Thursday, 2023.03.30
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Tag: Crime

Breaking News: EID MAR Aureus Returned to Greece

New York prosecutors returned an EID MAR aureus to Greece. The world’s most expensive ancient coin was seized in the course of the investigations against coin dealer Richard Beale. The case against Beale is still ongoing.

Coin Theft at Linköping City Library in Sweden

77 mainly ancient and world coins were stolen from the display of the Linköping City Library in Sweden. Read on to find out what kind of coins you should watch out for.

New York Prosecutor to Press Charges Against Richard Beale / Roma Numismatics

In January 2023, Richard Beale, CEO and owner of the London-based Roma Numismatics auction house, was arrested in New York. Among other things, he is charged with falsifying the provenance of the world’s most expensive ancient gold coin.

Theft at the 2023 NYINC

Despite strict security measures and alert security guards, the booth of a dealer was robbed at the New York International Numismatic Convention in January 2023. Here you can find a list of the stolen items.

Coins Stolen at Vehicle Burglary in San Francisco

On 9th November a coin dealer became the victim of a vehicle burglary in downtown San Francisco. Dozens of silver and gold rare coins were stolen, most of them certified. Find a list of the stolen items here and keep your eyes open when purchasing coins.

One of the Largest Celtic Gold Hoards Stolen

The Celtic and Roman museum in Manching, Bavaria, has been the victim of a spectacular heist. Almost 500 Celtic gold coins were stolen. The sequence of events recalls the burglaries in Berlin and Dresden and raises questions about complex security issues of museums.

$50,000 Reward Offered for ANA World’s Fair of Money Theft

The North American Collectibles Association is offering up to a $50,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of Rolex watches and coins stolen during the 2022 ANA World’s Fair of Money.

Hundreds of French Gold Coins Stolen

Hundreds of French gold coins were recently stolen from consignments in Lower Saxony and might be offered for sale. All coins are documented. Read on to find out about the coins in question.

Long Prison Sentences for Bullion Fraudsters

30 million US dollars: the president of Northwest Territorial Mint and his girlfriend defrauded thousands of customers of this sum. After fleeing heavily armed across the US they have now been sentenced.

What Security Measures Should Coin Shows Adopt After the Theft at ANA 2022?

At the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money 2022 a complete case of Rolex watches and coins was stolen. Find the complete list of objects here. Following this case, the American Numismatic Association is convening a task force to develop additional security protocols for coin shows.