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Pobjoy Continues Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas Collection

This year Pobjoy Mint issues the second Christmas 50p coin on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The exclusively licensed product features Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs for the fourth time.

30 Years of Environmental Protection in Antarctica

With a new £1 coin Pobjoy Mint commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection in Antarctica. The coin features the British Antarctic Territory’s Coat of Arms: the Emperor Penguin.

Pobjoy Dedicates Coin to the Antarctic Treaty

The Pobjoy Mint commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty with a £2 coin issued on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory. The Treaty provides the protection of the Antarctica environment as remembered by the coin’s motif: a Ross Seal with its pup.

Pobjoy’s Clown Triggerfish Concludes Sea Creatures Series

Pobjoy has released the sixth and last coin in the stunning series of 50p coins featuring Sea Creatures. It presents the Clown Triggerfish swimming along coral reefs and portrayed in full color.

Pobjoy’s Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

Pobjoy Mint dedicates the fifth issue of the Sea Creatures Series to the “Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish”. The coin is struck on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory in cupro-nickel and silver and comes in full colour.

Pobjoy Issues Bi-Colour Titanium Coin “Fin Whale”

Pobjoy Mint brings the second largest animal in the world on a coin: the Fin Whale. The issue is part of a series of colored Titanium coins featuring the wildlife of the British Overseas Territories.

Pobjoy’s New Flamingo Bullion Coins

Pobjoy Mint has minted a new 2021 silver bullion coin featuring flamingos and for the first time produced in a unique reverse frosted background. The coin has been issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands Government and is also available in gold options.

Will Expelled Atoll Inhabitants Receive Collector Coins as Compensation?

In 1966, the United Kingdom leased the Chagos Archipelago to the USA, which established a military base there. The inhabitants were forcibly removed. Now they are suing for £1 billion in compensation – to be paid in collector coins.

Pobjoy’s Mini Pegasus Coin

Following the success of the previous Pegasus coins, Pobjoy Mint released a new version of this coin type struck on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. It is produced on a blank weighing half a gram of gold.

Chagos Anemone Fish Starts Pobjoy’s New Sea Creatures Series

Pobjoy Mint has dedicated a new series of six coins to sea creatures. The first colored coin features the Chagos Anemone Fish – aka clownfish – and is issued on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory.
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