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The Gold of Anglo-Saxon England

Between 2014 and 2020, 131 gold coins were found that stand to be the largest Treasure find from the Anglo-Saxon period in England. Two pieces are missing. A policeman and detectorist sold them under false pretences.

The Gold Treasure on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Divers found some Roman gold coins on Costa Blanca. Underwater archaeologists then discovered a gold treasure from late antiquity, which is considered one of the most important finds of its kind.

Unique Iron Age Gold Hoard Discovered in Denmark

A metal detectorist discovered an Iron Age gold hoard in Denmark weighing nearly 1 kg. We will show you pictures of one of the largest hoards in the country’s history which is absolutely unique and which is connected to troubled times.

1 Million Euros for the Plozévet Treasure

In 2019, craftsmen found a treasure while remodelling a farm building. The treasure was sold on 29 September 2021. Read the result.

A Dream Come True: Craftsmen Discover Hidden Treasure of Gold Coins

Beware on construction sites! During the renovation of an old barn in Brittany, craftsmen found 239 gold coins that had been hidden there for 300 years. The coins will now be sold at auction.

Research on Lithuania’s Raišiai Hoard

The recently found Raišiai hoard is one of Lithuania’s largest hoards of medieval coins. It is considered so important that the National Museum of Lithuania arranged a short exhibition to give a glimpse at this treasure.

How a UK Court Punishes a Dishonest Detectorist

Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court in Essex has severely punished a detectorist. The man had found a hoard of gold coins. However, during his treasure hunt, he violated pretty much all existing rules and legal requirements. The unusual sentence seems to be somewhat archaic.

Does the EU Ban the Import of Detectorists’ Finds From the United Kingdom?

New EU licensing regulations for cultural property could hamper metal detectorists’ ability to sell finds on the European market – although these items have been cleared for sale in the UK. An analysis by Ivan Macquisten.

The Treasure in the Jam Jar. The Gold of Morez

Rumours about a treasure in the house of the Jobez family had been around for a long time in the village of Morez located in the French Jura. But no one believed it. Now the doubters have been proven wrong: gold coins and bars have brought a windfall to the town.

Large Hoard of Roman Denarii Found in Poland

A farmer found 1,753 denarii in Poland. This is one of the greatest treasures of Roman coins in Polish history. The silver coins bear testimony to the last resistance of the Vandals against the invading Goths – and the catastrophic consequences of their flight.
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