Wednesday, 20.10.2021
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Tag: Crime

Coin Theft After Coinex

The entire inventory of the Greek coin dealer Christos Pouloglou was stolen in London right after Coinex 2021, the stolen objects mainly include sovereigns but also other gold and silver coins. He offers a reward of £100,000.

US Coin and Currency Dealer Inventory Stolen

Dealer Susanne Watts was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The offense occurred on 8 August 2021 after leaving a Las Vegas coin show, suspects were filmed by a surveillance camera. The loss included a large amount of coins and currency. Find a list here.

Vehicle Burglary after Elgin Coin Show

Returning from the Elgin Coin Show in Illinois (USA) a coin collector noticed that over 1,000 of his coins and other collectibles had been stolen. The man was the victim of a vehicle burglary on 2nd July 2021. We give you here a list of stolen items and further details.

What Is the Destroyed Maple Leaf Really Worth?

The thieves of the giant gold coin that was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum have been caught and are behind bars. But the owner of the coin does not benefit from this: he has to go to court to make the insurance company replace the value of his coin. But how much is that?

Not All Break-Ins at German Museums are Successful!

It is reassuring to know that not every attempt to break into a German museum is successful: in 2019, thieves failed in their attempt to steal an enormous hoard of Roman gold coins in Trier. Now, one of them is appearing in court.

Smuggling Antiques Isn’t Worth It

A man is going to prison for trying to smuggle looted excavation finds into Britain, including numerous ancient coins. Were the objects worth the risk? Examining the goods casts doubt on that.

Celtic Hoard Stolen From Museum

Numerous gold coins were stolen from the archaeological parc Arkéos in Douai in northern France: a large portion of a Celtic hoard, Gallic, Roman and Merovingian pieces. Here you can see the stolen objects.

Numismatic Crime Information Center Opens A Forum

The nonprofit Numismatic Crime Information Center has opened a new forum section on its website to discuss any type of crime related to numismatics and to give anyone the opportunity to share their knowledge, tips and information.

What the Thefts of Berlin and Dresden Mean for Museums and Private Collectors

Since the raid on 16 December 2020, we know for sure that the Big Maple Leaf was melted down. What does that mean for museums, coin dealers and collectors? Have our early warning systems that are meant to recover stolen coins become outdated?

Mass Raid and Arrests Over Dresden Jewel Heist

The spectacular heist at Dresden’s Green Vault in 2019 has made waves around the world: on 17 November 2020, three suspects were arrested, all members of an Arab clan. One of them should have been behind bars for his participation in the break-in at the Bode Museum.