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05-08-2018 – 07-08-2018

August 2018 Hong Kong Showcase Auction

Exceptional rare coins and currency from Asia

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio packed their upcoming Hong Kong Auction of Chinese and Asian coins and currency with exceptional rarities and numismatic treasures. The sale is to be held Monday August 6 through Wednesday August 8 at The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

China. Kiangnan. 1 Mace 4.4 Candareens (20 Cents), ND (1898). Heaton Mint. PCGS SP-67 Secure Holder.

Session B will commence at 10:00 AM Hong Kong Time on Tuesday, August 7, with Vintage Chinese Coins. After the session opens with a handful of Ancient Chinese and a strong run of Sycee, the sale arrives at Provincial Issues and lot 60033, the first highlight. This high grade Anhwei Dollar opens a robust section of nearly 300 Provincial lots, well represented with coinage from Anhwei, Chekiang, Chihli, Fengtien, Fukien, Hunan, Hupeh, Kansu, Kiangnan, Kiangsi, Kiangsu, Kiau Chau, Kirin, Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Kweichow, Manchurian Provinces, Shanghai, Shansi, Sinkiang, Szechuan, Taiwan, Tibet and Yunnan. Another Mint State Anhwei Dollar appears as lot 60036. The province of Chihli offers two highlight coins, both dated 1897 and in choice Mint State condition: a Dollar in lot 60050 and a 10 Cents in lot 60053. Additionally, lot 70070 features a Mint State 1907 Chihli Dollar with beautiful champagne tone.

An ever popular Hupeh Tael appears as lot 60125, this example with “Small Characters,” and displaying a dynamic pair of flying dragons. A second example (in a details holder) immediately follows, offering another opportunity to acquire this popular type. Moving on to Kiangnan province, lot 60143 is an exquisite Specimen issue 1897 20 Cents piece. Readily identifiable as a Heaton Mint product, this example is the finest certified of this type, tied with one other example (1905 L&-264) for the title of finest certified Kiangnan 20 Cents. Lot 60150 is a Gem Mint State 1898 10 Cents piece which offers enormous eye appeal for its small size. An additional Kiangnan highlight is found in lot 60157, a choice Mint State Hsin Chou Dollar, while yet another choice Mint State Kiangnan Dollar appears as lot 60167. A rare “Reverse Pattern ½ Dollar produced by Kwangtung Province is offered in excellent condition. A Shanghai Tael (lot 60220) is a type scarcely offered at auction and this example is sure to see considerable demand. This section is also notable for a large run of Tibetan coinage, sure to appeal to novice and advanced collectors. Rounding out the Provincial highlights is lot 60317 – a very rare Yunnan 5 Dollar issue produced in 1925 – which boasts a Chin Family collection provenance. 

China. Dollar, Year 3 (1911). PCGS MS-65+ Secure Holder.

Immediately following the Provincial coinage is the Empire General Issues section. An impressive trio of charm/money “trees” greets the bidders as the opening highlights in this section (lots 60333-60335). An intact tree is a treasured and scarcely traded item; offering three in one sale is a remarkable feat and an opportunity to be seized upon. Also of note are three examples of the appealing “Ting Wei” Pattern Dollar (lots 60337-60339) with the first a Mint State example displaying lovely tone. The 1910 Pattern Dollar features a fearsome serpentine eastern dragon facing and roaring in fury, and two examples are available as lots 60348 and 60349. An awe-inspiring 1911 “Dragon in the Clouds” Dollar in Gem condition has incredible toning and is sure to elevate the next collection it enters (lot 60359). Rounding out the Empire section is a pristine 1911 Pattern 5 Cash (lot 60373), which displays blazing mint red around the devices.

China. Pattern Dollar, ND (1914). PCGS SP-63 Secure Holder.

Session B continues with Republic General Issues and features over 125 lots with many of the popular types representing personages of the era: Sun Yat-sen, Li Yuan Hung, Yuan Shih-kai, Ni Ssu-chung, Hsu Shih Chang, Tuan Chi Jui, and Tsao Kun. An incredible Li Yuan Hung Dollar in immaculate condition (lot 60387) begins the impressive run of highlights for this section. The next exciting piece (lot 60428) is a Pattern 10 Cash ca. 1914 that combines multiple appealing facets: a rare “L. Giorgi” signature, great condition, and an excellent provenance from the Q. David Bowers Collection, ex R.B. White. Immediately following that pattern is a scarce Mint State Yuan Shih-kai gold 20 Dollars (the largest denomination struck during the Republic) as lot 60429. 

An exciting Austrian design Sun Yat-sen Pattern Junk Dollar appears as lot 60462 and is sure to elicit spirited bidding. Lot 60477 is similar to the preceding, though differing in denomination being a pattern ½ Dollar. This type saw production in San Francisco in 1936, as the U.S. government forced Republican China to continue striking silver coinage after 1935. Directly following that pattern is a run of four impeccable Tall Hat Dollars, as lots 60478-60481. Closely following those four, in lot 60487, is a similar Tall Hat Dollar with a notable exception – the addition of the famed “L. Giorgi” signature, catapulting it to a higher level of desirability. The final Republican highlights are a fabulous 10 Tael gold Ingot in lot 60497, a piece sure to delight and intrigue, and a Meng Chiang aluminum Chiao (10 Cents) as lot 60499.

