East Asian Coin Terminology for Spanish Speakers

Santiago Blanco: Glosario numismático de Extremo Oriente. Ed, ADVENTVS, Buenos Aires 2019. 148 pp. Paperback, 8.3 x 11.7 inches. ISBN: 978-987-86-2016-9. US$ 25.
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On October 5th 2019, Professor Santiago Blanco, associate director of the Spanish numismatic magazine “Hécate”, member of SCEN (Societat Catalana d´Estudis Numismàtics), IFINRA (Instituto Federal de Investigadores Numismáticos de la República Argentina) and ADVENTVS Ancient Numismatics, presented the book “Glosario numismático de Extremo Oriente” (Numismatic Glossary of the Far East) at the 9th International Convention of Numismatics 2019 in Buenos Aires (ARG). Professor Blanco is a highly recognized numismatist from Argentina who has several articles published in local and international media, winner of the “2018 FENYMA incentive for numismatic investigation award” and a long time expert on oriental coins.

While this work is mainly intended for the Spanish speaking amateur numismatist who struggles with so many “new” terms and definitions of Far Eastern coinage which might sound hard to remember or to understand, it also can be of great use to the more experienced numismatist who would like to have it as a handy consultation tool. It has every term in its original language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.), transliterated and explained. Many terms have a back story as to its origins and the author is keen on telling them, including profuse images accompanying descriptions.

This first edition is in Spanish language only, but an English edition might possibly be available in the future, since glossaries are a much needed area to be filled.

“Santiago Blanco brings his work in a didactic and erudite way, without hesitating to dive in the Chinese grammar to access first-hand documentation. If we were to judge it, we would call it ´book of the year´”

Lic. Arnaldo Cunietti-Ferrando†


The Book can be ordered online at the websites of CHC Numismatica as well as Numismatica Kandahar or bought directly at the convention in Buenos Aires.

As for general numismatic terminology we recommend Ursula Kampmann’s Numismatic Dictionary English–German–English, which is available in an updated and expanded version at CoinsWeekly in the form of our online dictionary NumisDict.