Friday, 2024.04.19
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Tag: Korea

Korea’s New Coin Show: Ulsan Money Fair 2022

In Korea, collecting coins has become very popular during the pandemic. In order to strengthen this development, the city of Ulsan will hold its first Ulsan Money Fair in November 2022.

New KOMSCO CEO and MDC Chair

Mr Jahng-Shick Bahn has been appointed the new CEO of Korea Minting, Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO). In this function the former university professor of Management of Technology follows Mr Yong-Man Cho.

Historia Mundi

The Vatican coin cabinet issues an annual magazine that is a delight for aesthetes and numismatists. Ursula Kampmann presents the ninth issue. It contains, among other things, interesting items of Korean, Islamic and Swiss numismatics.

East Asian Coin Terminology for Spanish Speakers

Many collectors of Far Eastern coinage know how difficult the terminology of their field of interest is – if you do not speak all those languages. At least Spanish speakers have a new help at hand: Professor Santiago Blanco’s “Glosario numismático de Extremo Oriente”.
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