Saturday, 2024.05.25
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Tag: Mongolia

CIT’s Into the Wild – Lion

With this second issue of the Into the Wild series CIT sets an impressive monument to the king of the jungle: the lion – featuring smartminting® (Ultra High Relief) and partial color application.

Evolution of Life – Diplocaulus

Over the past six years, CIT’s Evolution of Life series has gained cult status among paleontologists. The depictions’ precision amazes the experts. The sixth release features the salamander-like Diplocaulus.

Majestic Eagle

With the mini series “Majestic Eagle”, CIT Coin Invest presents the significantly enhanced smartminting© technology: the highest points of the high relief are no longer determined by technical necessity, but rather by the artist’s creative preference.

Evolution of Life – Sinraptor

CIT Coin Invest AG dedicates the fifth issue of the “Evolution of Life” series to the “Chinese predator” Sinraptor. For the first time in 1993 a fossil of the enormous dinosaur was found in the Shishugou mountain formation bordering Mongolia.

Prehistoric Beasts – Protoceratops andrewsi

CIT Coin Invest AG has designed on behalf of Mongolia a new issue in their Prehistoric Beasts series dedicated to Protoceratops. A special technique allows for the surface to resemble sandy rocks, a material in which a famous fossile of Protoceratops was found.
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