Friday, 24.09.2021
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Coins and Commodities – A Monetary History of the Tang Dynasty

In his dissertation Yang Xinmin deals with the monetary history of the flourishing and economic prosperous Tang Dynasty. As the book is written in Chinese, the review by Yawei Zhang may help you grasp the subject.

Illustrated History of Milled Coinage and Medals of Modern China

Sun Hao illustrates the history of Chinese milled coinage and medals between 1889 and 1949. It includes not only a catalogue, but also historical interpretations that make it important for collectors of Chinese coins. Yawei Zhang discusses the second edition of this reference work.

Martin David Weiss, Now’s the Time to Speak

Martin David Weiss was the founder of Panda America and one of the major promoters of Chinese coins, Pandas in particular, on the international market. Martin Weiss has just passed away and Peter Anthony remembers him taking us along the journey of his life.

Visiting Shenyang’s Financial Museum

In the 17th century Shenyang was China’s political capital and its economic hub. Today, coin enthusiasts know the city as the place of China’s oldest operating mint. The mint’s remarkable history – and much more – is the subject of the Shenyang Financial Museum. Peter Anthony visited it.

Hong Kong Coin Show Postponed

The 14-day quarantine of foreign tourists arriving in Hong Kong will remain in place until 18 September. Since this makes joining the HKCS extremely difficult for overseas exhibitors, the event was postponed to 2021.

East Asian Coin Terminology for Spanish Speakers

Many collectors of Far Eastern coinage know how difficult the terminology of their field of interest is – if you do not speak all those languages. At least Spanish speakers have a new help at hand: Professor Santiago Blanco’s “Glosario numismático de Extremo Oriente”.

There Is Nothing Else Quite Like It – The Beijing International Coin Expo

The Beijing International Coin Expo, held this year from November 15-17, isn’t a regular coin show. It represents an annual opportunity for the Chinese numismatic world to promote its products and to measure its progress. Peter Anthony attended and shared his impressions.

China International Coin Expo in Beijing

The China International Coin Expo (CICE) is held in three cities annually: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The next one will take place in China’s capital from May 17th-19th, 2019.

Where Dealers Meet: The Hong Kong Coin Show

There is only a time span of one week and a four-hour flight that separates them: following the Singapore International Coin Fair, the Hong Kong Coin Show took place on the last weekend of March. Ursula Kampmann also visited the coin convention in Hong Kong.