Survey on Collector Preferences

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Franky’s Scripophily BlogSpot celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with a challenging survey. Scripophily is about collecting and researching antique securities, like share certificates and government bonds. This share certificate has it all – vignettes of coins and banknotes, adhesive and rubber stamps, an embossed seal depicting a map of British India, original signatures, and issued at a historic place, Delhi, in a challenging time, 1944.

On the occasion of his blog’s 10-Year Anniversary, Franky Leeuwerck, set up a small survey relating to collector preferences. Beauty, scarcity, historical significance, a good bargain and collection completeness, are incentives for collectors worldwide.

His survey questions are relevant to all numismatic collections. Where the word “certificate” is used, you can replace it with “coin”, “banknote”, “medal”, “stamp”, “map”, “book”, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, it is fun to do, and you’ll surprise yourself about your own collection motives.

You can participate anonymously. Here you can access the survey.

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