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The Medieval Hoogwoud Hoard

A detectorist found a medieval hoard in Hoogwoud, the Netherlands. Silver coins date the hoard to the 13th century, highlighting a period of armed conflict between West Friesland and Holland.

Hoards – Archaeological Treasures from West Norfolk

A selection of interesting hoards from West Norfolk is on display at the Lynn Museum. Among them 32 gold coins found inside a cow bone.

Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins Found at Banias

The Israel Antiquities Authority has found 44 Byzantine gold coins during an excavation at Banias. The spectacular hoard takes us back to a very dramatic time when Muslim conquerors overran this area.

Metal Detectoring Couple Finds Gold Coins

Phil and Joan Castle have been metal detecting together for over 30 years until they found a 14th century purse with five gold coins. Their find has been declared treasure and was sold at auction where it doubled the estimate.

Four-Legged Treasure Hunters: Two Dogs Make Coin Finds

Two numismatically-minded dogs made headlines in recent weeks. Thanks to their fine noses, they tracked down coin hoards. But can coins even be sniffed out?

Lenborough Anglo-Saxon Hoard on Display

The famous Lenborough Hoard is one of the largest hoards of Anglo Saxon coins. The over 5,000 silver coins are now on display in a brand new gallery in the Discover Bucks Museum.

“Look Everyone – Mum Found a Treasure Chest!”

When litter picking on a beach, an English woman made an incredible find: a treasure chest that looks as if it came out of a pirate story. Its contents could lead to the ensemble being recognised as a treasure by the authorities.

The Last Gold Coins From the SS Central America

In 1857, the SS Central America sunk with her cargo: 9 tonnes of California gold coins. Only in the 1980s the shipwreck was rediscovered. Now the last 20 Dollar gold coins have been certified.

A Coin Treasure or an Offering to the Gods?

Detectorists found numerous medieval coins in the Netherlands. In a joint effort, amateur archaeologists and academics were able to interpret the unusual find.

6,000 Silver Coins Discovered in Upper Austria

In the Freistadt District in Upper Austria, a hoard of 6,000 silver coins from the second half of the 15th century was found during construction work. The hiding place had been so cleverly chosen that the coins were not discovered for more than five centuries.
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