Friday, 18.10.2019

Tag: Pobjoy Mint

Pobjoy mints Emperor Penguin in Blue Titanium

Pobjoy Mint has issued a coin dedicated to the Emperor Penguin. On behalf of the British Antarctic Territory the collector coin is minted in blue titanium and as the metal reacts differently with every strike, each coin is technically different and varies slightly in colour.

Albert Poggio Visits Pobjoy Mint

Albert Poggio of the Gibraltar National Mint visited the Pobjoy Mint in March to witness the production of coins commemorating the opening of the new Calpe House, a facility in London for sponsored patients sent from Gibraltar for medical treatment.

Porcupine Fish Appears on New Titanium Coin

On behalf of the British Virgin Islands, Pobjoy Mint has released a golden yellow titanium coin featuring the Porcupine Fish. It continues the mint’s extremely popular series of coins featuring various wildlife and marine life from Overseas Territories.

Red-Footed Booby Featured on New Red Titanium Coin

The British Pobjoy Mint has released a new red titanium coin on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory. It features the red-footed booby, a large seabird found extensively in tropical areas.