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Tag: Great Britain (Contemporary)

Winnie the Pooh: Because Collectors Love Childhood Character Coins

A survey by The Royal Mint has found that childhood character coins are inspiring new and younger collectors. The research marks the launch of the latest coin from the Winnie the Pooh series.

Is Paying With Collector Coins A Crime in the UK?

In the UK collector coins have legal tender status but are not intended as a means of payment. Confusing? Michael Alexander explains why a coin collector according to that law was first charged with theft – and then turned the tables.

Countdown for British Paper Banknotes

Over the last years the Bank of England has introduced new polymer £20 and £50 banknotes. The replaced paper-printed denominations will soon loose their legal tender status. Michael Alexander explains what this means if you are still keeping old paper banknotes at home.

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

The Royal Mint’s Largest Coin

The Royal Mint has produced its largest coin in its 1,100-year history to celebrate the conclusion of its Queen’s Beasts collection. A team of master craftspeople produced the coin over 400 hours – including four days of polishing.

Bank of England Unveils New Turing £50 Banknote

The Bank of England unveiled the design for the new £50 banknotes featuring computer pioneer Alan Turing. Along with many security features and other benefits comes a slight change in dimensions.

Britannia 2021 as Woman of Colour

The Royal Mint has launched its new Britannia collection. For the first time it features two designs: the “traditional” one, and a “premium exclusive range” with Britannia as woman of colour celebrating Great Britain’s diversity.

“Detectorists” on German and French Television

Great Britain has a new cult sitcom that is now being broadcast in many countries – also in Germany and France: “Detectorists” deals with a topic that is rather controversial in some countries: searching objects by means of a metal detector.

Great Britain’s Commemorative Coins of 2021

The Royal Mint has announced five new designs for 2021. The coins will celebrate milestones including Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th Birthday and the 50th anniversary of Decimalisation, and feature famous science fiction author H.G. Wells.

The Royal Mint Sends David Bowie Coin Into Space

The Royal Mint has launched a new commemorative coin range in their “Music Legends” series in honour of rock star David Bowie. One of these new coins has been launched into space at 35,656m orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere.
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