Monday, 2022.08.15
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CIT’s Iron Maiden: Senjutsu

After the great success of the first Iron Maiden coin, in 2022 CIT presents the second issue of the series. It is dedicated to the latest album of the heavy metal band entitled Senjutsu.

Numismatic Icons – Pegasos

Pegasos was one of the most commonly depicted creatures on Greek coinage. CIT dedicates a new issue of its Numismatic Icons series to the mythological creature. For the first time, aficionados of the series will be offered an alternative to the silver edition.

Daydreamer – Future

CIT’s “Daydreamer – Future” uses smartminting® technology in a completely new way and creates an excellent and sophisticated illusion. Let’s draw the curtain to get a glimpse at the future!

ColorEYEzed: CIT’s Ocean blue

Only 8 to 10% of humanity has blue eyes. And as rare things are sought-after: No other eye color was made the subject of so many successful songs. Now CIT has dedicated a coin to blue eyes – with spectacular color printing technique.

Special Forces – Real Heroes

CIT dedicates the third issue of its successful series “Real Heroes” to all special forces of the free world and, in particular, to those of the United States. The coin features an ultra high relief, partial color printing, and microminting.

Silverland – The Rock

“The Rock”, CIT’s new issue, imitates the crystalline structure of quartz by using the special smartminting® technology with an ultra high relief. It thus combines state-of-the-art minting technology, innovative thinking and ingenious design.

Tiffany Art Metropolis: Roma

CIT started its new Tiffany Art Metropolis series in 2021. The second coin is dedicated to Rome and is also minted with the special technology smartminting® with an Ultra High Relief and finished with an inlay of Tiffany glass.

Iconic Revolutionaries – Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

The seventh and last coin of CIT’s Iconic Revolutionaries series features Mother Teresa. She received the Nobel Peace Prize and the Catholic Church canonized her in 2016.

Truck – King of the Road

Truckers are considered a mixture of cowboys and explorers. CIT has dedicated the fourth coin of the “The Journey” series to this world.

CIT: Masters of Art – Vincent van Gogh

CIT open their new “Masters of Art” series with an issue dedicated to the painter Vincent van Gogh. The coin features state-of-the-art color printing technology and smartminting®.