple Leaf coins via classified ads? The Cologne police recommend that you have their authenticity checked because numerous counterfeits of the popular gold coins were seized, and suspects arrested.

Be Aware of Counterfeit Gold and Silver Coins Made in China

A Texas investor became an unsuspecting victim of fake “precious metal” and “rare coins” offered online. Read how suspiciously low prices are disguised and what you can learn from this case.

Brazen Armed Robbery at TEFAF Art Fair

In broad daylight, armed robbers raided a jeweller at the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht. How the robbers went about their business seems to be frighteningly simple.

Gold Medals Stolen From Museum in Colchester

On 1 March 2022, five historic medals were stolen from the Hollytrees Museum in the English town of Colchester. The police have released CCTV images in the hope of identifying the thief and, as a result, recovering the valuable items.

How to Steal Tons of Silver Worth 11 Million Dollars

Two years after the bold theft of about 600 silver ingots in Canada, there is still no trace of the perpetrators. The Toronto police recently asked for the public’s help – because a small part of the stolen silver has been found and provides new information.
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