Monday, 2024.06.24
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Which Coins and Topics Can You Find at Cosmos of Collectibles?

We are continuously working on our database. Recently, many new coins have been added, both historical and modern issues. This is a good opportunity for us to give an overview of all the topics available at Cosmos of Collectibles.

The D-Mark Era: Now Available on Cosmos of Collectibles

A new numismatic field was uploaded to our database Cosmos of Collectibles: all coins of the era of the Deutsche Mark, which was the German currency before the euro and since 1948. We invite you to browse through!

CoCo: The Latest Newsletter with New Issues from All Around the Globe

On Tuesday, it was once again time for our Cosmos of Collectibles newsletter. This edition was again full to the brim with the new releases of last month and of the year so far from mints of the entire world. Here are some of the highlights.

The Latest Addition to CoCo: Zurich Gold Coins from the 18th Century

Our database is growing constantly: now, you can also find all Zurich gold coins from the 18th century at Cosmos of Collectibles.

Swiss Coins Since 1850: Available to Browse Now on CoCo!

Our new database, ‘Cosmos of Collectibles’, is growing and thriving. It now includes all Swiss circulation coins since 1850 and commemorative coins since 1936. But we’re still missing some photos – can you help?

Olympics, World Championships and Everything Where Germany Flies the Flag

In 1970, Germany minted its Olympic coins. This was the first time that sports were used as a topic of German coins. It was an innovation at the time. Since then, sports have not only become numismatically presentable but bestsellers. After all, the world has changed over the course of almost 50 years.

Cosmos of Collectibles

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