Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Tag: Crime

Brazen Armed Robbery at TEFAF Art Fair

In broad daylight, armed robbers raided a jeweller at the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht. How the robbers went about their business seems to be frighteningly simple.

Gold Medals Stolen From Museum in Colchester

On 1 March 2022, five historic medals were stolen from the Hollytrees Museum in the English town of Colchester. The police have released CCTV images in the hope of identifying the thief and, as a result, recovering the valuable items.

How to Steal Tons of Silver Worth 11 Million Dollars

Two years after the bold theft of about 600 silver ingots in Canada, there is still no trace of the perpetrators. The Toronto police recently asked for the public’s help – because a small part of the stolen silver has been found and provides new information.

Coin Dealer Robbed with Machete

An English coin dealer was robbed as he was loading his goods into his car after the London & Midland Coin Fair. The two men threatened him and a security guard with a machete before fleeing with the loot.

First Sentence for Attempted Theft of the Trier Gold Treasure

In 2019, three perpetrators attempted to steal the Trier Gold Treasure. Now the Trier Regional Court has sentenced one man for the role he played in the spectacular crime. So, did everything go well in this case?

Coin Theft After Coinex

The entire inventory of the Greek coin dealer Christos Pouloglou was stolen in London right after Coinex 2021, the stolen objects mainly include sovereigns but also other gold and silver coins. He offers a reward of £100,000.

US Coin and Currency Dealer Inventory Stolen

Dealer Susanne Watts was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The offense occurred on 8 August 2021 after leaving a Las Vegas coin show, suspects were filmed by a surveillance camera. The loss included a large amount of coins and currency. Find a list here.

Vehicle Burglary after Elgin Coin Show

Returning from the Elgin Coin Show in Illinois (USA) a coin collector noticed that over 1,000 of his coins and other collectibles had been stolen. The man was the victim of a vehicle burglary on 2nd July 2021. We give you here a list of stolen items and further details.

What Is the Destroyed Maple Leaf Really Worth?

The thieves of the giant gold coin that was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum have been caught and are behind bars. But the owner of the coin does not benefit from this: he has to go to court to make the insurance company replace the value of his coin. But how much is that?

Not All Break-Ins at German Museums are Successful!

It is reassuring to know that not every attempt to break into a German museum is successful: in 2019, thieves failed in their attempt to steal an enormous hoard of Roman gold coins in Trier. Now, one of them is appearing in court.