Cosmos of Collectibles

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Today, three out of four people use Google to start their search for information. And what Google doesn’t provide as free and easily accessible information doesn’t exist. If you have ever searched for a certain coin via Google, you know how difficult it is to find that very coin. And this is where Cosmos of Collectibles comes in. It assigns to each coin type sort of an ISBN, the CoCo number. This number is crucial. It helps buyers and sellers to find each other across websites and search engines by referencing the CoCo number and searching for the CoCo number.

A Response to Globalisation

Those who deal in coins know that their customers no longer come from within a radius of 100 kilometres, but from all over the world. Nevertheless, dealers still use references from catalogues that aren’t available to most of their customers, in fact, they cannot even read them because they don’t speak the language.

That’s why Cosmos of Collectibles puts the emphasis on photos, figures and machine translation. And for the most important markets, Cosmos of Collectibles can be adapted to the desired language at any time.

Cosmos of Collectibles is where users are – online. Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay.

A Response to the Digital Age

Subscriptions and registrations, all these things stop people from accessing information. They are used to obtaining information on the internet free of charge and immediately. And those customers that don’t want to pay or register are the ones of special interest to coin dealers because they are potential new customer. Therefore, Cosmos of Collectibles is free of charge for users and – according to the successful concept of CoinsWeekly – funded by advertising and sponsorships.

Those who prefer looking at their smartphone instead of using a book get exactly the information they need in order to set up a coin collection on this platform.

The principle of Cosmos of Collectibles is based on collaboration. Image by John Hain on Pixabay.

We Want to Collaborate, Not to Compete

Cosmos of Collectibles is new, different and deliberately designed in such a way that it does not compete with existing printed or scholarly coin catalogues. For this reason, we refrained from any form of appraisals and are aware that we can never be as detailed as scholarly catalogues are. Cosmos of Collectibles is supposed to be a hub from which collectors can go further.

We want to collaborate, and we already found several partners that support us. If you want a particular collecting area to be incorporated preferentially into Cosmos of Collectibles, we would be delighted about any form of cooperation. If you want to be part of it, please contact us at

Not Complete, But Realistic and Usable

Responsible for Cosmos of Collectibles is the team of Ursula Kampmann, i.e. several decades of concentrated numismatic experience – in coin trading, cataloguing and scholarly work. We know that this is a gigantic task. But we also know that we are in the privileged position of being able to implement this project.

CoinsWeekly has become the international source of information for the world of coins. It is read in more countries than there are members of the United Nations. We have the support of many dedicated coin dealers and enthusiastic scholars. So who, if not us, should undertake such a project?

What the Market Needs

The modern, digital, international coin market needs Cosmos of Collectibles

  • to connect buyers and sellers
  • to gain new customers
  • to maintain an overview
  • to promote the secondary market for modern coins

Support Cosmos of Collectibles

  • by quoting us
  • by using us
  • by providing us with photos and data
  • by gaining new customers as an advertiser and sponsor of Cosmos of Collectibles


Here you can access Cosmos of Collectibles.