Tuesday, 24.11.2020

Tag: Pobjoy

Florence Nightingale Commemorated by Pobjoy Mint

In light of the global pandemic, Pobjoy Mint announced the release of a bi-metal £2 coin commemorating 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale, who established the principles of the modern nursing and hospital sanitation.

Pobjoy’s Second Coin in the 50p Penguin Series Has Been Released

The second coin in a new 50p series on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands features the Gentoo. The coin is made of coloured cupro nickel with diamond finish.

New Pobjoy 50 Pence Coin Series Featuring Penguins

The first coin of the Pobjoy Mint’s new 50 pence penguin series features the Chinstrap Penguin and is issued on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Government.

Gibraltar Remembers End of WW II in Europe

On 8 May 1945 WW II ended in Europe. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Pobjoy Mint has released a coloured cupro nickel diamond finished 50 pence coin on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar.

Pobjoy Commemorates Captain Cook’s HMS Resolution

Pobjoy Mint issues a 50p coin on behalf of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Government featuring the HMS Resolution. 250 years ago, Captain Cook made the first landing, surveying and mapping of this Antarctic territory in this ship.

The Perth Mint Celebrates the Year of the Mouse

2020 is the Year of the Mouse, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. On 3 January, the Perth Mint released a coin with a rotating charm to commemorate this zodiac sign.

Pobjoy Celebrates the Naming of the RRS Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is familiar to all those who love the BBC nature documentaries. He was honoured by naming a research ship after him. Pobjoy Mint has released a silver coin to perpetuate the naming ceremony.

2019 Pegasus Reverse Frosted Bullion

Pobjoy Mint has released a 2019 dated Pegasus silver bullion. The coin is issued by the British Virgin Islands and shows the mythical horse Pegasus. Many coins from the territory have featured horses in Royal events, including Trooping the colour.

Pobjoy Mint Reveals First Coin in New 50p Maritime Series

Pobjoy Mint has relesed the first coin in the 50p series on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The coin features the green sea turtle portrayed in colour.

Pobjoy Mint Reveals Final Coin in the Big Five Series

Pobjoy Mint has announced the final coin in the collection of the Big Five African Animals. The concluding coin features the unpredictable Buffalo and is issued on behalf of Sierra Leone.