Saturday, 2024.05.25
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Tag: Great Britain (Contemporary)

A Little Birdie Told Me…

Is there a little bird at the King’s ear? Michael Alexander presents a curious detail on the new coins of Charles III.

This Is the New Banknote Portrait of King Charles III

The Bank of England have unveiled the obverse portrait of King Charles III as it will be depicted on banknotes from 2024. Michael Alexander analyses the portrait and the new royal cypher or monogram.

King Charles III Coins Enter Circulation

The first coins bearing the official effigy of King Charles III started to appear in circulation from 8 December 2022. Post office branches around the UK received 4.9 million 50 pence coins.

Production of Charles III Circulating Coins Has Started

The Royal Mint has started manufacturing the first circulating coins featuring the portrait of King Charles III, representing the biggest change to UK coinage since decimalisation. The first coins will start to appear in the public’s change very soon.

The Coins and Banknotes of Queen Elizabeth II – An Insight Into the On-Going...

Charles III has become the new King of the United Kingdom and collectors are expecting new coins. But when will they come? And what about new banknotes? What money retains its legal tender status? Michael Alexander explains the monetary aspects of the changeover.

Unveiling the Official Coin Effigy of King Charles III

The Royal Mint has unveiled the official coin effigy of King Charles III, designed by Martin Jennings. The King’s portrait will first appear on a £5 coin and 50p commemorating the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Be Aware of King Charles III “Pretender”

The UK has a new king but newly advertised coins depicting King Charles III that are issued by countries not part of the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth might not be a good long-term investment warns the Professional Numismatists Guild.

This Guide Knows the Worth of the Coins in Your Pocket

Did you ever wonder if there are any valuable coins in your pocket? The brand-new edition of Philip Mussel’s handy little guide “Spend It? Save It?” features up-to-date prices for all the coins you can find in your change when you are in the UK.

Royal Mint Celebrates Codebreaker Alan Turing on 50 Pence Coin

The Royal Mint has launched a collectable 50p to celebrate the life and work of Alan Turing for the first time on a coin. Turing has become famous for his achievements in codebreaking during WWII and as an icon of the LSBT*Q movement.

British Museum Displays “Mary Gillick: Modelling The Queen’s Portrait”

In celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee the British Museum has opened a free display on Mary Gillick’s portrait of Elizabeth II. This portrait was used for the first ever coin of Queen Elizabeth II. But there is more to discover on the sculptor.
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