Tuesday, 21.05.2019

Closed auctions

Stack’s Bowers Galleries, USA-Chicago

Stack's Bowers Galleries announces the sale of five of the finest large-size Silver Certificates. In addition, more than 80 Silver Certificates will be placed in Stack’s Bowers Galleries Official Auction of the ANA World's Fair of Money in Chicago, Ill., August 9-18.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

The popular eLive sale of Künker will take place for the 20th time. And the bidding will start on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The sale focuses on Aquileia, Russia, Habsburg / Austria and Germany.

Kolbe & Fanning, USA-Gahanna (OH)

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers have announced their 129th mail-bid sale of important numismatic books. It covers ancient, medieval, foreign and U.S. numismatics.

Woolley & Wallis, GB-Salisbury

A family story behind an extraordinary cache starts as follows: Once there were two raindrops at a window and two friends avid for bets. Woolley & Wallis auctions off the betting debt from the year 1890.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

The popular eLive sale of Künker will take place for the 19th time. And the bidding will start on Wednesday, June 26, 2013. The sale will contain exclusively ancient coins.

Gorny & Mosch, D-Munich

This year in June, just like every year, Gorny & Mosch offers choice objects of ancient art. The range covers the bust of the Roman emperor, Egyptian ushabtis and Greek jewellery as well as classicistic souvenirs of the educated upper class from their Grand Tour.

Fritz Rudolf Künker, D-Osnabrück

Between June 17 and 23, 2013, Künker will auction off roughly 5,000 coins and medals estimated at more than 5 million euros. Additionally, the most important sale of medals and decorations in the history of Künker’s will take place featuring 1,200 objects with a total estimate of 750,000 euros.

51 Gallery, BE-Brussels

51 Gallery offers hundreds of objects from Europe and the Middle East. You will find Celtic and Greek coins but also Roman and Greek antiquities, Byzantine pilgrim souvenirs, memorabilia of the French Revolution, and numismatic literature.

Coin house Ritter, D-Düsseldorf

In February coin house Ritter in Düsseldorf presents a special list “German States / Holy Roman Empire” comprising 40 pages.

Ritter/ Düsseldorf

Paradiesvögel, Elefanten und eine Ausweismarke für einen Askari, das sind die exotischen Zutaten für die Sonderliste der Münzenhandlung Ritter / Düsseldorf...