The Latest Addition to CoCo: Zurich Gold Coins from the 18th Century

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Our database Cosmos of Collectibles is growing constantly. New issues from all over the world as well as historic coins are added section by section. This week, for example, we have gold coins from the city republic of Zurich from the 18th century for you.

Zurich in the 18th Century: A Thriving City Republic

In the 18th century, Zurich experienced a time of peace. The intellectual and cultural life flourished, as did the trade. Especially trading in silk and cotton made Zurich become a rich city. The prosperity of Zurich citizens increased substantially. Consequently, Zurich’s minting activities during this time were quite extensive: there was no other place in Switzerland where so many coins were made during this time – especially regarding gold coins and large silver coins.

Throughout the whole century, the image of a standing lion with Zurich’s coat of arms and a sword depicted on gold coins was hardly ever changed. The reverse of the ducats usually indicate the year and the motto DOMINE CONSERVA NOS IN PACE – Lord, keep us in peace.

Speaking of silver coins: soon you will find them in our database, too. Keep your eyes open for them! If you don’t want to miss a new collecting area being uploaded, follow us on Facebook!


Here you can directly access Zurich gold coins from the 18th century.

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