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International exhibition “100 Years: Litas, Lats, Kroon”

The three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – all introduced their national currencies 100 years ago. To commemorate this, the three countries coordinated a joint exhibition that is now on view in Lithuania.

Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2020 is “Linden leaf”

Again Latvijas Banka in association with news portal asked: What is Latvia’s coin of the year 2020? And the public vote decided: “Linden leaf”, a collector coin dedicated to ecology.

Tatjana Berga (1944-2020)

The Latvian and Baltic numismatist society mourns the recent loss of Tatjana Berga on October 2, 2020. The dedicated archaeologist and numismatist was one of the most productive and versatile researchers of her generation. Viktors Dāboliņš remembers her.

Latvian Bank Dedicates Commemorative Coin to Latgalian Pottery

Latgalian pottery is part of the Latvian Cultural Canon and has become one of the most striking examples of Latvian culture. A perfect reason for the Latvian Bank to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin “Latgalian Ceramics”.

‘Cat’s Mill’: Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019

The commemorative coin "Cat’s Mill" dedicated to the literary work of the Latvian poet, prose-writer and politician Kārlis Skalbe has been voted Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019 in the traditional public vote.

Latvija Remembers Freedom Fights

Latvijas Banka has issued a silver collector coin “Freedom Fights (1918–1920)” dedicated to the Latvian War of Independence and all those people who helped to win independence and hold freedom in high esteem.
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