Which Coins and Topics Can You Find at Cosmos of Collectibles?

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We are continuously working on our database. Recently, many new coins have been added, both historical and modern issues. This is a good opportunity for us to give you an overview of all the topics available at Cosmos of Collectibles.

All coins of the following fields have now been added to Cosmos of Collectibles:

In 2019, France issued 2 euro commemorative coins with the popular comic hero Asterix the Gaul. CoCo FR-2019-0009. Photo: CoCo / Emporium Hamburg / EZB.

2 Euro Commemorative Coins

Since we had already completely uploaded the field of euro circulation coins, we now turned our attention to commemorative coins. All 2 euro commemorative coins of the European countries were added. This resulted in 455 new entries, which impressively demonstrate that the countries chose completely different occasions to issue their coins. Here you can see the section of 2 euro commemorative coins.

In 2016, Germany released its first coin with a polymer ring. Many more have been created since them, for example, the just released third coin of the “Air Moves” series, “On the Water”. CoCo DE-2021-0012. Photo: CoCo / BVA.

German Euro Commemorative Coins

All German euro commemorative coins can now be found in the database, 334 new entries have been added, not including the 2 euro issues. Among them are, for example, the well-known polymer coins, gold coins and series such as “Grimms Märchen” (Grimms’ Fairy Tales) or “Bundesländer” (Federal States). Here you can find the entries of German euro commemorative coins.

Just in time for Easter: the latest coin of the Austrian Easter Coins series. CoCo AT-2021-0014. Photo: CoCo / Münze Österreich.

Austria’s Euro Commemorative Coins

The euro issues of the Austrian Mint are now also available at Cosmos of Collectibles: 196 new entries cover everything the Austrian Mint has had to offer in recent years – for example the bullion coins “Vienna Philharmonic”, the coloured animal and dinosaurs issues and the sensational niobium coins of 25 euros. Here you can find all of Austria’s euro commemorative coins.

10 Mark of the GDR 1978. While the FRG commemorated the baroque architect Balthasar Neumann, the GDR celebrated that the astronaut, pardon, cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn became the first German in space that year. CoCo DE-1978-0046. Photo: Deutsche Bundesbank.

Coins of the German Democratic Republic

Besides contemporary coins, we have also expanded our range of historical coins. The D-Mark had already been included in our database for quite a while, now we also added the coins of the GDR, with 297 entries. It’s very fascinating to compare what the FRG and the GDR put on their coins in the same years. Here you can see the section of GDR coins.

From the period of hyperinflation: 500 Mark of 1923. CoCo DE-1923-0010. From Künker auction 252-2014-5524. Photo: Lübke+Wiedemann, Leonberg.

Coins of the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich

We already had D-Mark, GDR as well as the German Empire in our database. Now it was time to fill in the gaps between those periods. We did so by means of 515 entries with coins of the Weimar Republic and 399 entries of the Third Reich. The coins of the Weimar Republic stand out because of the many different currencies and the inflation coins. The commemorative coins were issued for occasions that are very similar to those of the FRG. In the case of the Third Reich, on the other hand, it is surprising that the propaganda machinery seems to have had no interest whatsoever in the medium of commemorative coins, which hardly existed during the Nazi era. Instead, swastikas made their way onto most coins. Here you can see the coins of the Weimar Republic, and here the coins of the Third Reich.

The Gold Elephant is probably the best-known issue of the German colonies. CoCo DE-1916-0044. From Leipziger Münzhandlung Höhn auction 95-2020-2782.

Coins of the German Colonies

And another gap was filled: the issues of the three German overseas territories German East Africa, German New Guinea and Kiautschou are now also part of the database and remind us of Germany’s colonial endeavours before the First World War. Popular are the gold coins of 15 rupies from Tabora/German East Africa with the elephant and the 20 New Guinean mark piece with the bird-of-paradise. In total, there are 103 entries with issues of the German colonies.

In the almost 70 years of her reign, Queen Elizabeth has been depicted on more coins than any person before her. Much more unusual than her face is the one on this Britannia bullion coin released in 2021: for the first time, Britannia has the features of a woman of colour. CoCo GB-2021-0093. Photo: Royal Mint.

British Gold Coins Since 1800

Last but not least, we now have all British gold coins since 1800 in our system. Britannia, Sovereign and the like add up to a total of 828 new entries with the illustrious heads of George III, Victoria and of course Elizabeth II, among others. Here you can see all British gold coins since 1800.

All Issues of these Fields Had Already Been Added to Our Database Before

Coins of the German Empire – 2230 entries.

Coins of the Roman Republic – 1926 entries.

Coins of the D-Mark era – 1857 entries.

Circulation and Commemorative Coins of the Swiss Confederation – 1210 entries.

Euro Circulation Coins – 3583 entries.

Poland’s Gold Coins Since 1800 – 327 entries.

Zurich’s Gold Coins 1600-1850 – 194 entries.


In addition, there are new issues, which are constantly added to the database and sent to our subscribers via a newsletter. For 2021, there are already 447 entries in our database!

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