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Thursday, 2024.07.25
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Tag: Scripophily

The Most Expensive Share Sold at Auction in 2021

Franky Leeuwerck presents the most expensive certificate sold in 2021 and tells us its history. This certificate of 1665 is not only the oldest French share known today but also the oldest share ever offered at any auction. No wonder it realised such an impressive result!

How to Read A Sony Walkman Share

Did you use a Sony walkman back then, in the analog era? Just in case you come by a share of this iconic 70s invention, Franky Leeuwerk explains you how to read the Japanese text and what you are holding in your hands. So, turn on your cassette and read on!

How Marcel Duchamp Financed His Roulette Passion

The highest Scripophily auction sale in 2020 was a spectacular 500 Francs bond issued and designed by artist Marcel Duchamp to finance his passion of roulette. Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck reveals this intriguing story.

Why Are We Collecting? Poll Results on Collecting Motives

On the occasion of his blog’s 10th anniversary, Franky Leuuwerck from Franky's Scripophily BlogSpot launched an online poll about the motives collectors of coins, banknotes, stamps and shares have. Here are the results.

The Most Valuable Scripophily Item Hammered in 2019

What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2019? Was it a previously unseen Chinese Imperial bond, a pioneering British railway share, or one of Apple’s founders shares personally signed by Steve Jobs? Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck has the answer.

Survey on Collector Preferences

Franky’s Scripophily BlogSpot celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with a challenging survey. These survey questions are relevant to coin enthusiasts, too. It is fun to do, and you’ll surprise yourself about your own motives why you decided to collect.

William Turner: Painter and Shareholder

An Exhibition at the Bank of England gives insight into the stock dealing activities of the romantic painter William Turner. His face will soon appear on the new £20 note.

PMG Announces Grading Services for Bond and Stock Certificates

The banknote grading company Paper Money Guaranty® is expanding to certify collectibles from the world of scripophily.

The Most Expensive Share Sold in 2018

What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2018? Was it an American stock certificate or maybe a Chinese government bond? None of these, says Franky Leeuwerck. It was a French share and it was sold in Boone's 60th Auction, at Antwerp on April 14, 2018.
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