The Soviet Issues segment features an incredibly rare Shensi-North Soviet 1935 Dollar (lot 60519). This type is unlisted in many major references and missing from most major collections, including Kann and Goodman. It is certain to feature prominently in the next collection it enters.

The Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Hong Kong Showcase Auction resumes on Wednesday August 8 at 10 AM Hong Kong Time with Session C: Modern Chinese Coins. With over 125 lots this session is sure to include something for all varieties of collector. Kicking off the session is the Panda Series, always popular with among collectors. The first major highlight is an impressive and hefty 2001 gold kilogram from the Panda Series (lot 61063) that is certain to inspire spirited bidding. The Lunar Series is well represented by a jaw-dropping 1992 Lunar Completion gold 2,000 Yuan kilogram from a mintage of just 20 pieces, a massive type offered as lot 61089. Just ten lots later, a superb gem 1995 500 Yuan gold unicorn appears as lot 61099. With a mintage of just 99 pieces, this gorgeous five ounce gold issue is extremely desirable. A plethora of Modern Chinese coinage series are represented as well; Olympic Series, Historical Figures, Guan Yin and the Inventions and Discoveries Series. A four piece gold “Bronze Age Archaeological Finds” Set (lot 61116) is sure to draw considerable interest. Immediately following the Bronze Age set is an appealing 1986 eight-piece Proof Set. 

The Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Hong Kong Showcase Auction resumes on Wednesday August 8 at 1 PM Hong Kong Time with Session D, Hong Kong and Foreign Coins. This session features a great variety of coinage, with many diverse areas represented. Countries and regions showcased include: Annam, Burma, Cambodia, French Indo-China, Great Britain, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaya and British Borneo, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands East Indies, Singapore, Straits Settlements and Thailand. The coinage of Hong Kong opens the session, with a lovely run of vintage material. The marquee item is lot 62008, an 1875-H 20 Cents piece that stands atop the population reports as the single finest certified example of the date for either business, proof or specimen strikings (at NGC or PCGS). 

Thailand. 1,000 Baht, ND (June 11, 1951). NGC MS-63.

From Cambodia, a Piefort Centime in copper produced in 1888 carries the title of finest certified (lot 62041). French Indo-China provides a group of five experimental trial strikes (each as an individual lot numbered 62048-62052). These very rare examples are sure to appeal to both novice and expert collectors. The ever popular British Trade Dollar section presents over 20 lots. Japan features a selection of over 35 highly desirable lots, including an ancient gold “Ring Money” (lot 62084), an 1877 Trade Dollar in MS-64 (lot 62096), as well as lot 62119, the only MS-68 graded 20 Yen by NGC or PCGS (this example is dated 1916). The coinage of Thailand is well represented once again, with 35 desirable lots. The first highlight is a lovely and extremely rare 4 Baht pattern in copper (lot  62157) that is sure to find a home in a distinguished collection. Two examples of the coveted Thailand 1951 1,000 Baht are found in lots 62173 and 62174). These hefty issues boast 5.59 troy ounce Actual Gold Weight and were produced to repay bond holders for loans issued in 1943. 

China Empire. Yuan Dynasty. 2 Kuan, 1287. P-UNL. PCGS GSG Genuine. Details. Major Repair, Re-Colored.

The Paper Money session offered in Session A of the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Hong Kong Showcase auction will have its own printed catalog. It will feature Chinese, Hong Kong and World Paper Money on Monday, August 6 at 1:00 PM Hong Kong Time. Some highlights from this currency section include the opening lot, (lot 50001), a 1287 2 Kuan from the Yuan Dynasty in incredible condition. A 1908 Ta-Ching 10 Dollar specimen, unlisted in Pick, is found in lot 50023, immediately following a 5 Dollar 1908 specimen in lot 50022, and preceding a 1 Dollar Specimen in lot 50024. All three of these pieces have the Kirin overprint. A trio of extremely rare International Banking Corporation Proofs are presented in lot 50126. A scarce Malaysia 1,000 Dollar first issue specimen that has been held privately is offered in lot 50288. In addition to rare notes, there are many Fancy Serial Numbers, Sheets, and Errors that are sure to please collectors of eccentric pieces or oddities. A large volume of Fancy Serial Number notes produced by the United States of America provides critical mass for this interesting corner of the market. Included is an exceptional Solid 8 Serial Numbered Denomination set in lot 50343, followed by some other fancy serial number groups. The catalog also features a strong showing of Fancy Serial Numbered notes from India. Many other highlights will be found throughout this diverse catalog from countries spanning the globe. 

The Internet only sessions will take place on Thursday, August 9. The Hong Kong, Chinese and Foreign Coin Session will take place at 12:00 PM Hong Kong Time (9:00 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 8). The Paper Money Internet portion will begin at 9:00 AM Hong Kong Time (6:00 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 8). These sessions will offer highly desirable coins, medals and banknotes with very attractive opening bids that are certain to attract intense bidder activity.

Lot viewing will be available at the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Santa Ana, California office before the sale, as well as in Hong Kong immediately prior to the sale itself.
Currently, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is accepting consignments for the April 2019 Hong Kong sale as well as the January 2019 New York International Auction and the October 2018 Collector’s Choice Online auction. 

For more information go to the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio website.

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