Friday, 25.09.2020

Tag: CIT

The 7 Summits – Carstensz Pyramid

The fifth issue of the CIT series “7 Summits” is dedicated to Carstensz Pyramid. The limited coin shows through their smartminting© technology an exact miniature version of the 4884 meters high mountain.

CIT – Great White Shark

Due to Steven Spielberg’s film “Jaws”, the Great White Shark became a best-seller. Now, CIT Coin Invest dedicated a smartminting© coin to this phenomenon featuring a three-dimensional depiction highlighting the relationship between humans and sharks.

The Lure That Revolutionized Fishing

In their new commemorative coin, CIT Coin Invest combine the passion for fishing with fascinating minting technology. The coin is dedicated to the famous Buel spoon.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bean!

30 years ago, Mr. Bean was broadcasted for the very first time. Today he’s an integral part of popular culture and represents the UK all over the world. CIT created a Mr. Bean coin that is sure to appeal not only to fans of the British artist.

CIT – Tortoise

Aeginetic coins featuring the tortoise are considered to be among the most beautiful coins of ancient times. By means of its latest smartminting© issue Tortoise, CIT has now succeeded in transferring their motif and the incredible relief of these pieces into our age.

Still Trapped

In 2019, CIT Coin Invest released its issue “Trapped”. Now, a second coin is being launched bearing the title “Still Trapped”. It depicts two hands desperately searching for reality behind an impermeable membrane.

smartminting© – The Next Generation

At the World Money Fair 2020, CIT Coin Invest presented the first product of a new generation of smartminting© coins: now, coins can be produced with even higher relief on both sides, in a variety of metals, and featuring new designs never achieved before.

Majestic Eagle

With the mini series “Majestic Eagle”, CIT Coin Invest presents the significantly enhanced smartminting© technology: the highest points of the high relief are no longer determined by technical necessity, but rather by the artist’s creative preference.

50 Years of CIT Coin Invest – 50 Years of Coin Innovations

There are only a couple of companies that had such an impact on the world of modern coins as the Liechtenstein think tank CIT Coin Invest. It is the birthplace of one the first colored coins and today CIT coins are even part of the collection of the British Museum.

The Liechtenstein Fabergé Egg

A project that involves two of Liechtensteins Top-Institutions: CIT Coin Invest drew inspiration from the Liechtenstein National Museum. The result is an exceptional coinage, that delights not only fans of the famous Fabergé eggs.